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After the birth process, breastfeeding is one of the major ways to bond with your newborn. It’s also the main nutrition source for a newborn in their initial months after birth. Deliberately, no mother wants to stop breastfeeding!

Because all moms know the importance of breastfeeding? A baby gets all that he wants to grow only from breastfeeding.

But If you’re wondering to know when to stop breastfeeding? Firstly, you have to know what’s the exact age for the baby to stop breastfeeding? 

If you’re healthy enough that means if you don’t have any serious problem with nursing then continue it at least for the six months or a year. After then it’s only your choice that if you want to continue feeding with other formula supplements or NOT!

Introducing solids or formula doesn’t mean to stop breastfeeding. Because still, your breastmilk is a major source of nutrition for growing newborn. While almost all women can breastfeeding smoothly, there a little number of moms who can’t feed.


#1. When to stop breastfeeding or complications for not nursing

  • If a mother is unable to produce sufficient milk supply or low milk supply
  • She is taking any type of medication. So, can’t compatible with nursing
  • Unfortunately, she is habitual of alcohol or drugs
  • or she is infected with tuberculosis is the reason for not feeding to newborn
  •  Infectious Diseases
  • The baby itself can’t feed
  • Lesions on the nipples
  • Sore or painful breastfeeding

When not to stop breastfeeding

Pressure from others– like friends and family members as they have their own opinion about breastfeeding. When to stop breastfeeding is only your and baby’s decision. Others are not part of your feeding journey. If you’re confused with their opinion, you should take help of mother to mother support through Breastfeeding USA counselor.

Misinformation: Myth that your milk is no more nutritious after the baby reaches a certain age. There is nothing like this myth. Your milk is always nutritious for your baby. It doesn’t matter how old the baby grows!

Pregnancy: It’s ok feeding during pregnancy if you don’t have any problem. But if mothers have a miscarriage history of preterm labor has to stop breastfeeding. Or can you take a piece of good advice from a doctor?

Nursing Strike: If your child refuses to nurse. It’s called self-weaning or nursing strike.

Going back to work or school: Even if you’re not present at day time because of your work, you can still feed your baby at night time. Night feeding reconnects you and your baby.

For more information on how to express at work or school. Read the post “expressing your milk vis Breastfeeding USA.”

Stop breastfeeding is not always a simple task. It’s very hard for you to see your baby crying for your boobs. You may feel anger and guilt for this. So, you have to talk about who has good knowledge about breastfeeding.

If you’re unsure about weaning then continue with breastfeeding is always a good decision. Because if you want to block your running milk can be caused some health complications like clogged milk ducts or mastitis.

Obviously, a new chapter will start on how to cure Clogged Milk Duct- 10+Natural Remedies for ducts.

5 Ways to Stop Breastfeeding

After six months of breastfeeding your baby is showing a good interest in table food or purees. You can read my topic on  Baby Food or Led Weaning-10+ Tips and Recipes For New Moms.

Weaning takes time, particularly when still your baby is sucking your milk with other formulas. But if you’re ready to wean your baby the following strategies can help you both a mother and her baby to adopt a new way of feeding with less stress and discomfort.

1. What is your baby really want?

Your baby does not only want to nurse but he is getting a cozy warm lap, snuggles, safety and of course your love. 

Weaning means separation from the skin to skin touch with your baby. which really needs bucket full. So, make sure you are offering plenty of other ways like hugging, kissing making love many times a day. These are the best forms of making a physical connection to your baby.

2. Think gradually about weaning

You know the weaning process is not for a day, it may last for months. Don’t hurry. Wait till your baby is ready to start tasting solid foods. Otherwise ending breastfeeding early can be physically and emotionally traumatic for both baby and the mother.

Firstly, introduce an interesting and colorful world of foods to your baby along with your breastmilk. Weaning gradually over a period of days, weeks and months allow breastfeeding end in a comfortable way not in a traumatic way.

