What do you want to know?

Why breastfeeding is so highly suggested for your newborn?

What are short and long term health benefits of breastfeeding?

What are the best positions of breastfeeding?

The first two years of your baby’s life represent the critical period of growth and development and as parents give you an opportunity to provide a healthy environment that will help your child, support life-long health.

benefits of breastfeeding
benefits of breastfeeding

As a mother, you have completed the tough task of labor and birth and now you have a baby in your lap. These motherly feelings are beyond explanation! You have the precious gift of your struggle snuggling beside you. But remember, the most important thing that your baby wants now is nourishment and gentle care.

Breastmilk offers a range of benefits to your infants like health, rapid growth, strong immune system, and development. The world health organization recommends breastfeeding exclusively at least the first six months after birth. The best is to feed your newborn up to 2 years because breastfeeding long-lasting benefits both of you.

It’s all normal to feed your baby with your boobs only. So why since beginning our babies are fed up with only breastmilk. One of the best decision after childbirth is the BREASTFEEDING

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding your newborn baby, it is your personal decision. As a mother, you can make the decision of what is best for your baby? You can also draw strong opinions from friends, mothers in a family and from neighboring mothers.

Many medical experts and Gynecologists strongly recommend BREASTFEEDING (Exclusively. No formula, no juice or even water) for at least a few months because a baby can consume all of that with your breast milk

Again I’m repeating that Breastfeeding is the best decision for your baby’s health concern. All the moms and friends give you the advice to feed your baby your milk only. Breastfeeding for a year, even more, makes your baby healthy and active forever. Below are listed some overviews for soon-to-be moms which help them how to feed their young one and what positions are suitable for nursing their infant.

Breas tmilk forms a protective layer over your baby and lowers any kind of risks like asthma, ear infections, respiratory illness, and diarrhea. Your baby grows healthy with your milk and you lower your trips to the pediatrician

With breastmilk, your baby gains the proper amount of weight as they grow rather than become overweight children.

10 Positions and Benefits of BreastFeeding

benefits of breastfeeding

1. Cradle Position

Positions and Benefits

It’s the most classic position of feeding your baby. You have to cradle your baby’s head with the crook of your arm.

Sit leaning back where you feel relaxed while cradling your baby, on a chair with supportive armrests or on a bed with the support of pillows. Keep your feet on a stool or any other raised surface to avoid leaning downwards

Hold baby in a position that her face, stomach, and knees are directly facing you. Take her lower arm under yours. If you’re feeding with your right breast, rest her head into the crook of your right arm.

Your baby’s belly against your body feels fully supported. Cup your breast with free hand, place thumb above nipple and areola where your baby’s nose touches the breast. And keep your index finger where your baby’s chin makes contact with your breast.

Just press your breast slightly so that your breast’s nipple points towards your baby’s nose. This act saves your baby from an overload of your breast on the face and makes it comfortable and easy to start latching.

Your other free arm helps to wrap your baby’s head and neck and supports the baby’s legs and lower back.

2. Football or clutch hold Position

Positions and Benefits

As the name football holds, tuck your baby under your arm as we hold a football or a handbag. Give support to his head and neck with your palm. In this position, your baby will be facing you, his nose level with your nipples and his feet pointing towards your back.

But in this position, remember one thing don’t push baby towards your breast too much that they start to resist and arches their head against your hand. Support her upper back with your forearm.

It’s one of the best position for cesarean mothers to protect their belly from the pressure or weight of their baby. This position helps them to recover soon.

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3. Side lying position

Positions and Benefits

This position is the best at bedtime or for the mothers who have the fast flow supply breastmilk. They can comfortably feed their baby with the side-lying position.

While in other positions, your baby is uncomfortable to deal with the fast flow of milk supply. This position is excellent to help if you’re recovering from an episiotomy during labor and birth process.

This one is helpful in the night time in the bed or the middle of the night when your the baby urges for milk. Be comfortable in your bed by just keeping a soft pillow under your neck, get baby close to your breast with a free hand, lift nipple into your baby’s mouth.

When baby starts latching swiftly support the baby’s head and neck with your other hand to avoid any type of twisting or straining while feeding.

Breastfeeding for twins

Positions and Benefits

If you have twin then it is an arduous task to feed your twin at a time. Your hands will be, undoubtedly, full and you will feel stressed out.

Just try breastfeeding each baby separately before trying to attempt two at a time. Below are some positions for breastfeeding twins. Maybe these can help you. You can try any of them.

Hats off to all soon-to-be moms especially the mother of twins. How do they deal with their twins?  As a mother, I can understand the problems they are facing. I got trouble to feed my single one but there two little monsters who’re always hungry. Below are a few positions. Might help them to deal with twin’s .

