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What are the amazing feeling to be the First Time Parents! How Can a softly, cuddly newborn come with so many unknowns! As a new parent, I quickly realized as new-be-mom was going to be much harder than I expected. Having a newborn first time is like a crazy ride! This inspires me to write this post – 40 newborn hacks for the first time parents to help out the new parents.

hacks for first

hacks for first

I had a lot of questions. And many new questions would surface virtually every minutes in those first days after becoming a first-time parent.

Joy, excitement and unfathomable feeling for new be moms and I know you also enjoying these feeling as first-time parents.  So, to make this fleeting time smoother for you both that can enable you to focus on the cuddles and kisses. I have 40 + parenting hacks that will help you along your way through new-be-mom like a pro.


1. Swaddle

Before I was doubt of swaddling my baby because I was worried about her getting loose and the blanket could overlap her mouth. After educated my self with a lot of research, I learned to swaddle which not only helped baby to feel like they’re in their mother’s cozy womb, but it also lowered the risk of SIDS.

My newborn baby slept amazingly when she was swaddled. I personally recommend the Swaddle sleep sack once your baby is able to break free from their swaddle.

2. Set The Stage

In starting days after birth, my baby had her days and nights mixed up. I was desperate to figure out how to reverse her cycle to know her about the day’s schedule? So I had “Set the stage” for the bedtime that she would start to pick up cues that it was time for bed.

Here’s what worked the best:-

  • Warm bath
  • Nurse
  • Several Books
  • Singing
  • Swaddle
  • Down for the light
  • White noise/baby shusher


The baby shusher is an amazing worker related baby sleep department. I had this miracle device from day 1 arriving at home after the birth process. The baby shusher works to mimic the sounds like the womb which sooth babies and this act put them fall asleep.

I personally used the baby shusher until my daughter was about 5 months after then we started using the white noise machine, that we’re still using today. I’m able to vacuum right outside her room with the white noise machine, so it’s quite safe to say it’s an amazing product to have.


I’m feeling very bad for this act but taking away the paci really helped my daughter to sleep soundly. At the age of 4 months, she hit the dreaded sleep regression and would fall asleep with her paci then wake up crying every hour for paci to put it back in her mouth.

I played this game of removing paci for two weeks before I just couldn’t do it anymore. You know why? Because I wasn’t sleeping, she wasn’t sleeping, and it just wasn’t the best.

But it’s very necessary to get rid of it before her teeth come in as many babies have dental issues. In her younger age you can take it away without a huge deal being made yes, she may cry but instead of relying on the paci try some other thing which soothes her.


As soon as your doc gives you the go-ahead to let the baby sleep through the whole night make sure you’re using quality overnight diapers. I’ve tried several brands, but the ones I really like the best are Huggies Overnights.


newborn hacks

Whether or not you’re putting your baby to sleep in their crib or bassinet next to your bed, make sure their sheets are very tight fitting and that the environment is free of clutter.

This means no blanket, no toys. The AAP recommends putting the baby to sleep in a crib or bassinet free form any other items until the baby is one year old.


newborn hacks

The recommendation is to put the baby to sleep on their back has greatly reduced the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Research has also shown that back sleeper babies have fewer fevers, less problem with nasal congestion and no more likely than tummy sleepers to spit out at night time. You should start baby to put on his back from birth until she is 1 year old.


Mostly our newborn sleep all day and night and if you get in the habit of hushing everyone while the baby is sleeping. And not allowing the tip-toeing around the baby while he is sleeping, It will not only train your baby to sleep in silence only, but you’ll also train her that in order to sleep where things must be completely quiet.

While this might not be too hard to pull off the first days, but soon you’ll need to get off the couch and get all the household stuff done when the baby is sleeping. At that point, how could you maintain the silence!


Newborns don’t know how to regulate their temperatures like us and an environment like too cold or too hot is dangerous for the baby.

So, it’s recommended to dress your baby in only one additional layer than you. Too cold temperature is better than too hot. A thin layer under a breathable sleep sack is a good solution to keep the baby comfortable while sleeping at night.


newborn hacks

When your newborn is smelling too much, the thought of giving them a bath like be nerve-wracking to some parents. Below are some easy tips to make bath time a simple task

  • Keep room temperature up to 72-75 about 20 minutes before giving a bath to your newborn
  • Use at least two soft and clean towels, one to bathe the baby and one to keep on baby’s tummy to keep warm
  • Check the water temperature with your elbow
  • Get a diaper, clothes ready to dress baby in and keep a towel ready to go before you put your baby in the bath
  • give support baby’s head with your one arm during bath because babies are so slippery
  • The kitchen basin is the best place in the first days. You can use it as a baby bath destination. This way you weren’t bending over.
  • don’t wash baby’s hair often while giving him a bath.


newborn hacks

  • Use a haka while breastfeeding to collect milk which baby is’not sucking on. You can easily work on building a freezer stash by using a haka
  • Nursing bras and nursing tanks are your true friends– I lived in nursing tanks during my maternity leave which was so convenient for me.
  • Try the hairband trick – Put a hairband around the wrist that can know you when your baby ended the last feeding session on. That trick lets you know which side to start your next feed on
  • To build a freezer stash lay pumped milk bags flat- Storing bags in an empty soda cardboard container upright also helps to save room
  • DIY your own pumping bra- By cutting holes in old sports bras
  • Try different positions while breastfeeding- The football position often works the best for the newborns who are struggling to latch. This can a great breastfeeding position for new-be-mom who is recovering from a c-section.
  • Throw out the schedule- Forget about all schedules related to breastfeeding only focus on your baby’s hunger signs and allow your baby to latch on his demand. This greatly helps you maintain your milk supply.
  • Don’t let baby sleep while feeding- During the first weeks while you’re trying to establish your milk supply. Once your milk supply is established and you get ok from your pediatrician then only let your baby sleep, though!


