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Potty Train a boy! A little bit messy and difficult job! The boys are very totally opposite and different than girls. The girls are so sweet and have a very cooperative nature. But we can’t say anything about boys. They are stubborn by nature. Not all, but 70% of the boys have a tough nature.

Potty train a stubborn boy sounds difficult but not impossible. Your kid is stubborn, it’s likely that one of the parents is also stubborn by nature. Which you can take a longer time to potty train your kid.

It’s a time-consuming process. Potty train a boy only needs two things- degree of cooperation and motivation from him and patience from you. It can be a frustrating experience for mom and kids too. It might be hard but not is impossible.

How To Potty Train A Boy- With fewer efforts?


1. The Best Time To Potty Train A Boy!

Firstly, ask yourself a question is your child ready for potty training?  Potty training will be a success only when your boy is interested, willing, and physically able.

My first baby was not ready until well past his third birthday (he is so stubborn). But my baby girl was super excited about potty training in his 18th month. She is such a supergirl

She never bothered me to learn anything and did all the potty training herself. I’m not joking. She’s such a girl with a superpower. 

According to experts, boys stay in diaper bit longer than girls. Small boys are like monkeys who don’t like to stop in one place. You know what was a potty schedule of my son-when I was napped in the noon.

He often came and said to me to go with him. And after potty-when again I was napping, he was keeping his hands on my nose to realize me that he had washed his hands with soap. His motive was not to let me take a nap in the evening. Still, he’s so naughty. 

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The majority of kids are ready to start potty training at the age of 3. But it’s not a universal fact, as I told you that my girl starts herself only at the age of 18 months.

when parents start to potty train a boy without his interest, the process is likely a bit longer. In other words, you’ll take the same time, no matter how early you started your potty training journey?

Once you make your son is ready to sit on the potty seat, then focus on the timing. Be sure your boy’s routine is well established. Wait until he discovers new ideas, so you can ‘potty train a boy’ successfully.

  • If you start potty training before your son is ready, you come to know how long are you extending the training process?

2. Notice how long your son stays dry during his naps!

Check his diaper to see if he’s dry or not after two hours of nap. If he’s. That means he is enough strong to hold his urine. Now your kid could start his potty training as his muscles are enough strong to control his bladder. So, wait till he can stay dry for hours.

  • If your boy can’t stay dry for hours, then he likely unable to hold his urine yet. This is completely normal. You have to wait for a little more.

3. Urination at once or not- Potty train a boy

Often younger children release a little bit of urine at a time until his muscles are enough strong to hold it. The same if your kid is still wetting his diaper a little at a time, that means he is not ready for potty training. When you notice that he’s wetting his diaper at once, then only he may be ready for potty training.

  • When your child remains his diaper dry for 2 hours and then soak he may be ready for potty training.
  • 4. Check your child’s bowel movements Timing

    Potty train a boy

    For example, if your boy may typically have a bowel movement after breakfast or after having snacks in the evening. If you can predicate his bowel movements timing, then it may be easy to make him ready for potty training.

    • If your kid has bowel movement randomly at any time of the day, then it is harder for you to potty train a boy because sticking a schedule will be more difficult.

    5. Notice if he can sit still for a few minutes

    If he can’t still at least for 5 minutes on a baby chair, that means he still not ready to sit on a big boy potty seat. Obviously, we don’t want jumping out of the middle of urinating or having a bowel movement.

    • If he is facing trouble sitting still, help him build the skill first. Play a game of sitting still for 5 minutes, then reward him with chocolate or his favorite toy and praise him when he’s successful.

    6. Make sure he can pull his pants up and down

    This is a practical issue if your son can’t pull down his pants and then back up. So, provide a few elastic band bottom during potty training.

    • Lose elastic band lowers to make it easy for him to pull down and up the bottoms while sitting on a potty seat.

    7. Watch if he hates a soiled diaper

    As your boy grows old, he hates to wear a wet diaper. Good sign! It’s a great time to talk to him about potty training and told him how better potty training is than using a diaper.

    • Notice if he pulling off his diaper or asking to be changed it.

