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How to play with a newborn in the first days after birth?

How these games help your baby to grow well?

What are the benefits of playing with a newborn?

When I saw my baby first time, I was crying happy tears. Really she was cute, pretty, and enough healthy weight of about 12 pounds.

She also belonged to some other world, with big eyes, round moon typeface, thin rosy lips, a small nose, curly hair. The first time when she was in my lap, she just stared at me as if saying,” mama I Love You.”

She was so fluffy I hugged her and kissed her head. The first thing my baby learned the feel of touch, the sound of my voice, and the sight of my face.

She knew, she was in an outer world and not in the cozy womb! And her learning journey had started with her birth.

The first lesson- She becomes happy after seeing your face because now she can recognize your fragrance. A newborn can respond to mom or dad’s voice.

How to play with a newborn is the first step that infants learn to move, communicate and adjust with surroundings. In the first month, your newborn will learn to interact with you by the feel of your touch, sound, and fragrance. You’re the first teacher for your kid.

He knows and loves the sight of your face. The baby knows only you because you fulfill his needs for comfort and food met. 

So, soon-be-moms and new moms get ready to encourage learning with a smile, soothing lullaby. When you talk to your infant, your face and the voice will become a familiar medium of calm and comfort.

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1. Make eye contact with your baby

Play with a newborn

The very first learning skill for newborn-gazing into their eyes. Simple and effective steps to bond with your baby. It teaches newborns to recognize their face and expressions. Facial expression communicates different feelings.

Researches say there are many additional benefits too. Locking eyes can actually alter babies’ brain waves and encourage communication between parents and newborns.

2. Singing or lullaby

Now it’s time to teach your baby how to recognize your voice after facial expression, which helps him to communicate better.

Doesn’t matter if you’re not gifted with a singing talent, sing a lullaby for your tiny human. He will start absorbing every word you sing. When you sing your baby must reply by grunting sounds and he runs his hands and feet speedily in happy mode.

Singing a song is a great way to soothe a crying baby. In a study published in the journal Infancy, babies who listened to audiotapes of someone singing remained calm for twice as long as babies who listened to someone talking.

3. Dancing

There’s always a good reason for music and dancing with your baby. Often, Your baby’s put eyes on you. Throughout the day, your baby watches you while doing household chores. Your dancing movements make them happy and excited. 

And it may help you to raise a kinder more compassionate child. “one theory is that when people move in similar ways to us, we see them as being similar to us, so we’re more likely to consider them friends,” says Laurel Trainor, Ph.D., professor of psychology at McMaster University, and author of the study.

Shake it with them!

4. Try baby games play with a newborn

As a new mom, you’re wondering how to play with a newborn as he can’t hold a balloon itself. You can try some simple games like- blowing raspberries, peek-a-boo, and patty cake. Playing with a newborn is always a happy feeling not only for the baby but for the mother also.

You can try bicycling the baby’s legs or making different faces to make the baby laugh, softly tickle them and load more.

These activities for a newborn will stimulate his senses and help develop both social and motor skills. (source)

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5. Give baby a gentle massage

Affectionate touch and rhythmic movement are among the most powerful forms of communication between babies and their parents, so they’re great ways for you to bond,” says K. Mark Sossin, Ph.D., director of the Parent-Infant Research Nursery at Pace University, in New York City (source).

Touch therapy is the best therapy. It’s a great way to connect emotionally with the newborn. Giving gentle full-body massage to your baby is a great way to interact with the baby.

Body massage can help a crying a fussy baby, improve sleep, alleviate gas and other symptoms associated with colic.

6. Bonding with a newborn

Hugging your baby could improve the baby’s health. It’s a great way to make a strong bonding with your newborn by doing out extra hugs and showering of kisses, helps to stabilize their heart rate and body temperature, increase oxygen levels, weight gain, improve sleep, and lower stress.

7. Do skin-to-skin contact – play with a newborn

Play with a newborn

It’s another great way to bonding with your newborn. You know knew those few moments after delivery when the nurse put a naked baby directly on mom’s chest.

It can support breastfeeding and promote breast milk production. Skin-to-skin can regulate a baby’s temperature, reduce the stress level for both mother and baby.

8. Mimic your baby

Right now, it’s a fun game for the baby. Baby enjoys fun sticking tongues to one another. The very first game to play with a newborn is to mimic your baby. Your funny face expression for your newborn to mimic-baby must repeat the action as early as one month of age.

9. Reading Storybooks-it’s bonding time

Play with a newborn

Though it may sound a useless point to read a newborn when they’re gazing in another direction then no reason to continue. But Researches show that reading to a newborn can promote bonding.

“Reading a book to your newborn is a one-on-one activity that you can really turn into a special time with your baby,” says Mary Ann Abrams, MD, Reach Out and Read’s Medical Director( “It exposes the baby to the sounds of your voice, which is soothing for him.”

What are your strategies-How to play with a newborn? Must write in the comment box to help new-be-moms!

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