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After a long time, near about 5 years,  after my marriage, I visited  mother town. Really, the feelings are beyond explanation! Eagerly  I wanted to meet my old friends. It is but natural that we all love old friends. So, I arranged a get-together party at my home and a stay night out with friends. My wait was overall there were arrived one by one. Just imagine how the day was?

first 10

OMG! All looking pretty and gorgeous. Yes, they all were moms now. Few were new moms also and were enjoying their first night out since their big arrival. Do you know what we were talking about? Delivery and newborns than nothing else.

I found myself talking more on the topic that how life with a new baby is hectic for me. When I look back on those first 10 days and nights home with my baby girl. I showered her with kisses, tears of joy, tears of exhaustion, wonderful meals, painful laughs with happiness and so much, much, much, more.

Really, I’m missing those days. That was sunny Saturday when I arrived home with my little bundles of joy in my lap. The most strange feeling was driving away from the hospital bed with my gorgeous one.

My parents were eagerly waiting at home for us. They could help calm any baby storms coming our way as a new parent we were unaware of parenting problems.


During the first 10 night’s of baby’s life, they will wake up every  1-2 hours for milk. It may even feel like they are more awake and alert during the wee hours of the morning than they are during the day time, but nothing to worry, this is quite normal.

After spending more than 9 months in the cozy womb, they are unaware of what day and night. Now, as parents, it is your duty to help them to understand as they get older.

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How with simple tactics baby can be put on sleep and help them get their nighttime vs. daytime sorted out? I don’t know how a very few people in this world are habitual to waking up every hour at night and for multiple nights in a row. But I’m not a person who functions well on little sleep. Add in the fact that I just delivered 12 pounds baby via many vaginal stitches.

first 10

first 10
first 10
first 10

But always you hear them say that you have to sleep when the baby sleeps. But how? Now, this doesn’t mean every time the baby sleeps, with her I also sleep! I used the rule that anytime she was sleeping before noon, I was too. After taking a nap I was rested enough to function and I could stay up while she was sleeping, in the noon to complete household tasks.

Another note in regards to the nights – be sure you have everything related baby, close by your side. Like Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, water bottle, extra swaddle blankets. The less running around 3 to 4 am, the better not only for the baby but for you also. I set up an entire breastfeeding station to help make late time feeding easier.

Breastfeeding in the first 10 nights with newborn

first 10 nights with newborn

It’s really very hard in the first days after giving birth. Your nipples begin to dry out, crack and even bleed. The first few minutes of a latch would literally make me yell in the pain. I used AD cream for nipples and diaper rashes.

You can also try rubbing a little bit of your own breast milk on your nipple and let to dry it. You know hot showers work wonder. But remember one thing don’t put a pressure shower head aimed straight on your sore nipples it would make the adverse effect.

It’s a good idea of walking in the park, but not as easy as a new be mom. If you did it then it is SO WORTH! If I start pointing out the benefits of breastfeeding, months could seem less. How your breastmilk doing wonderfully for your baby.

By day 10 it won’t hurt as bad as in starting. And by day 20 you won’t even feel it when your baby latches on. By month 3 you will realize how convenient it is to breastfeed and how much money it saves compared to formula. There are different positions and benefits of breastfeeding. You love to read this topic – 10 Positions and Benefits of Breastfeeding

The best advice ever to prepare yourself for breastfeeding is to take the online breastfeeding class from Milklogy. Many new moms benefited by it. It is helpful in all aspects of breastfeeding. It was created by a lactation counselor who really knows her stuff.

Visitors in the first 10 nights with newborn

first 10 nights with newborn

One of the best pre-baby conversations between family was about visitors. We both decided that it was okay to tell people that we were tired or my newborn needed rest.

This doesn’t mean that visitors are a burden, but really they actually are your saving grace. I took some naps when my mom and sisters were here and watched my newborn baby.

Many visitors brought meals in those 10 days and I could taste many different meals in those first days. We also did our fair share of asking for rain checks on visits.

We wanted to be able to truly enjoy our time with anyone who came to meet my daughter but if we were tired, we simply asked when another day worked better for them since today didn’t seem to work with newborn’s sleep schedule.

The main thing is that enjoy your time with the ones who love you and your baby, it’s a very special moment that will happen only once. But also make sure you are taking care of yourself and baby’s daddy by taking time for yourself when you need it.

Gadgets and Gizmos we love

first 10 nights with newborn

There were a few things that really saved us some sanity in those first few days. You have a sound machine. The womb is LOUD from all of the blood rushing through mamas veins. Recreate that sound with the baby to soothe her.

The Swaddle Me Swaddlers were huge lifesavers in those first 10 nights to keep my infant feeling secure like she is in her mom’s womb and it helped her to take a sound sleep for hours.

I would highly suggest signing up for Amazon family for Diapers & Wipe Subscription. It saves time as well as money and also it saves you from taking a trip to the store with a newborn for diapers. Also, lots of nipple cream, lots of coffee and a  whole lot of baby kisses.

Those first 10 nights with newborn were magnificent. We had soaked in every minute, took entirely too many pictures and snuggle our little nugget every minute we got. when I look back at these pictures of my daughter” first 10 nights and just can’t believe how much she has grown. She is now a gorgeous teen!

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