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     Getting Him Used To the Potty – Potty Train A Boy

    1. Buy a comfortable potty

    Let your son help to pick potty of his choice that he’s likely to use it. Then, make sure he can comfortably sit on the potty and not afraid of using it.

    • You can purchase a potty for your child at a department store, children’s store or online.
    • Purchase a potty of your child’s choice that has a fun color or theme which might encourage him to want to use if more.
    • Make sure potty may come with a urine guard that prevents splashing. Choose a comfortable model. 

    Many boys afraid of using the regular toilet because of they afraid of falling into it. So, buy a potty that allows him to sit comfortably with his feet touching the ground.

    2. Let your son sit on a potty while wearing clothes-potty train a boy

    Potty train a boy

    Firstly, let your son be seated on the toilet while wearing clothes and treat the potty training as a fun addition to your home. This act makes your boy is more likely to keep an open mind about it.

    • Give at least 1-2 weeks to get used to his potty before you move on to potty train a boy.

    3. Give toys to play with while he is on the potty


    Choose your son’s favorite toy that works the best for your child or let him pick the toy. What’s important that he sees the potty training as a fun, unscary experience.

    • Mame an old baby wipes container into a tiny bathroom toy box and place all the things like a small picture book, a fire truck, a car, or a small teddy bear and doll inside it. When you potty train a boy, he can play with toys.

    4. Let him watch how his father uses the potty

    This one is a great idea that helps your boy to understand how using the potty works.  Let him ask questions related to potty and answer him as possible.  Make him curious about the potty, then he’ll be more open to learning how to do it.

    • Kids are great imitators, So, when they watch their parents while using the potty. They’ll learn fast to use it.
    • If he shows interest in using the potty let him try. But don’t force him that makes him afraid.


    Starting Your Routine of the Potty Train A Boy

    1. Pick a time when you can focus on training

    You or your spouse choose a time when you both feel comfortable to potty train your boy. Don’t try to potty train while doing other chores like washing clothes or utensils. Because your small child needs to know what exactly is training for?

    So, the First Couple of weeks be comfortable with your boy that he doesn’t get overwhelmed. Once he starts, make sure you have to stick to his potty-training schedule.

    • Make the potty training schedule is consistent
    • Bring a potty chair that your son can sit on it.

    2. Teach him to use the potty sitting down

    This way is much easier for your son and will make him comfortable using the potty. Just explain to him how to position his penis while sitting. Try to explain to him to have his penis pointing down in the toilet.

    • Don’t worry about the foreskin getting in the way. A boy’s foreskin is fused through puberty. So, don’t teach your son to pull or tug on his foreskin, as this can cause pain or injury.
    • When he’s ready, teach him to pee standing up by having him aim at the bottom of the bowl.

    3. Make your son use the potty for 5 minutes every 2 hours

    Start your potty training in the morning right after your child wakes up. Try to visit the bathroom every two hours and after evening nap. Sit with your son to make potty time fun. Let him sit for 5 minutes then allow him to get up.

    • When he’s on the potty, engage him by singing songs or playing with him for 5 minutes.
    • It’s ok if he doesn’t use the potty.


    Keeping Motivated while Potty Train A Boy

    1. Be Positive rather than the negative

    Potty train a boy

    Potty training is a time-consuming activity. It can be stressful for you both and your son. So, remember one thing don’t yell at him or pointing out his mistakes. Co-operate with love and patience. Celebrate when he’s successful.

    • Praise by saying “Mommy excited how you did a great job so easily!” Or “Daddy is  very proud of you for learning the potty so early.”

    3. Buy Funny designed underwear for the potty train a boy

    Get underwear with your son’s favorite cartoon characters on it. Let him pick them out. This makes potty training easy because he loves to wear his special underwear. Show your happiness in wearing underwear. 

    4. Give him rewards for using the potty

    Potty train a boy

    The last and important trick is giving rewards such as candy, a sticker or his favorite toy. Don’t buy expensive. Put all these rewards in a basket and let your son choose his favorite one. Make potty training an easy task for you both. It’s our first priority to teach different life skills to our kids that make them learn the tasks easily not brotherly.

    I hope you like my efforts to potty train a boy! What about your experience, write in the comment box to help the first time parents. Till then

    Take Care

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