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I have boasted multiple times as to “How pregnancy and all its varied genres have wiped us out completely?” Breastfeeding was no different. And this topic ‘8 Breastfeeding must haves’ makes your feeding journey easy & smooth.

Of course, it’s natural but hey… Nature ain’t no easy. To start with, my breast milk supply was very supple with both my babies but that’s wasn’t the end of the problem.

If you are breastfeeding at the moment and privileged down by an enormous amount of questions and self-doubt, I feel you. I was conjured by the same questions — Will my milk supply be ample? How long does it take to have a proper milk supply? How to cure sore nipples? When to pump breast milk? And loads more.

They are not as hard as they sound, with a little of this and a load of Breastfeeding must-haves, we can pull this through in no time at all.

Breastfeeding must-haves was a gift I got to get rather late but it’s never too late for you to get them! It helped me clean up this mess pretty well. Catch up with me to know just how!


1. Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows (before upgrade) were a C-shaped belt to support your baby close to you helping your hands to take a rest.

I put this first on the table because it comes with many wonders. Your breast milk supply depends a lot in the position you feed in, a good position facilitates a good latch, and guess what helps you with a good position? Nursing Pillow! You must read the article about 10 Positions and Benefits of BreastFeeding

Before I had them, my back was a damaged case and my arm had lost its will to live. Having to breastfeed your baby on your hands 24*7 wasn’t easy.

But good for us, the upgraded version of the nursing pillow came out to be the miracle of the years and following.

Breast friend Is the miracle I’m talking about. Its firm structural advancement not only supported the baby but your back, too. In addition, the breast friend comes with little pouches to hang the necessary items. It’s magic, isn’t it?

2. Nursing bras

The next thing to nursing pillows is nursing bras and nursing clothes in totality. With a baby to feed 24*7, comfort was one thing that I wanted no matter what cost. Although, my favorite choice would be — no clothes at all, in the bed, away from socializing.

Some dreams are hard to accomplish but nonetheless, nursing bras did wonder to comfort. You could just flip them open whenever you or the baby needed it.

3. Nipple Ointment

Speak up with me — Your health is equally important! Breastfeeding is a delight and it comes up with great moments and bonding time but it’s loads.

Along with the ways, you will have your breasts hanging out for mercy and your nipple asking for sweet closure to death. No drama! Honestly, they sore really bad and there is no stop station.

Well, until I found Nipple healing ideas. There are quite a handful of ideas! Lanolin, if you wish to heal and relieve your dry skin.

With that said, some mothers wish to switch to an all-organic adventure. Yes, it is a real thing. Dry nipples can be easily treated with our own breast milk.

If not that, you can look up organic remedies. Some of the products that you can you rely on are Earth Mama, Mother Love, and many more!

4. Booby tubes

Cooling packs/heating packs. Both can relieve you of a great deal of comfort. And if organic is your thing then what’s better than ‘Booby tubes’. These tubes are an organic round shield designed for your breasts and to relieve them off the agony.

These tubes can work both ways when heated — can work as heating pads and when frozen — can work as cooling packs. I tell you what, either way, they work like magic to sore breasts!

5. Haaka Pump

To people unfamiliar with the whole pumping tradition. It’s a lifesaver. As I have already mentioned, I used flood up with milk, not lying. During my time, I wasn’t quite availed with pumping tools or their information in general.

I used to feed my neighbor’s babies to get good use out of my flooding milk.

But with the help of these pump tools, you can now save them up for later use! Isn’t it a win-win? You get to save the milk and yourself from changing clothes!

Haaka pump is a manual pump that you can use for the natural milk flow. With a little hand pumping, you can accumulate a lot! Just stick it to the breast and you are good to go.

6. Pumping

 After Haaka, there is a load more tech to Pumping. There’s manual pumping with a handle, electric pumping that does all the work for you. Just plug in, sit back and enjoy reading a book or cooking, or hey, your call!

Pumping also helps us during the Breastfeeding session. Since one is being latched out by your baby, the other might stimulate milk on the function. You can plug in your pump while breastfeeding and save plus unload your milk. Win-win! Ikr?

7. Let there be Milk

Imagine a night where you intentionally/unintentionally take a break from breastfeeding, say, an important meeting or extra work… probably, It could be anything.

Break from Breastfeeding can result in delayed milk yielding, milk production, disturbed schedule. ‘Let there be Milk’ helps you get back on your cycle in no time.

Yes, I know what I mean! You can take a break without worrying about your milk production. 

8. Nursing Nipple Pads

A sudden outburst of milk drops can be hectic especially when you are out and your clothes are on verge of being dirty, sticky, and whatnot.

Nursing pads are disposable pads, usually worn between your breasts and bra. It soaks up any milk that flows out at times not needed.

Nursing pads can also be worn while feeding the baby and not opting for side hand pumping. It keeps you clean when you physically can’t clean up the mess.

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