SPECTRA S1 Vs S2: Which Breast Pump is Better?

by manthananam.erem

Spectra Breast pump is the best way to stashing a good amount of breast milk for bottle feeding and weaning. These pumps extract breast milk through suction, the methods can either be manual pumping or electronic via spectra s2 breast pump or s1!

Exclusive Breast Pumping: Benefits, Schedule, Supplies, and More
Spectra s1 vs s2

The breast pump’s performance is very much similar to how a child breastfeeds. Hence, it is the number one product and choice for mothers, in office, at home, or perhaps at party.

Spectra s2 plus breast pump is one of the most heard and known breast pump brands, known for its healthy prices and quality products, produced by mothers to meet the real pumping needs and demands.

Furthermore, Spectra sub-divides its category into Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2, both with their distinctive features that we’ll broadly discuss further in this article.

You have chosen to breastfeed. That’s a super-duper idea!

Now it’s important to have the right spectra breast pump in hand.  To all new mothers, pumping is very efficient in keeping your breast milk supply intact. Next on the list, it also saves you many breastmilk stashes and much more! That’s why it’s important to choose the right pump! Breast pumping inspires me to write about Spectra S1 Vs S2!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a working mom, a freelancer (a home-based job-I love the most), or a housewife, a pump is a great tool to have with you! But you must know the difference between Spectra breast pumps — Spectra s2 vs s1 — which one to go with?

1. What is Spectra 1 Pump?

Spectra breast pump s1 is a closed, electronic system designed to meet your sound-free demands of breast pumping. It comes in two colors – white and blue with night lights and a rechargeable battery.

Spectra s1
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Many features of s1 Spectra breast pump captivate mothers into buying this product despite the high price. Spectra S1 is easily portable, makes zero noise while functioning, and is automatic to use.

Its rechargeable battery is what attracts mothers the most. With the battery, you don’t need to plug it in every time you pump. Nevertheless, Spectra breastpump comes with a plug feature as well along with the battery, you can opt for whatever means, depending upon your needs.

This breast pump is light-weighted and hence easy to carry. You can tie it around your neck or on your waist. For all its worth it, you will have the freedom to move and love your baby without having to struggle with the pump.

Other breast pumping devices make a lot of noise while functioning, Spectra S1 breast pump, soundlessly gives you easy, peaceful hours of pumping. Along the line, Spectra S1 also has a massage feature that will relax your breasts and facilitate a letdown.

Extra Features Of Spectra S1 Breast Pump:

  • An Auto timer which is useful to know when you will stop pumping.
  • A backlight-you can see the setting and the time even if it is dark at night.
  • It has adjustable suction control.
  • This pump has the ability to check and see for how many hours you’re pumping.
  • Two years warranty from date of purchase.

2. What Is Spectra S2 Pump?

Spectra S2 breast pump is comparatively cheaper than Spectra S1 Pump but its quality still stands top-must with cost-efficient value for thespectra pumps. Spectra S2 features are very much similar to that of the Spectra S1 Pump.

Spectra S2 double electric breast pump - Birth Partner
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Heidi Humphries, the founder of Spectra Pumps, emphasized developing the quietest motor for Spectra pumps, buying it all the popularity. Spectra S2 Pump comes with a closed system, i.e., it doesn’t need internal cleaning.

A closed system protects your pump and your milk from bacterial infection with its backflow protection. You don’t need to worry about cleaning these parts or even replacing them unless you misplace the tubes.

Spectra S2 expression mode and massage mode (we’ll discuss this broadly ahead) gives mothers the utmost comfort that almost all other brands lack. While other pumping brands focus on hard suction. Spectra S2 pump focuses on the mother’s comfort and natural letdown of milk.

It comes with many settings that allow you to adjust the timer, suction strength, expression mode according to your needs. In fact, Spectra S2 electric breast pump is enhanced with quality motors that only take half the time to completely empty your breasts. (Features discussed broadly ahead in the article).

Extra Features Of Spectra baby s2 pump are:

  • It is to be saide that Spectra s2 Hospital grade strength motor
  • Performance with maximum suction strength
  • S2 spectra double electric breast pump can be used as a single or double pump
  • This one is the best spectra breast pump that causes low noise
  • light in weight.
  • BPA free parts.
  • The suction can be adjustable in let-down or expression mode.
  • Closed system pump.
  • You can set speed and rhythm- the most effective for your body.
  • 2 level built-in-light.