1. Don’t waste money on the bottle warmer

The baby industries are doing well by making a product to solve first-time parents with every problem. But if you fail bait to their marketing products you end up having gadgets over-powering your house.

Skip the bottle warmer and heat a bottle under running hot water. You can fill up a glass with hot water and stick the bottle in the glass for a few minutes before you feed the baby.

2. Get the help of your spouse

newborn hacks

Allow dad the opportunity to give the baby a bottle. This act allows maintaining a relationship between the dad with the kid. And you get freed yourself to run to the market or do really fun things like watching your favorite movie or more like to sleep for a few hours during the day.

3. About the dishwasher sterilizes

Don’t let mom guilt of thinking that each bottle must be sterilized after every use. Go ahead and sterilize things you bring home from the store, pop up them in the dishwasher and get some rest. Put small parts in the basket and put all the bottles on the top rack.

13. Newborn hacks for SKIN AND SCALP CARE

newborn hacks

Cradle cap is quite common that causes rough, dry patches to form the baby’s head. Below are the tips to get rid of it:

  • Wash baby’s hair
  • Brush baby’s hair with a soft bristle brush to loosen head’s skin
  • Apply olive oil or your own breast milk to baby’s scalp and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Rinse head scalp with warm water and mild shampoo if necessary
  • do this procedure every day until cradle cap is gone

14. GET RID OF DRY SKIN- Newborn Hacks

hacks for first

AT any specific point your baby will have dry, rough or irritated skin. Now you have to buy an Aquaphor to get rid of that problem.

You know it works amazingly. I bought one tube during my baby’s first month and still, I’m using it. Dry skin, redness or irritation can be checked with this product. It’s like magic! trust me, this is the item you needed in your medicine cabinet.


  1. Rule Out the Usual Suspects

Quickly check out the reasons why your baby is crying? Below is the checklist:-

  • Very first does your baby need to be changed?
  • Is he hungry? Because newborns eat every hour of the day. Just look for the common hunger sign by opening his mouth and sticking tongue out
  • Is he tired?  Usually, newborns sleep a lot and get overwhelmed very soon. Only a nap might do the trick
  • Does he have gas? Gas is often a huge issue for little babies with an immature digestive system
  • My baby is getting bored? So, play music, giving the baby a ride around the house, read a book,  these small tricks will change your baby’s mood

2. Learn How to Swaddle Your Baby

First I completely underestimated the magical powers of swaddling until I was fully desperate to help my colic baby calm down. Then I learned to swaddle the baby. And the trick was successful. Babies love to be swaddled because they think they are in the cozy, warm womb of the mother. This newborn hacks works amazingly to calm down a colic baby.

3. Your Exercise Ball

Your exercise ball is collecting dust somewhere? Now it’s time to break it out. You know babies love to be bounced. My daughter loved to bouncing than rocking. You also try to give your baby some new excitement about playing.


1. Make Breastmilk or Formula Popsicles

You’re looking for something which soothes your teething baby. Make breastmilk or formula popsicles! These popsicles molds are specially made for baby’s mouth and baby can easily grasp these. One more thing you can also make breastsmilk ice cubes and place cubes after mashing into the baby feeder.

2. Try Chamomile Tea

newborn hacks

Chamomile works wonders to soothe a teething baby. Soak a rag in chamomile tea and toss in the fridge for some time. Once it’s chilled take it out and let the baby bite it.


1. Establish Two Diaper Changing Stations

newborn hacks

Unless your baby’s room is near to your main living room, you’ll want to add an additional diaper changing station that can be easily accessed and save your time from frequent runs upstairs every hour. Keep a portable baby changing mat, diaper, wipes and diaper rash cream on the main floor for easy diaper changes.

2. Say NO to Accidents

Avoid an accident by placing a fresh diaper under the baby before you remove the dirty one. It took me exactly one time of not doing this before but I vowed forever not to do so again. This one is the best newborn hacks.

3. Save Room In the Trash

Wrap up your baby’s dirty diapers into a tight ball to secure the remaining waste in the diaper by rolling the front of the diaper on the end that doesn’t have the sticky tabs. After then place the diaper in a sealed container which will trap the odor of the diaper, keeping your home smelling fresh and if you’re out – preventing the people around you from dealing with the smell.

4. Don’t use a Changing Pad Cover

newborn hacks

A pretty changing pad cover that matches your baby’s room is as well as good until you have to change your first poopy diaper. Just say NO to a changing pad but you can look for a changing pad that looks great without cover.

You could wind up changing cover 2 to 4 times in a day as babies tend to have multiple poopy diapers every day.

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5. Get Rid of Diaper Rashes

There are many branded creams are available in the market for diaper rashes. But I’m suggesting something that I had tried and that worked better:-

Baking Soda – It really works well to relieve diaper rashes and irritation because it balanced out the pH levels. Take a cup of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda and let baby soak for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Use your own breastmilk to clear up diaper rashes.

You can give an oatmeal bath solutions for soothing diaper rashes or by adding an oatmeal tablespoon into the lukewarm water.

I had used Triple Paste cream for diaper rashes. This one is the best and seems to instantly take the uncomfortable stings of diaper rashes.

I have written all possible newborn hacks for first-time parents. Have I missed any hack? Please comment below which can help many first time parents. Enjoy your parenting and


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