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No surprise, Swaddle your baby does seem tough. I remember my first time hearing of the idea and I had two big questions, How and Why? Swaddling has many benefits for a baby that we will talk about down below. First, let’s start with what is Swaddling and how do we master it.



What is Swaddling?

Swaddling is a practice where you wrap your baby up in a blanket or a cloth to make them feel secure and protected from their own reflexes that might disturb them from their sleep. It is also said, swaddling not only helps the baby with security and coziness but it also reduces the risk to SIDS.


Swaddling isn’t something new. In fact, it has been in practice since the very start of civilization. It fell out of practice in the 17s century but it has taken REBIRTH to protect and make our baby feel secure again! Dramatic much? Aren’t we always when it comes to our babies!

Why Swaddling?

Startle reflexes are innate among babies who are 3 to 4 months old. It is called Moro Reflexes in Science language. These reflexes get activated when the baby feels the sudden loss of support or it seems to them as if they are falling. This feeling startles them A.K.A disturbing themselves from their sleep. 

Now, these reflexes continue to occur and the solution, my friend, is SWADDLING! 


How To Swaddle A baby?

Swaddling can be messy in the start but once you get a hold of it, you will be a certified pro! I know what you are worrying about… your baby won’t sit quietly for you to swaddle? Ik. Been there. Struggled that. But we can always pray, haha!


Moving on, I have always known Swaddling being a manual process but there is a secret surprise in this post for you but before we reveal it, let’s know how we can actually, traditionally do it.

1. The Diamond Swaddle

We will go one by one with the steps. So, get a hold on your baby, Swaddle Ahoy!

1. Take a square blanket or a soft square fabric and give it a diamond shape. Place the cloth like a kite and fold the tip close to its center. (Not the center but above it, making it look like a diamond) Now make sure you do it on a safe, flat surface. 

2. Place your baby on the diamond blanket. The folded line should meet your baby’s shoulder line so that the baby’s head is free and above the line.

3. Now, place the right arm of your baby alongside its body. Then take the right side of the blanket and tuck it on the other side of the body. Make sure the baby’s left hand is out.

4. With that done, take the bottom of the blanket, envelope its body and legs in, and tuck it in the right swaddle (close to the baby’s shoulder)

5. Place your baby’s left hand close to its body and tuck the left side of the swaddle beneath your baby to secure your baby and the swaddle.

3. Surprise Swaddling

Ever wished things would just happen with a click of your fingers. Yes! me, too! Surprisingly, in this case, it actually is like that! Gone the world where we had to things manually. In easy words, we get it ready made! Yes, you hear me right, we now get ready made swaddle wrapper for our babies!


Told you it was a present worth buying. Plus, there are a variety of swaddle wrappers that you can find online. You just have to put your baby inside of it and zip it up. Bam! You are done, not with parenting… just with Swaddling your baby!

Disclaimer: Note that baby’s legs need no swaddling, it is their upper body that needs swaddling. So manually or readymade, you can keep your baby’s legs free and still protected.

4. When To Stop Swaddle?


Usually, babies quit swaddling when they are 3 months old and max it reaches 4 months old. Your baby starts giving you signs when he is done with swaddling for good. Your baby becomes a small monster swaddling couldn’t handle him! They probably kick their hands and legs out telling us not to swaddle them anymore. They say ‘Mom, I am grown up!’


I have concluded your ‘guide to swaddling’. You are all set for your mission. If you have more ways to manually or ready-made swaddling, let us know in the comment section down below and help other moms just like us. Until then,


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