3. Difference Between Spectra S1 Vs s2 Spectra!

Both the models, Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 breast pumps are very much similar to each other. They both excel in similar qualities and stand with their word of service. The only differences lie between their battery/plugin function and their prices.

3.1. Battery-Plug in – Spectra S1 Vs S2

Spectra 1 Breast pump come with a rechargeable battery that lasts for 3 hours topmost. This feature allows Spectra S1 Breast pump to be portable, to move in and around, and to use anywhere, anytime without worrying about finding the plug or electricity.

Spectra S2 double electric Breast Pump doesn’t have the luxury of a battery. Its model is designed with a plug and gives similar comfort as of Spectra S1 but on electricity. For mothers who don’t mind immobility of 15 minutes, Spectra S2 is a great choice with all the features and lessened price compared to Spectra S1 Breast Pump.

If you are a working mother, constantly on the move, Spectra S1 would be a top priority product for you because it provides you the freedom to move, work without any hindrance of the plug, wires, or switchboard.

3.2. difference between S1 Vs S2 – Price

Spectra s1 vs s2

Since Spectra baby S1 comes with a battery that allows the mother to move in and around, its price elevates with its features. Spectra S1 Breast pump costs you 200$ and while it might seem expensive at first sight, this pump is worth every dollar.

On the other hand, the battery-less Spectra S2 Breast Pump costs you 150$ at Amazon (on discount) and 160$ (Free shipping) on the official website of Spectra Breast Pumps – Spectrababyusa.com

Your s1 Spectra Breast Pump Package comes with multiple items, i.e., Not to forget, a breast pump is not the only item you receive in the package.

The items included are,

  • Two Spectra Breast Flanges (24mm)
  • 28mm Spectra Breast Flanges (Two in quantity)
  • Two Spectra Tubing
  • Spectra Duckbill Valves (Two in quantity)
  • Two Spectra Backflow Protectors. This includes uppercase, lower case for each backflow protector, and a silicone membrane
  • 2 Spectra Neck Storage Bottles including bottle nipple, cap, disc, lid for each bottle.

Similarly, Spectra S2 package also includes,

  • One Spectra 12-Volt AC Power Adapter.
  • All the similar products mentioned above in the list of Spectra S1 Breast Pump.

4. Spectra S1 Vs S2 – Their Similarities And Features Detailed Discussion

As discussed, there are many similarities between Spectra S1 Breast Pumps and Spectra S2 Breast Pumps. We will discuss their similar features on a broader spectrum to understand the product’s quality and value.

4.1. Spectra Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Most moms might doubt the quality of every product that the hospital provides you for all good reasons. Breast pumps are one such thing that cannot be compromised for its quality. A hospital-grade breast pump is a quality that’s attributed to its high strength.

Hospitals use pumps that work more efficiently to produce and maintain a good amount of milk supply for mothers who cannot produce enough stimulation for milk production.

Thus, a hospital-grade pump is the best option that you can opt for. Spectra Breast pump’s quality falls under the A-list Hospital-grade pumps. Another valued quality of Hospital grade pumps are that they can be rented once you are done using them.

Spectra Pump’s backflow protection doesn’t allow the milk to reach the pump itself, hence keeping it safe from mold and bacteria. This quality can help you forward the pump to another mother without worrying. It’s resalable and safe.

4.2. Manual Customization.

Unlike other breast pumping products, Spectra Pumps provide you the luxury to select the settings according to your needs. Furthermore, every setting that you wish to change has a different controller.

Both Spectra S1 pump and Spectra S2 Pump have a speed controller, suction optimizer, let down mode, a power button, night light. Note to self, night light consumes a lot of battery, so if you don’t need it, don’t switch it on. Instead prefer house night lights to save your Spectra S1 Pumps battery.

There are 12 levels of suction and mothers only often need 1-2 levels of it. More to more, there always is a suction level for your expressing needs. Expression mode or let down mode turns on the massage which stimulates a natural baby suckle, giving mothers comfort and relaxation.

4.3. Powerful Motor

Mothers comment their amusement over Spectra S1 and S2’s motor very fondly. I read a comment a few weeks back that said,

‘It feels just like my baby’s suckle and I’m no longer wincing in pain during my long pumping sessions. How they can make the suction so strong yet so comfortable is beyond me – but more power to them!’

