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Always it’s a matter of debate among moms what is the best option between goat milk vs cow milk for the babies? Which one is safer for the baby goat milk or cow milk infant formula? 

According to lactation, breastfeeding is the best for the baby. But if you have low milk supply or anyhow you made breastfeeding mistakes or pumping mistakes that decrease your supply. There is a topic on how to increase your breast milk supply.  You can visit mumandthem for all your problems & solution related to breastfeeding.

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cow milk vs goat milk

Although, the most popular between two is goat milk. It doesn’t mean cow milk is avoided. Many moms tend to choose goat milk, saying it is more nutritious but less allergenic.

Now the question is if the kids are allergic to cow milk (milk protein allergy) have a high chance of being allergic to goat milk also. Now, what will you do? Below are all details regarding the two milk. Read the topic and decide what is good for your baby?

Goat Milk Vs. Cow Milk-What is Benefited for babies?

Differences between both

  • Goat milk is always a good option because of its size and structures of fat molecules. On the other hand cow’s milk’ molecules are significantly large for your baby’s small organism. The baby has to make some extra efforts to digest the larger molecules.
  • Compared to cow milk, goat milk contains a smaller amount of lactose and its very easy for the baby to use a few enzymes to digest lactose.
  • Cow’s milk is allergic because of its proteins (Alpha s1 Casein, a specific protein). And many babies deal with a kind of protein allergy. But goat milk has allergy-free protein.
  • The one thing is positive about cow milk might be the taste better than goat milk. Goat milk has a stronger smell and flavor.
  • Goat milk is less processed that is the only reason many dairy products made from goat milk.
  • Goat milk is the best protein source for the baby.
  • It provides sufficient calcium and selenium than cow milk

Is Goat milk is good for the baby:-Infant Formula Advantages

  • Boost baby heart health-Goat milk contains sufficient potassium that improves blood pressure regulation and promotes a healthy heart.
  • support the baby’s immune system-The small babies under age 1 year have not developed a strong immune system and so the risk of infections is possible. But the goat milk contains selenium that improves one’s immunity.
  • Easy to digest-Compare to cow milk, goat milk restores quality like mom breast milk. So, it’s easier to digest by the infant’s body easily.
  • Healthy for bones-Goat milk contains sufficient calcium that is good for strengthens the bones.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties-Many kids allergic to cow milk like it upset baby belly (stomach bloating) and cause inflammation. But goat milk prevents this problem due to its enzyme present in goat milk.
  • Lactose tolerant ability-Its less lactose ability didn’t cause any type of indigestion or bloating problems. Best is to see your pediatrician for the best advice.

Is Cow milk good for the baby:-Infant Formula Advantages

  • Nutritious value-Cow milk contains proteins, amino acids, fats and, carbs pretty well-balanced. These all are good for the baby.
  • Growth and development-It proved kids who can digest cow milk gain good growth and development.
  • Vitamin B– Cow milk contains sufficient vitamin B that improves baby brain function, regulates its sleep cycle and supports the baby nerve system.
  • Cow milk is a good choline source that helps to improve baby mood, intelligence, and memory.
  • Cow’s balanced sugar level can prevent diabetes 
  • It is a good source of vitamin B and D. Vitamin D boosts calcium absorption and leads strong teeth, bones and, muscles.

Goat Milk vs Cow Milk for babies – Disadvantages

Goat Milk Infant formula drawbacks:-

  • Some believed that goat milk contains highly saturated fats and cholesterol and this is not the right choice
  • Because of less lactose than cow milk. It may cause gas, vomiting, cramps and bloating.
  • Lactation never recommends new moms to feed their formula-fed infants goat milk after weaning. Goat milk is good for toddlers and big children. It is not suitable for infants. 
  • Goat milk has less favorable smell and taste compared to cow milk.
  • Goat milk is more expensive than cow milk. After weaning you can try these first baby foods.
  • You can not stash goat milk in the fridge. It can be consumed fresh only.

goat milk vs. cow milk

Cow Milk Infant Formula drawbacks:-

  • Babies who are allergic to cow milk may experience breathing issues, rashes after consuming cow’s milk. A few babies experience constipation and an itchy nose also.
  • Always purchase organic cow milk, sourced from grass-fed cattle., sourced from grass-fed cattle. Otherwise, it might harmful to human beings.

End Point on Goat and cow milk what is good for babies?

It’s all your baby’s choice of what your baby tolerant goat milk vs cow milk? Some infants prefer cow milk due to its pleasant smell and taste. But most babies go with the goat milk. It’s all matter of digestion. What your baby is digesting cow or goat milk.

Although. breastfeeding is the best option for your baby for a whole year. If you don’t have any medical problems related to nursing. Then go ahead with breastfeeding only. There are a lot of facilities for moms to become comfortable with breastfeeding.

As a mother, I recommend breastfeeding. Because your baby can grow well with your breast milk only. You have to wait for at least six months to introduce infant formula… 

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