4. Double-Cradle hold position

Positions and Benefits

This is the best position, allows moms of twins to nurse in tandem with a breast pillow under both babies. By laying each in your crook of elbows, by crossing each other in your lap.

5. Double-Football hold

Positions and Benefits

In this position, your baby’s bodies rest on the pillow along with your sides and under your arms. You can hold one baby in a cradle and hold another in a football position.

BREASTFEEDING PILLOW helps significantly to get baby positioned you must try.

Positions for the large size of breasts:

Mothers with large breasts often face difficulties supporting their breast during a feed and always worry about the breast smother the baby while feeding.

So these moms find it supportive to feed in the side-lying position. Bed mattress provides excellent support to massive breast weight while getting the smoother latch to babies. Another favorite is the football hold position.

This position makes the natural sucking of the baby. But hold your breast throughout the feeding session to keep from putting a lot of weight on baby’s face.

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6. Reclining position

Positions and Benefits

To feed newborn by lying on your side in the bed. Just get the help of your better half to place some pillows behind you for support. You can put a pillow under your neck and one between your knees to keep your back and hips in a straight way.

Keep infant as if he is facing you, draw him close to you and cradle his head with your palm, tuck your other hand under your head. The side-lying position makes you comfortable.

Help your baby to reach your breast nipple by giving support of a folded soft towel under his head so that he isn’t struggling to reach your nipple and this way you wouldn’t need to lift your breasts with your fingers.

Reclining position is the best for cesarean recovering moms who can’t sit properly. In this way, the mother can comfortably feed their baby.

Tips for all nursing position:

Support your body:-

Choose a chair with armrests and use many pillows to get extra support for back and arms. Keep a stool or table under your feet which helps you not to lean downward.

Support your breast:-

Positions and Benefits

As your boobs are getting bigger and heavier during lactation. So use your free hand to support your breast with a c-hold or a v-hold while feeding your baby. Keep your fingers a few inches behind the nipple and areola. It helps your baby to suck correctly.

Support your baby:-

If you feel comfortable and relaxed you will nurse your baby happily and efficiently. Use all the things like your arms and hands, pillows or folded towels to support your baby’s neck, head, back, hips and keep them all in a straight position.

Vary feeding routine:-

Now you know all the nursing positions better, that are comfortable while feeding. The best way for a mother to avoid getting clogged milk ducts is to regularly alternate breastfeeding holds. As each hold puts pressure on your nipple. You’re just getting rid of those sore nipples, too.

Relax and then feed:-

Calmly hold a glass of milk or juice in your hand while feeding which keeps you hydrated during breastfeeding and also helps you to produce more milk for your gorgeous baby.

Time to stop feeding:-

If your baby had enough he might drain one of your breasts. Just confirm by gently inserting your finger into the corner of the mouth or pat him slightly on his back. A sound of “pop” means he is full.
These are enough and possible ways to feed your baby.

While in hospital get the advice of a nurse or lactation consultant to check how the baby latches. Latching makes you uncomfortable but it shouldn’t be painful. If you feel grimace then you have to change your position of feeding.

Milk is prepared in your mammal glands. Your breasts suddenly increase in size. So keep some well-fitting nursing bras on hand. These bras don’t have any buttons or hooks and you can comfortably feed your newborns.

You have to intake a nutritious diet which helps mammary glands to make enough milk. Keep yourself hydrated by taking enough fluids. Always try to feed your baby with your breast’ nipple. Avoid any bottle or artificial nipples including pacifiers.

7. Latching Tips

Positions and Benefits

The most essential thing in breastfeeding is a good latch. Make sure when you are feeding that the area around the nipple and nipple is in baby’s mouth.

Always try that your baby has a full, open mouth that allows for effective emptying of the milk ducts around the nipple.

If baby only latches nipple you might feel pain in your nipples and baby also won’t fully drink milk, which signals to the breast not to make more milk. The more your baby sucks milk from your breast, the more milk it makes.

Burping after feeding:-

Positions and Benefits

Some babies cannot handle the fast flow of milk and swallow air with milk and it makes them uncomfortable. So, try burping in between switching sides of your nipple which can minimize the flow of your milk. Burping often solves this flow matter.

If your baby coughs, gulps when your milk rushes down, immediately remove your baby for a moment and let your milk flow into the nursing pad, re-attach the baby with your breast by lying down on your side.

It is a good sign that your baby wets many diapers in a single day which indicates that the baby is getting enough milk.

You can hear a whispering sound when the baby sucks milk which means he is satisfying his hunger.