Spectra Pumps speed up to 250mmHg. This powerful motor will reduce your pumping session to half its time and won’t even discomfort you along the line. Both Spectra S1 and S2 have powerful motors that other brands lack.

4.4. BPA Free Qualities

Although, studies suggest BPA in low quantity is not a health risk. Nonetheless, it still is a healthy choice to keep your baby away from products that are not for human consumption.

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. It is found in plastics but was banned from baby bottles on the assumptions that it might get fused with breast milk or baby food and affect your baby health. Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 Baby pump bottles are both free of BPA-free.

4.5. Accessories

As discussed above, Spectra S1 and S2 pumps come with multiple accessories that support and facilitate a powerful pumping session. These items include valves, tubes, flanges, neck lid, adapter, etc( (Mentioned above in Spectra S1 Vs S2 – Price)

A few months back, getting Spectra pump’s parts was a tough deal but now you can easily find them at their own website Spectrababyusa.com. You can also use other product parts with the Spectra pump. They easily adjust to each other

4.6. Single And Double Mode – Spectra S1 Vs S2

It’s pretty simple to change your spectra pump from a single breast pumping session to a double breast pumping session. A single breast pump means when you only extract/pump milk from a single breast.

A double breast pumping session is when you pump both your breasts at the same time. To double pump, all you need to do is remove the small-cap present at the belly of the pump. Connect one end of the tube to that cap and another end to the backflow protector which next is connected to the second pumping bottle.

And it’s done! Double breast pump is a great set of options for working mothers or for mothers who are short on time. You can easily reduce your pumping session by half with twi pumps at the same time.

5. Spectra S1 Vs S2 Cons – Possible Drawbacks

With its many features, Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 pumps do have a few possible drawbacks or cons in their quality. Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 lack in a variety of flange sizes, expression mode settings, heavier in size.

5.1. Flange Sizes

Unfortunately, Spectra breast pumps only have a few sizes of flanges that disturb mothers who need a variety of sizes for their breast size. Spectra breast pumps come in 2-3 sizes. These sizes are 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 20mm. Although these sizes fit most of the mothers. The same cannot be said for all the mothers.

5.2. Expression mode settings

Expression mode or letdown mode is one of the major features that spectra pumps are known for but they lack a few settings to easily adapt to theses functions. I.e., If you leave your pump’s expression mode at 11 level, it will remain to the same level when you restart.

To mothers who are unfamiliar of the settings might startle back of the sudden force expression mode excerts on the nipples. Nonetheless, you can always reset the settings and get back to the initial readings of the pump and its expression mode.

5.3. Heavier Sizes Of Spectra S1 Vs Spectra S2 Sizes

Spectra breasts pumps, both spectra S1 Vs Spectra S2 do not differenciate a lot in size. In fact the latest versions of these pumps are similar in sizes, both weighing 2.9lbs. The real deal starts with the comparison of spectra pumps with other brands.

Other brands compared to Spectra pumps are lighter in weight and smaller in size, making themselves easy to carry. Compared to other brands, you will have to carry an extra bag to carry Spectra pumps, and its part wherever you go.

Even though it might seem a hassle to add an extra bag to your already existing office bags, spectra pumps are worth that hassle. You can find a variety of bags especially designed for spectra pumps.

6. What Factors Must You Consider While Choosing A Breast Pump?

End of Year Customer Success Checklist

If you have chosen Spectra pumps, either Spectra S1 or Spectra S2, you must have many demands from your breast pump because the breast pump happens to be one of the most high-tech inventions.

I’d like to go ahead and say you have made the right choice choosing spectra breast pumps because no other brand is a competition. This is not coming from me but from many mothers who have tried, wasted time, money on brands that gave little to no service.

6.1. Motor Strength

Before everything comes the main purpose of the pump, let down, emptying of breasts and a proper suction. If the machine fails to pump out the milk for you, what good is it for? The foremost thing to look out for is the motor stability of the machine.

Mother who especially need extra efforts to extract milk should not skip this search. Spectra breast pumps are one of among the many pumps that give a string motor outlet without any discomfort.

6.2. Rechargeable Battery Or A Plug.

A cheaper price might seem convenient for your budget but it will risk every action of yours at your home and in your office. Plugging in your pump for minutes will seize you from any further action. You cannot look after your newborn baby, your home, or your office works.

So, if you don’t have a nanny with you at home or someone who can lend a hand while you are pumping through a plug. It’s best to spend a little more and buy a pump that is accustomed with a rechargeable battery.

