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I’m certain I have mentioned how wonderful breastfeeding is in all my posts. I guarantee you, it’s going to sustain forever! Breastfeeding is as natural as it gets. In fact, the whole pregnancy pilgrimage is a phenomenon and so very magical. But there are times where we take the path to some Major Breastfeeding Mistakes! 

Breastfeeding Mistakes

But if you skip a few steps it can all go in vain. Such is the delicacy of Breastfeeding. It’s magical and it requires smoothness. I remember the mistakes I did and I so wouldn’t want anyone repeating it! They might seem easy and a no big deal, but they can damage more than we know.

Rest assured, every mother knows breastfeeding can be hard, heck it is hard. But what we do tend to forget are the ups and downs to it and with that spin, we make few major breastfeeding mistakes! When it comes to babies, we cannot ignore our mistakes. Hence, precautions, educating ourselves are a few of the keys to successful motherhood!

Don’t fret, we are here to help you. If you did manage to create a mistake, let’s solve it out!

1. Pain is never normal

Major Breastfeeding Mistakes

Never ever take breast pain normally. Bigger word, don’t confuse your mild soreness with actual breast pain. Soreness can be caused by continuous hourly feeds. If you feel unbearable pain, I say visiting your doctor is the very first thing you do!

There are a number of problems that can cause breast pain. It can either be the latch problem or blocked ducts or other bigger issues. With that said, know where it hurts… is it the nipple that’s been aching or the whole breast. It can be one of the major breastfeeding mistakes!

  • Latching

A latch is how the baby attaches its mouth to the breasts. Wrong latching/positioning can hurt/block your mammary ducts and cause pain. To resolve that, try different positioning for your baby, the latch can be done better when provided the right access to the breast for the baby.

  • Vasospasm

Vasospasm is a situation where your breasts hurt instead of the nipple. It is caused by the decrease in blood supply in your breasts which is caused by tight latching. Vasospasm is a burning sensation that occurs once your baby is done feeding on you. Try to reposition your baby or get him to let loose for you to have better blood circulation. 

  • Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie isn’t some kind of a pain but can lead to painful breasts or nipples. It is an issue with babies where their tongue restricts them to feed properly. Tongue Tie isn’t usually visible since it is the back area of the baby’s tongue which is creating the problem.

With that said, normally, people don’t take Tongue Tie seriously but its causes are rather bad. To mention, Tongue Tie makes the baby feed less since he cannot latch properly. As a result, the mother stops having less milk supply. Again, try to re-position yourself or the baby. Give him access to have a good latch!

There are many other issues that need medical attention. Do not ignore these signs. Visit your doctor, know what is the real cause of the problem and then look for the remedy. It may be one of the major breastfeeding mistakes!

2. Mothers/Baby Understanding

Connection plays an important role in developing a mother-baby relationship. Understanding your baby is the keyword. Usually, we tend to strict our relationship by maintaining a schedule and trusting others’ word for this. But always remember, you would know more about your baby or how it feels.

Even though you might not know anything about pregnancy, you understand your kids more than anyone. It’s like a heart-to-heart connection, mother-to-baby magical connection.

So, moving one, we will talk more about how to understand this magical connection, and how to ignore myths and mystics, haha!

  • Do Not Schedule!

Major Breastfeeding Mistakes

Scheduling has done no good for mankind except for cooperation. But of course, tracking how much is a want by the parents but is not necessary! The baby knows how much he needs, when he needs it and when he doesn’t which is always and the unending hunger games.

What you must track is.. if your baby is having enough feeds. When the baby is weak/premature or is unable to latch. A.K.A, feed him more but never feed him less. This is how you can fix major breastfeeding mistakes.

  • Don’t Restrict

There are many reasons that worry mothers while breastfeeding which makes the mum restrict their babies from feeding. Problem or not, never stop feeding unless and until your doctor says so, which I’m certain would never be a statement. Know, any other formula or supplement won’t be as better as your breast milk.

