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Are you going to make a strategy for sleep training for your newborn?

I know you’re pretty scared of horror type stories around out there that sleep training isn’t an easy task! After giving birth the very first parental duty is sleep training!

It’s very difficult to figure out how newborn to do something on their own, now you understand what I’m talking about? How could a newborn do anything himself!

He is a brand new native of this wonderful world. Before he was in your cozy womb. Where he was quite happy. Maybe he doesn’t like the outer world? And sleep training? Really, it’s going to be a tough process for new parents!

But if you both are ready for your parental duties as a team than nothing to worry? A collaboration makes sleep training experience is entirely possible.

Newborn Sleep Training – The moment you bring the newborn home

Sleep Training in the Morning

Open all the curtains

Let the sunlight entered into your room as much as possible or you sit by a sunny window side. The motive is the morning began with a lot of noise and brightness.

Change your baby’s pajamas

It is a very boring and unimportant task but on the other way, it’s a very important job to change your baby’s pajamas in the morning which will indicate baby that it is the time to start the day time.

Skin to skin touch therapy

Several times in a day, lay down your naked baby on your bare chest or cuddle next to them in bed. It’s a great activity to do while nursing or bottle-feeding the baby. It can keep your baby awake and stimulated so they will feed better.

If the mom you’re busy then transfer the duty onto the spouse. You can use a wrap-style baby carrier that keeps your baby close to you.

It’s a great way to bonding with newborns and helps to ease symptoms of the baby blues or postpartum depression.

Try to give a good feeding

Put your possible efforts to feed your baby as often as they want during the day time, whether its breast milk or bottle feeding.

If you’re a breastfeeding mother, then become a master to know about a good latch and try the different breastfeeding positions.

Try to empty each breast even if it means feeding on the same side twice a time. It helps to increase your milk supply and provide the baby with enough hindmilk.

You can try using the breast compression technique to ensure the baby is getting enough fattier hindmilk to help speed up the session.

Try your best NOT to let your baby fall asleep during the feeding sessions! Because sucking is extremely soothing and it’s a natural way to make your baby tired halfway through.

If the baby falls asleep during nursing, they won’t get full enough and will wake up within a shorter time period.

Get a good burp after feeding

sleep training

The very first reason why your baby crying after feeding is because of gas. Often babies try to put their hands on their mouths when they want to burp.

Different methods work on for different kids but this is very important to burp babies after feeding. Try a gentle bouncing or laying them on their tummy across your arm instead of patting their back.

Adding a soft pressure against their tummy with the palm, it helps to eliminate gas. Now, the baby can take a sound sleep as he’s full.

Get a good poop

As this will happens on its own, so, really we can wait for it. But you can be holding them in a sitting position to get things moving along.

The reason behind that the baby can take a good nap without any disturbance. Don’t leave any reason to wake up before he is ready for sleeping.

A newborn can poop throughout the day especially as he breastfed ones. Use a good gum balm which can help to avoid a frequent rash.

As he grows old you will learn how often and when he needs to go. his habits and routine will become constant as he grows older. This one is the best way to know your baby.

Encourage playtime

Lullaby, talking to baby, tummy time, skin to skin touch are great ways to engage your baby. A colorful playmat is a great tool to entertain your newborn.

Carry your baby around with you and keep to talk with them. Mostly, babies love to hear voices and watch faces when you talk to him.

Watch for signs when the baby feels drowsy

Keep an eye to catch the moments when the baby ready to sleep. Some babies get very fussy when they want to sleep, some start to stare only in one direction and slowly blink their eyes. The moment he catches the hint and sleeps down.


 Make your bedroom a sanctuary for newborn

sleep training

Make your bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary. A quiet, cozy place with melodious music which makes you fall asleep fast for hours. Same as for the baby.

With late-night feeding, early morning soothings, and everything in between, it’s most important to create a calm and comfortable, a room that is dark when you need to be, light when you need it, warm enough for you as well as for your baby.

You are going to be spending a lot of time there. A rocking chair is a must for mom, dad, or nanny and anyone who takes care of the newborn will get good use out of it.

The organization is a key – a dressing room, a bathroom, a cleaning room all are essential there. Because you’ll need to find things in the middle of the night. You’ll feel better if all are nearby and in its proper place. You’ll find anything at a moment’s notice.

 Conduct trial runs at nap time

The day time sleep training is not much important. Both parents and babies need more rest at the end of the day. Naps are good trails to get a feel for what sleep training will be like!

There is no need to perform an entire bedtime routine at nap time, the main thing is to practice will be putting a baby to sleep in the same place where he’ll be at night time. And putting the baby down when he feels drowsy but not sleepy.

Put your baby sleep in their own bed

sleep training

Put your baby on the same bed where he sleeps at night time when he feels drowsy in the day time and wants to take a nap. It may help your baby to take two hours nap and sooner you can get them accustomed to sleeping in their bed.

Try to avoid bouncing or swinging as they can get a bad habit as they grow older. You can help them get used to their bedrooms and learned not to fear it.

Obviously, it’s necessary for the baby’s room as comfortable as possible. It must be the right place for a baby to sleep without any disturbances.

Make some noises

sleep training

It’s common to make a quite sleep place where your baby can take a good nap, but that will become something which you have to keep for years.

Cool and slow background music, use of a sound machine or keep opened the windows of baby’s room to let in street noises.

Don’t thrush siblings while a baby is napping. Now you can go for your household chores. This will teach the baby to nap despite what is happening around him.

Some babies tend to disturb in their sleep when they hear any kind of noise like the barking of a dog, voice of hawker or a car horn. But swaddling can help keep the startle reflex from waking them up.

Wake baby up after 1 or 2 hours

It sounds weird to wake up your sleeping baby but it’s kind of a trick to save sleep for 3 am. A few smaller naps throughout the day work better than a few longer ones at the newborn age so that baby can eat more times.

Sleep Training in the Middle of the Night

If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night…

Do not turn on any lights in the middle of the night

Keep your bedroom as dark and quiet as you can. A soft nightlight is enough to see what you’re doing. The idea is to help your baby associate night time with darkness and quiet.

Change diaper only when baby poop

If the baby had enough poopy diaper during the day that means the chances at night time are slim. But if baby poop at night time changes the poopy diaper on the spot to avoid rashes, use a warm wipe or washcloth but try to change as quick you can. After then immediately return the baby to crib or on the bed.

I have put all my experience within the post to help new parents. The baby sleep training is a tough task but if you both will decide it will become easier.

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