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Pumping breastmilk and breastfeeding are two different concepts. How? I’ll explain to you. Nursing babies have a natural ability to suck the milk from the breasts but pumps don’t have! So, a lot of moms struggle hard to keep up with their babies when they have to pump and unknowingly make many breasts pumping mistakes

New mom even myself (when I was a new mom) used to think breasts pumping breastmilk is a simple process, but there are many things which we don’t know when we start pumping.

Looking back on what I got useful advice from experienced moms that helped me to avoid all my frustration, worries, pain-related pumping mistakes! I want to share my experience through the topic to help moms.

Whether you’re a pumping mom or just started it, it’s never too late to learn new techniques that can help to increase the milk supply.

This article is about some of the most common breasts pumping mistakes and tips on how to avoid these as suggested by Romper.


1. You’re not drinking sufficient water

breasts pumping mistakes

Feeling thirsty while pumping is quite normal. Because you would not be taken enough water, as breastmilk is 90% water.  I Was a super lazy woman. I always tried to keep myself hydrated but because of laziness, I ignored it. And the result was less milk supply.

I knew you’ll never make the same mistake. Keep water on hand whenever you start pumping session and avoid these silly pumping mistakes which I made!

According to Drip Drop, nursing mothers should be drinking as much as they were doing before pregnancy, plus the fluid they’ll be losing during feeding.

Do you know how much newborn consumes? Around 750ml in a day that means you have to drink an extra 700ml of water daily to stay enough hydrate for yourself and for the baby.

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A breast pump does not stimulate as your baby can. A breast pump is used when breastfeeding has some kind of problem. As if mom had a C-section delivery.

No wonder you have the best pump, it does not mean that you get on the spot without adding enough time. Pumping needs a longer time to get the maximum amount of breast milk.

Surprisingly,  the pumping sessions results also different for the different women, like some women pump for 5 minutes and get 2 to 4 oz and others may pump for 20 minutes and get only 1 oz, Nothing to worry, it all depends how much do you keep yourself hydrated? 

So, increase your pumping session for about 15 – 20 minutes each time. One more thing double breasts electronic pumps adds good results. You may see a good amount of milk in every session.

The electric pump is good for working mom who doesn’t get enough time to sit quietly on a chair and use hand pumps comfortably. You are the owner of your milk factory. So the decision is yours what do you want? 

According to my experience Spectra S1 or S2 is the best. Read the topic and make a decision. What is good for you? Good to wait for 5 minutes until milk flow stables while feeding or pumping

Some moms think the hand breast pump to be effective. But one thing is common with all moms that hand expressing their milk in addition while pumping is beneficial to get good output.

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3. About the Missing session-breasts pumping mistakes

breasts pumping mistakes

Mostly, moms worry about household chores including myself! And because of a busy schedule, you may miss a pumping session? It’s an ok reason!

But what about those moms who consider missing sessions their breasts will deposit more and more milk for later pumping! Isn’t funny?

In starting days the milk staying in the breast tissue until the baby stabilizes the perfect latch. It’s all a natural process. In this process, the breasts start to leak. 

Over time, when the brain has feedback about leakage or the breasts not being drained by the breasts, it automatically slows down the milk production. Breasts can regulate well with minor changes.

But later when mom increases or decreases pumping session time this will affect directly the milk supply. So, remember that pumping or feeding is based on supply and demand. You must like the post Preparing For Breastfeeding Before Baby Arrives.

The less you pump your body thinks your baby doesn’t want more milk. Thus production is less. So, avoid the mission of the pumping session that causes one of the biggest pumping mistakes!

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4. Using the wrong Flange size

breasts pumping mistakes

One of the great pumping mistakes is the wrong Flange size! That causes pain and sore nipples and breasts or you may suffer clogged ducts. Which results from damage breast tissues!

If the process hurt badly, then you must have a wrong choice of flange size. Wrong flange size results with lower milk supply. Because you can’t empty your breasts efficiently.

A few points trigger that you choose a wrong flange size:-

  • Your nipples are rubbing through the sides of breast shields tunnel and cause discomfort
  • Excessive areola being pulled towards the breast shield tunnel
  • You have redness on the nipple after pumping
  • Your nipples are turning white while pumping
  • You feel breasts still full after pumping

These are the signals that you have a wrong flange size. Change it immediately to regulate your milk supply.

5. No, support!

breasts pumping mistakes

If you don’t have any support system in place then it’s going hard for you to keep up with a pumping schedule. You shouldn’t try to do it alone. 

Reach out to your partner, parents, and friends to help you out with the baby and other things you need at the time of pumping. When someone is nearby you, it’s a pleasing feeling.

You can do your job perfectly. Because you feel secure that if you want anything during pumping someone is there for your help. 

So, keep someone nearby you. Don’t neglect this point otherwise you’ll commit one of pumping mistakes!

6. Useful Hands-free Pumping Bra

For me, it’s game-changer totally having a hands-free pumping bra. How? I’ll explain to you. It’s not possible to hold your breast shields for a full pumping session. Here the pumping bra does a good job for you.

Your pumping bra makes pumping sessions easy and stressless. Now you can keep your hands free. These are the best for working moms. I’m grateful for this bra who help me to hold my breasts instead of my hands.

As these hands are always busy on the laptop keyboard to share all my parenting journey with new or soon be moms. Thanks to Pumping-Bra! 

7. Your Breast pump is wrong for you

Don’t take a risk of buying a cheap pump, that can be a major pumping mistake ever and could be the root of all your problems.

According to Breastfeeding USA, these cheap pumps have many disadvantages like they’re noisy, break often, inefficient capacity, and maybe lead to nipple damage.

If you can’t afford a good one, try and see if you can rent one or look for a second hand. Also, try your nipples fit into the pump opening or tunnel. Because these come in different sizes. Pumping tips also a better solution for sufficient milk stock. The topic WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT POWER PUMPING.

8. Stick on a schedule AND avoid breasts pumping mistakes

breasts pumping mistakes

If you’re an exclusively pumping and want your supply going on then stick on a schedule. But if you’re both pumping and feeding mom, you can skip your pumping session. Give a look at the topic about BREASTFEEDING MUST HAVES-For New-Be-Moms.

9. Few words about hand expression

Hand expression is a very useful skill for any nursing mom. If you don’t know. Nothing to worry it is very easy to learn. The best topic on hand expression.

10. Suction speed

breasts pumping mistakes

If you feel pumping hurts you that means you’re doing something wrong. Constantly pumping and that is on high suction speed is one of the great pumping mistakes. The Result is sore and painful breasts and nipples.

At the beginning of the pump, its ok a higher suction speed but later when you stable your milk supply switch it on normal mode.

End Point

These are the possible mistakes that can be made by a new mom as you’re not experiencing before it. Maybe you get help with this topic. What is your pumping experience? Write in the comment box to help other moms.




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