3. Be sure he’s getting enough nutrition from other foods

With breastmilk, the baby gets all-important nutrition. You have to make sure what you introduce baby to eat is healthy enough. Otherwise, he may not satisfy his hunger, which means frustration all around. Focus to introduce the food which makes him healthy and grow well. You may like the WEANING -10+Pro Tips How To Stop Breastfeeding  &  Baby Food or Led Weaning-10+ Tips and Recipes For New Moms.

4. No offering not refusing

This means no offering your boobs to your baby. But it doesn’t mean if the baby makes an urge to feed. don’t refuse him.

Although, it is a natural process as the baby gets older. This trick takes longer than other methods. So. consider it is not a magic trick to stop breastfeeding at once if you’re in a hurry. But it can manage your child’s needs into account the most.

5. Cover-up

It’s kind of simple trick to stop breastfeeding to cover up your breasts. Because the sight of your breasts triggers your baby to nurse. So just control your desires. Keep aside your fashion appeal, wear a full neck or low neck tops. Avoid naked sleeping (as your child ever awakens at night).

7. Stop nursing after fever or injuries

Mostly, little one wants to feed if he/she falls down or hurts himself. Usually, the mother offers the baby to nurse to stop the baby crying. Offering boobs is not the only solution. You can hold him and empathize with him. Give him a hug and ask him “That’s really hurt! Tell me who pushed you, I’ll punish him… “)

These soothing words help the baby to experience the pain and if he makes an urge for your boobs. Just distract his mind “Dear we’ll nurse within 5 minutes, first show me your wound. I’ll apply antiseptic on it.”

8. What if the child gets bored?

Often, when the baby feels drowsy or bored. Or if he feels disconnected and doesn’t know what to do with himself, then he makes an urge for your boobs. Play baby games – 10 WAYS TO PLAY WITH A NEWBORN.

9. Night Wean

Eliminate nighttime feeding, if your baby is still waking up middle of the night to nurse. This is the best way to stop breastfeeding. It’s a difficult job to stop breastfeeding at night time because your kid doesn’t know how to sleep without breastfeeding?

You have to support him with patience to fall asleep without boobs in the middle of the night. Maybe he’ll take longer to fall asleep again. You’ll start to nurse him in the living room instead of the bedroom before he’s going to sleep. And when he finishes feeding say goodnight. So, he comes to know that it’s sleeping time.

Take him to the bedroom and start the bedtime routine. It’ll take a few days but your baby will become habitual to sleep without boobs. Surely, he must ask for nursing but make him sure that boobs also going to sleep after feeding him.

Expect lots of tears but stay confident and distract him with fun games or fingering in hair also support to fall asleep.

10. Reduce sessions, give choices

By now you’ll try to nurse only during the day time like awakening, naptime, waking from a nap, and before bedtime.

If you find yourself nursing more often, cut back by giving up one session at a time. When your baby comes to the nurse, start new ritual times that involve soothing music, snuggle, cuddling, telling and showing storybooks and maybe laughter.

11. Provide alternatives

When you introduce new and funny activities when he wants to nurse, you’ll find the nursing sessions diminishes itself. Offer him to drink water or juice, walk outside to show him butterflies or birds, become a bucking bronco who needs a rider.

12.Reduce the time spent while nursing

If your child wants to nurse and you willingly don’t want to refuse. Then try to play a trick with him and say, “ok, do you want ten boobs?”(whatever his special words for boobs). When he latches, give him a task that you allow him to feed until you count up for 20 or 25. And start counting and then say “All done!”

If he wants to nurse on second boobs, that’s fine again the same counting game. Funny ways to cooperate with him. Do you like these tips?  Some parents try reading weaning books also. You can try books with interesting cartoon characters!

End Point

Breastfeeding has endless benefits to your baby and also to you. But it’s ok if you want to go with weaning. The above tips and tricks may beneficial to you. Try these and write what is your strategy to help other moms in the comment box.

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