But if you have any support at home that will allow you free hours of rest. If you have people to look after your baby and your house, it’s best to save a little money and relax with the plug for a little while.

6.3. Noise

This, again depends on the motor of the very product. Spectra Pumps offer you those soundful hours/minutes at office, at night, with your baby. Other products have a very loud sound of the functioning pump that disturbs your family time, your baby’s sleep, your family’s sleep and your own sleep.

You cannot use a loud scream at your office and thus, it’s important that you choose a pump that is quiet and comfortable.

6.4. If Your Insurance Covers it Or If It Doesn’t!

It’s no mystery that breast pumps are quite expensive and out of the family budget but you can always rely on your insurance company.

At most, insurance companies give their own choice of the product but you can change and revise the list with new products that you desire. So, consult with your insurance company before spending or before getting the wrong brand that is of no use to you.

7. Spectra Pumps VS Medela Pumps

Medela Pumps are most heard among mothers. 9 out of 10 mothers know and have used Medela Pumps or its varied products. But is it worth the hype? Unfortunately, not. While Medela Pumps work best at the advertisement, they don’t please mothers as much as Spectra Pumps do.

  • Medela: Personal strength (240mmHg)
  • Spectra Pumps: Hospital Strength (270mmHg)
  • Medela: Two phase expression tech with on touch let-down
  • Spectra Pumps: Two phase expression mode and massage mode
  • Medela Pump: Light Weight (3.3. lbs)
  • Spectra Pumps: heavier than Medela (4.7 lbs)
  • Medela Pump: You may hear a distinct sound, not as discreet but still evident
  • Spectra Pumps: Soundless and in fact soothing at use.
  • Medela Pump: No Night light or timer
  • Spectra Pumps: Nightlights, timers
  • Medela Pump: Open system, No Backflow protector
  • Spectra Pump: Closed System with backflow protector.

8. Mothers Review On Spectra Pumps – Spectra S1 Vs S2

Spectra s1 vs s2

“Buy this pump. Seriously, stop looking, buy it. This review is long but will hopefully answer any questions you have. Or post one and I’ll try to answer it.”

“Wow. Just wow. Why did I not hear of this pump sooner? Comfortable, portable, lightweight, oh- and more than double the milk!! Seriously, it is almost a crime that the insurance companies just give out inferior pumps when this is available.”

“I cannot thank Spectra enough for this pump. For the past 12 months, I have been able to exclusively express my milk for my baby.”


9. Spectra S1 vs S2: Additional Question

Even after all these words, we’re still left with some questions too important to answer. We don’t want to leave anything behind and keep you up-to-date on everything about breast pumps and spectra s1 vs s2.

Here are two more questions people frequently ask.

9.1. Why Is My Pump Not Suctioning?

If you are facing trouble while suctioning or if you see a sudden drop at the suction rate, it’s most probable that your pump’s duck valve or valve membranes set is not properly attached to the breast shields or has fallen off.

You can find troubleshoot options at the official website of Spectra Pumps in a detailed discussion of what measures you can take to restart your pump’s suction.

Here’s the link, https://spectra-baby.com.au/common-breast-pump-issues/

9.2. Spectra Pump Randomly Turns Off – What To Do?

If you are having troubles with the power button or if it’s not turning on. It could be that the real problem is in your adapter and how it is attached.

Refer to the link, https://spectra-baby.com.au/common-breast-pump-issues/

9.3. Spectra Insurance

As discussed above, you can consult with your insurance company and change specific details concerning your breast pump coverage. You will have to consult them before your baby’s birth so that they can arrange the necessary paper work.

Refer to the link, https://www.spectrababyusa.com/how-to-get-a-spectra-pump-through-insurance/ for more details on the insurance policy and how to get one.

10. Bottom Line – Spectra S1 vs S1, Which one to Choose?

A rechargeable battery makes life so much better if you’re an exclusive pumper. If you need to pump on the go, or you aren’t really sure where you’d be pumping most of the time, then S1 is the best choice.

Although, if you’re aware that you’ll be pumping in just one space, maybe your home or office that has a dedicated outlet, then Spectra S2 is a smarter choice here.

In the end, what breast pump should you get really depends on your needs. Both Spectra S1 and S2 are excellent choices for any mom who wants to pump regularly. That’s it for today, please share this article with as many people as you can, spread some love.

Happy pumping mothers, Ciao.


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