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What is weaning?

The weaning process begins once the baby starts to take food from other sources than boobs – whether it’s a formula from a feeding bottle or mashed fruits. Weaning means the replacement of breastfeeding with other ways of nurturing.

But remember breastfeeding is the best option for the newborn. The younger the baby the more important it is for him to receive more and more breastmilk up to 6 months.

For the premature baby, breast milk is a blessing than for the mature baby. Benefits of breastmilk are the greater need for immature baby which makes a protective layer for the immune system.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the ideal nutrition for the newborn is only breast milk. Your baby should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months after birth.

If you have started other solid formulas, remember breastfeeding must continue with it for the first year or longer till mother and baby wish.

What is the time of the weaning?

The other possibility of weaning is the second pregnancy of the mother. If a nursing mother gets pregnant. I know many toddlers who stopped breastfeeding because their mom got pregnant with another child. Pregnancy changes the taste and flow of the milk.

You know children often wean themselves when they’re ready-no solid efforts made by parents to wean their nurslings.

It’s a myth that the benefits of breastfeeding are stopped at a certain point. Instead, they continue and are long-lasting for both the mother and the baby if breastfeeding continues.

In fact, the antibodies in human milk are more concentrated the lesser frequency of breast milk is. If you feed toddler for the years, he won’t need cow’s milk as he receives sufficient protein, calcium, and fats from breast milk.

All children reach a definite age of weaning. My son weans himself at the age of 2 years. I remember one of my brother’s weans at the age of 4 years.

” In ancient writings, “the word wean meant to ripen” — like a fruit nourished to readiness, its time to leave the vine… Weaning was a joyous occasion because a weaned child was valued as a fulfilled child; a child was so filled with the basic tools of the earlier stages of development that she graduated to take on the next stage of development more independently.”

– from the Baby Book by William Sears.MD and Martha Sears, RN.p.187

WEANING – 10+Pro Tips How To Stop Breastfeeding

10 Pro tips to smoothly bent your baby towards weaning process:-

1. Swift Blending


Don’t offhand infuse weaning to your newborn. Forcefully methods can turn off your baby completely. Try swift blend in weaning and bottle-feeding alongside breastfeeding.

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2. Bottle-feeding

Bottle feeding helps your baby to get over breasts faster than normally. The more times the baby suck from bottles, the less time he would think about breastfeeding.

But you have to wait for 6 months onwards. If there are a few serious reasons that you can’t feed then only divide breastfeeding and bottle feeding schedule of 80:20 ratio at the starts and gradually balance in the coming days.

3. Weaning ratio

Some parents think it ok with weaning. They start a 70:30 ratio between bottle feeding/ breastfeeding – weaning gradually but try it slowly in the beginning. Once your child starts to accept your strategy, outnumber weaning to greater percent than breastfeeding. The theme is going slow very first.

4. Cut Down Routine/Habits


Your baby is highly engaged in the breastfeeding routine. So, first of all, try to cut down your baby’s habit.  After bottle feeding let him play with your breasts or breastfeed him while sleeping time. Different kids have different habits.

The object is to distract his mind from a regular schedule. You are the only person who helps him to get off from regular habits. If your baby wants to play with your breast let him do so or engage him with other teething toys.

You can ask your hubby to sleep with your baby in the bed – the great help your baby can stay away from your breasts!

5. Change the Schedule

If you want to make your plan successful then try to change his routine completely. Means if he sleeps to breastfeeding – shift breastfeeding before bedtime.

Don’t feed him unnecessary but wait for a great urge made by your newborn. Cut down your feeding to half but slowly. Once he becomes habitual of bottle feeding.

6. Distract Your Baby – Hacky-Packy

You know no all babies are alike. All babies want different types of distraction. Of course, only you can know your baby better and his likes/dislikes. But I have collected a few universal distraction laws that might help you.

  • Taking your baby out for a stroll
  • playing with them
  • distracting their mind with different foods
  • try interesting cartoon shows on the TV
  • take the help of other family members to take care of the baby

These tricks help me out, you all will do us a huge favor!

7. No Drama, Only more Affection!


Give your baby a positive and right environment to grow. If you want, your baby weaning early than give him a stress-free environment.

Extra care and affection make your baby feel happy. Weaning is a tough and surprising process for your baby. If you do it forcefully the result is anxiety, fuzziness, and tantrums in your baby.

Try to make it easy, first, bring your baby to the comfort zone. But if your baby starts to throw tantrums. Don’t get frustrated or disturbed. Make all possible ways to make the weaning process smoothe & easy.

8. Have Patience

All babies are different so the adaptation methods are also different. So, don’t compare yourself or your baby with the progress of others.

Appreciate your baby’s little success too. You both deserve appreciation, self-appreciation. Because comparing can lead to anxiety and worry inside which can delay the progress rate. So, stay optimistic, love yourself and your baby!

9. Cut down the Boob time

A human being is well known for adaptation and so your baby is. He must accept the weaning process. Only you have to help him forget his favorite (your breasts) whom he loves the most. If the baby is not ready, don’t force the baby away from his mother.

You have to wait patiently. My advice is for babies who are gradually connected with parents and grandparents. Involve all family members in the process and make weaning easy for your baby. All family members should love and play with the baby in the absence of the mother.

Altogether all family members make it possible for your baby to leave your boobs. Because of newborn wants anyone present with him.

So, all nannies, mommies, daddies, aunts, uncles, pets armed together and make the possible ways for the baby to adapt the weaning.

10. Food that Entice!


Usually, the baby develops his color senses at the age of 4 months. it is a great opportunity for you to entice your baby through colors using in the food. Try to cook with appealing colorful meals for your baby.

Another factor of color food is teething of your baby at the age of 6 months. Teething appeal to chew some stuff, help your baby with edible colorful popsicles and solid food items to chew onto.


These all tricks and treats that can help your baby out with weaning. If you have any ideas and experiences that would help alike mothers write in the comment box below.

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