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Can you imagine chewing food without teeth like a 100 years old grandma! No, not at all! It’s very difficult to eat anything without teeth. And the same goes for our babies no-teeth-no-food. As you know better without food how could we survive on the earth? Yes, you are right, we can’t survive. Food for babies is very important.

Now, babies are small and are fully dependent on your breastmilk. But what after six or seven months? When the baby will need something more than your boobs. With their body growing, their hunger will also continue to grow. And soon just breastmilk won’t be enough!

baby vegetable puree on wooden background top view.

Definitely, you will look for what is to be given to the baby that they can eat without teeth. Luckily there are 100 of the first food for babies that can be eaten without teeth.

This is proof that all we chew food with molars and premolars. Mostly, teeth enhance the beauty of the face when we laugh. The first molars show up between 13 to 19 months old. Below is the clip chart for the teeth:-

Actually, there is no need for teeth, babies already know how to chew with gums, as they continue chewing their own fingers, and sometimes your nipples. These baby foods not only fill your baby’s stomach but also provide all the necessary nutrition to grow.

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90+First Food For Babies That Can Be Eaten With No Teeth

Fruits & Veggies and Non-vegetarian First Food for Babies

  1. Avocado-serve mashed avocado with an egg on top, can be served on the toast or slice it according to age.
  2. Banana- The first choice of almost all mothers as bananas are not only sweet but also soft to eat.
  3. Apricot
  4. Tomato
  5. Peach-ripe peach is soft and liked by babies
  6. Mango-There is nothing best than the mangoes
  7. The strawberry-remove leafy part before giving it to the baby
  8. Watermelon-Without efforts melt in the mouth but remove the seed
  9. Pear-If you feel it hard jut bake it in the oven for few minutes
  10. Apple-Peel it, shred it on a grater
  11. Muskmelon
  12. Honeydew Melon
  13. Carrot-Steam, bake or boil to make it soft
  14. Cauliflower
  15. Broccoli
  16. Potato
  17. Sweet Potato
  18. Pumpkin-Bake it to make soft
  19. Zucchini-Boil it
  20. Beetroot
  21. Oranges
  22. Butternut Squash (cooked)
  23. Blackberries
  24. Raspberries
  25. Plums
  26. Satsumas
  27. Grapes
  28. Kiwi
  29. Naan
  30. Asparagus
  31. Cucumber
  32. Rice Cakes
  33. Polenta
  34. Strips of butter toast
  35. Pics of Cheese
  36. Oat, banana and raisin fingers
  37. Veggie fritters
  38. Roasted veggie kebabs
  39. Pita Pizza
  40. Chopped Hard-Boiled Egg
  41. Unsalted Bread Sticks
  42. Chickpea Patties
  43. Corn
  44. Pickles
  45. Prunes
  46. Turnip
  47. Figs
  48. Coconut
  49. Pineapple
  50. Dates
  51. Cooked apples stuffed with sweet potato
  52. Leeks
  53. Olives-Make it less salty by keeping in water
  54. Papaya
  55. Bell pepper baked or boiled
  56. Onion baked or boiled
  57. Lentils make soup or stews
  58. Pomelo
  59. Passion Fruit
  60. Yam cook like we cook sweet potato
  61. Nectarine
  62. Ugli fruit
  63. Plantains-Cook them
  64. Carrot apple yogurt muffins
  65. Strawberry Banana Muffins
  66. Satsumas
  67. Cantaloupe
  68. Spinach and Ricotta Pie
  69. Bread
  70. Rice puddings
  71. Porridge fingers
  72. Pasta Macaroni
  73. Noodles
  74. Homemade Pizza
  75. Tortillas
  76. Focaccia
  77. Chapatti fingers(Flat Bread)
  78. Boiled eggs
  79. Poached eggs
  80. fried eggs
  81. Omelet
  82. Crab-If y9ur kid has no any allergy with seafood
  83. Chicken
  84. Mincemeat
  85. Steak
  86. Haddock
  87. Salmon-Baked in oven
  88. Cod-Baked same as salmon
  89. Black Bean cakes with sweet potato
  90. Couscous Fingers
  91. Brussel sprouts-Steamed or boiled
  92. Edamame-Boiled or steamed
  93. Baby Muffins

I hope this first baby food list for the baby helps and you would try a few of them. Love to hear what you made and which foods your little one likes the most! Let me know in the comment box.

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