They say “don’t feed anything other than your breast milk for the starting few months, they don’t say it for no reason! In fact, in some of the countries, they ask you to keep the baby on breast milk for at least six months because it is good for the baby.  Some of the cases for instance are:

  1. Mother being sick: Mothers worry about the diseases being transferred in the baby via milk. But that’s mostly not the case. Your immune system would make the antibodies against the disease and those antibodies would travel to your baby with the milk. So don’t fret! Now, this is for a cold/cough or mild fever, if you are dealing with big diseases, consult your doctor first!
  2. Baby putting on weight: Sometimes mothers start restricting or lowering their baby diet in fear of their baby being obese. Always know, Breast milk will never lead your baby to obesity while the formula diet may lead to obesity in a child. Breast milk is as healthy as anything gets.
  3. Thinking the baby is full: Babies are never full, they would want food the instant you would think they don’t. Keep your breast 24*7 ready, Mumma! We have a mission to accomplish.
  4. No solid food: Remember, babies will do fine with six months of breast milk, just the breast milk. Don’t introduce them to solid food for six months at least!
  • Baby language

Major Breastfeeding Mistakes

Since babies cannot talk in our language, they would usually pick some of the signs to convey their message. We all know crying is the number way of conversing for them and by all means, never ignore their crying. It is most of the time important… maybe, sometimes they need attention but hey, everything for our sweet little devils!

Point to remember, crying not always mean they are hungry and that is for us to understand. The baby might be not liking the clothes or it might want fresh air or the baby has dirtied its diaper, could be anything. MASTER THE CODE LANGUAGE! 

Now, babies might sleep while feeding but that won’t mean they are full. That would mean your baby is a devil and would want your nipple back if you try to snitch it away. Never fall for it, they might be asleep because of the comfort and the coziness but never think they are full, they are not!

Major Breastfeeding Mistakes
Major Breastfeeding Mistakes
Major Breastfeeding Mistakes
Major Breastfeeding Mistakes

3. Me-Mommies Health

This one is common major breastfeeding mistakes in mothers. They would stop caring for themselves once the baby is there and they would want is to protect, feed and keep the baby happy. I know, it is very motherly. But forgetting yourself in the process is not the key. Taking your and your baby care is the key.

Also, some of the mothers try to fit their working schedule, baby care, and household chores all in one. You are a superwoman, lady but tiring yourself will do no good to your baby. It needs you at the fullest. So, make them, your family people, your husbands do all the chores. You, honey, you relax and if someone tells you otherwise tell them to fudge the fudge off!

  • Your Balanced Diet

Major Breastfeeding Mistakes

Keep your diet full of all the items your body needs for the healing and the progressing. Your diet matters not only because your baby feeds on you but it matters because you, individually are a person and your health matter, solely! Now, of course, don’t obese yourself out but maintain the normal body weight.

Eat all the veggies, from parental vitamins to proteins to healthy stuff! Also, don’t miss out on your liquid healthy diets, while feeding babies, your body shouldn’t lack liquid diet, ever. So drink juice, have fruit. GO LIQUID-Y!

4. Don’t Get Supplements.

Major Breastfeeding Mistakes

Supplements can cause more harm than you. So never, I repeat, never ever take supplements without your doctor’s recommendation. As a mother, I know what you feel.

The feeling is the same for every mother. We are all concerned about our baby’s health and want them to be full every minute of the day. And over-thinking causes us to imagine we are the reason for their less feed. Worries eat us alive and we wonder for an escape and what? There we are going for Supplements to improve our baby’s feed.

Supplements also lead to less milk supply in your breasts since there is less latching from your baby’s side because of the formula diet.  Don’t opt for a formula diet in whatever case!

Don’t do it! It can affect your baby’s health badly, ruins their schedule and forces them to go for a schedule. If you think your baby is feeding less, consult your doctor. Your doctor would help you out way better than you going paranoia!



Major Breastfeeding Mistakes

We have tried to enlist all the Major Breastfeeding mistakes and precautions we might do MISTAKENLY!! If you do have more things that you might think would help other mothers like you, do let us know in the comment section down below! Until then,


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