8. About baby’s fart

Positions and Benefits

When your breast starts producing more milk, your baby tries to gulp all that milk and likely a lot of air at the same time.

Another cause for the fart is that if infants who have tongue tie also have a poor latch during breastfeeding.

There are so many reasons that young babies fart. These reasons may be an immature digestive system, fatigue, overstimulation, illness, and many others.

Try to eliminate your source of fragrance because some babies are sensitive to some kind of perfumes.

New moms should eat appetite and drink a lot of fluid and water to make keep themselves hydrated which is also necessary to force the liquid to breastfeed successfully.

9. Breastfeeding in public places

Positions and Benefits

Breastfeeding is a natural process. It is beautiful even in public places. Don’t feel embarrassed about feeding your baby in public. If you are out for a long time and baby needs the milk, you must feed them in public place without any hesitation.

There is nothing to feel ashamed of or to hesitate. Now you’re a mother and if your baby is hungry, you must feed her by sitting on a bench in a public area.

Some fantastic products like BABY SLING are excellent for a breastfeeding mom. It can be used in public, it enables mom to get more things done while providing skin to skin contact with baby. Sling makes breastfeeding easier.

10. New moms must eat well

Positions and Benefits

You will get dizzy during nursing sessions in the first weeks because you don’t get enough calories. Baby sucks all the nutrients he needs and leaves nothing for you.

It can make your body weak, so eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits. Keep biscuits, snacks, water, and juices close to you. Intake these if you feel hungry while feeding your baby.

You can consult a doctor and get some advice related health. Just keep yourself healthy and happy while feeding the baby. If you’re getting dizzy, you can’t perform daily tasks. So keep yourself fit for any situation.

Trouble caused because of Breastfeeding

Positions and Benefits

As it all natural that breastfeeding hurts in the beginning if you’re new-be-mom. Your nipples are cracked, your breasts are sore and you feel this nagging pain always.

In spite of all these troubles breastfeeding is beneficial for your baby.
Breastmilk is a perfect mixture of vitamins, proteins, and fats which provide sufficient nutrition to your infants to grow well. Breast milk is easily digested than any other infant formula.

Only breast milk contains antibodies that help your child to fight with all types of disease germs as your baby’s immune system develops strong with breastfeeding. Your baby will be always fit without having any type of allergy.

How breastfeeding plays an important role?

Positions and Benefits

Breastfeeding plays an important role to prevent newborn babies from the SIDE (Sudden infant death syndrome). It lowers the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Nursing benefits babies as well as mothers. As breastfeeding burns extra calories stored during pregnancy. In this way, you may lose your pregnancy weight faster.

Breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps your uterus to gain its pre-pregnancy size and also reduce uterine bleeding after the birth process.

Since you don’t have to buy any sterilize nipples, warm bottles etc. which saves a lot of your time and course money too.

You will remain close to your newborn while feeding when he urges, which lowers the risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis disease.

It’s a fantastic feeling to relax quietly with your baby all the time while feeding. Mothers always love this kind of feeling.

About the First Milk:-

Positions and Benefits

After the birth process, your breasts make an ideal “First Milk” which is called colostrum. It is thick and yellowish. But beneficial to your baby’s nutrition needs.

As per your baby’s need, your breasts make milk more naturally. If you go with other supplements, your breasts stop to produce milk.

If you feel like going for a shorter term breastfeeding then also, I recommended you, go for 6 months at least. It’s better to breastfeed for a short time than no time at all. You can add some solid for feeding your baby but continue breastfeeding a few times in a day if you want your breast to keep producing milk.

It is all natural process to feed your newborn baby with your milk. When the baby is hungry you offer your nipple and baby started to suck your milk sweetly until he feels full.

Mostly, all mothers are naturally gifted breastmilk. All mothers produce enough milk to feed their infants. In my case, I started to feel sore breasts in my third trimester. I highly desired to feed my child even when it was not born. Aah! Motherly feelings!

Try to feed immediately after birth. Your “first milk” provides valuable colostrum to your baby. In hospital ask for a separate baby room to feed freely every hour to your infant.

The best position is the one where you and your baby are comfortable and relaxed. At the time of feeding, don’t be stressed because of position. To ease positions concern, I’m suggesting a few of my favorite. Try your choice and be comfortable with it.

Here I have suggested the best breastfeeding positions. You can choose what position you like the most.

End Point 

This article is about different positions and the benefits of breastfeeding. I hope these tips are useful to all the new-be-moms.  The article is about my own experience of breastfeeding. I would love to hear good feeding stories from you all in the comment section. Eagerly waiting for your comments.

You can share your experience related positions & benefits of breastfeeding which can help many other moms.

benefits of breastfeeding