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Motherhood is a pious journey. We all women feel proud to be a mom. Mothers are known as the creator of this great world. After a tough birth process, our second most important duty is to feed our infant with our own milk.  You know it can be a tough challenge in the beginning. You will probably spend many hours lonely in a quiet room away from other family members because your newborn wants a cozy and warm place like a womb. But there is a person who can make your journey easy with his efforts. Yes, he’s your spouse.  The topic is about breastfeeding duties for dads.

Many sleepless nights with only your newborn in your rocking chair or just you with the rhythmic whirl of the breast pump. Doesn’t it unfair? Such an important job of parenting can’t be shared with a spouse (sorry he doesn’t have boobs! he he he… just kidding!

So, the majority of feeding duty lies on the milkmaid’s shoulders. And who’s the milkmaid, obvious you are that great person because of those magical milk producers (boobs).

You know a few lazy husbands feel a bit of relief in that freedom bur many feel a miserable condition that they cannot do anything with breastfeeding.

But almost all men are clueless about how they can help their busy partners through something like this. You know what men thought of breasts as being merely decorative. How could they understand what we expect of them until we haven’t explained to them!

Let’s give our men a better understanding of what is their relationship with breasts thing. There are many ways your husband can help in the nursing process that doesn’t require any boobs. I’m writing a clear list of breastfeeding duties for dads. You can hand to your partner before the baby comes. It eases your postpartum problems.

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1. Firstly learn about breastfeeding

The very first step for help, in any situation, is understanding, what you’re dealing with? Read a breastfeeding book or better is, to go with your wife to a breastfeeding class. This is not only will help you but you can understand the basics of breastfeeding like colostrum, latch, foremilk, and let down of milk.

Above all, it shows your wife how much you love her and care about her efforts. How eagerly you want to be a solid partnership in the breastfeeding task? With this tip, you come to know one of the breastfeeding duties for dads.

2. Keep ready full water bottles and within arm’s reach at all nursing station

Breastfeeding makes new moms very thirsty as her body needs extra fluids to produce more milk. When newborn on the latch, mom doesn’t want to disturb him but she felt dry mouth and don’t want to move an inch for half an hour. Here are you, provide her your incredible service by providing him a glass of water.

This is a simple but most important service you provide her. Along with thirst, breastfeeding also burns so many extra calories that leave mom ravenous in the middle of the night. Set her up with some healthy snacks which she can eat easily with one hand like granola bars. This one is the simple but important breastfeeding duties for dads.

3. Keep an eye of her breastfeeding tools are and be ready to bring them to her at a moment’s notice

In this, items included as a nursing pillow, nipple cream, gel packs from the freezer, burp cloths, etc. You just make a plan so she doesn’t need to get up out of her bed for the reason.

You can bring them before she asks. if you know she needs a little nipple cream after each feeding, unscrew the cap and have it ready when you see her burping the baby. She will become satisfied and happy and appreciate it more than you know. This one is incredible breastfeeding duties for dads.

4. Clean and Prepare the breast pump

This idea really sucks, no pun intended. Do these burdensome chores by cleaning and assembling the pump parts for the new mom. This act makes fewer things for her to deal with. I know this one is a boring job. But just for the sake of your spouse, you can make it interesting. This one is listed in breastfeeding duties for dads.

5. Try to provide healthy entertainment to keep her happy

breastfeeding duties for dads

No, It doesn’t mean to put on a puppet show. The theme is, just makes her happy by providing her the TV remote control, her phone, a book or an iPad, etc. When you get time, just fully charged all electronic gadgets. That’s kind of small things make her sleep-deprived mind fresh because for a long hour she is sitting alone with the baby for feeding.

6. Be always ready in doing household chores

breastfeeding duties for dads


Just imagine how could she concentrate on the feeding baby if the laundry is piling up or sink is overflowing with dirty utensils. You can’t feed your baby (obviously you don’t have mammal glands) just joking. But you can clean the house for her. It is one of the most important breastfeeding duties for dads.

7. Praise her by using polite words like “thank you for doing this all for our baby,” “you’re doing a great job,”

Just throw in an occasional compliment about how beautiful she looks even with wet circles on the front of her shirt or spit up dribbling on her shoulder. As she is working hard for your baby, she will be happy because of your words. Really, she needs to hear these things from her partner. Try to make her happy sometimes by praising her for her difficult job. Do you not think it is included in the breastfeeding duties for dads.

8. Frequently give her massage or rub on her back and feet

While nursing the baby, sometimes it’s hard to find a comfortable position. Sometime she will be achy for sitting in one position for a long time with the baby. Dear dad just rubs her tired muscle. Rubbing makes her comfortable and relaxed. Your affectionate touch makes her feel supported when really she needs it.

9. Keep away siblings and pets when mom is on feed job

It’s always not good that a baby who is latching, yanks his head away because a toddler banged a toy next to him or pet cat mews In front of him. Here the breastfeeding duties for dads is to maintain a calm environment for mom and baby. The idea is that she is left alone from every noise. A breastfeeding mom wants a sense of being “touched out” and don’t want to deal with any pet or toddler. You become her boobie guard I mean bodyguard.

Sometimes simply ask her what you can do to help her. Think of yourself as you’re her boxing coach who cannot in the ring to take hits with her, but can be in the corner waiting for her with cold drinks, a towel to wipe her and of course some motivational cheering to keep her happy and in a winning position.

How did your partner help you with the breastfeeding journey? Share below in the comment box to help other dads.

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