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What is Postpartum?

Nine months of struggle finally paid off with your little baby in your hands. I know the feeling. It’s all rainbows and unicorns until you realize… it’s rainbows, unicorns, dirty diapers, and sleepless nights. This realization, my friend, that your pregnancy is yet to be over is called Postpartum.

In less scary words, there is another trimester, presumably, fourth that happens after you give birth to your little devil. Tell you a secret… it is the worst of all four.  Jokes apart, Postpartum is an essential part of pregnancy. It is taking care of the life you carried nine months.

Postpartum can be tough. Hell, it is tough but we sure can ease the possibility, cannot we? With few or many ‘must-have’ postpartum essentials, you got it Atta-Mumma!

As a mom myself, I know how it felt doing a job 24*7 without even getting paid! Haha. But as a mother, I also know to get down to business without wasting any further time. We have listed all the important requirement you need as a new mother with a devil down below.



1. Extra-large brief


If I were given the right to choose one of these essentials, it would be EXTRA LARGE BRIEF!! Hail large briefs. It comforts your swollen body, let’s face it, pregnancy soreness isn’t something that goes in a day but till the time, we have large heart briefs! Make sure your underwears don’t hold a tight waistband.

2. Maxi Pads


Maxi pads do wonders to women. Buy them in stock and you are free of leakage or uneasiness.  They cover every important inch and very merciful. Being a new mother, all your responsibilities are new and tough. You can’t let the uneasiness hinge your motherhood or your time with your baby.

Maxi Pads give you an opportunity to take care of the baby without having to change your pad again and again.

3. Disposable Breast Pads

New mothers usually tend to milk a lot. With your baby breastfeeding, it is obvious your breasts would be 24*7 full. Eco-friendly breasts pads help good but in your starting days of postpartum, I’d suggest disposable breast pads. They help you with the leak and you don’t have to worry about washing them or reusing them.

Stock this postpartum essential in a heavy amount, so that you can dispose and use a new one any moment you feel like.

4. Nursing Bras


Nursing bras are another must-have in postpartum essentials. Bras, as much as I recall, have always been a bad dream to me. Taking them off was always the best thing, I did to my breasts. And I cannot imagine one second of my pregnancy in those dam bras!

Nursing bras are of course logical and one that doesn’t make you struggle. You just have to flip open a strip and BAM, there comes your breast and there is the milk. So easy, Ikr?

5. Pain Reliever

It is certain you will have sore nipples but why to fret, there are many pain relievers that work wonders. There are all sorts of pain relievers, eco-friendly, home-made, disposable. I have mentioned a few of these down below and they are heaven!

  • Booby tubes: These tubes work well for tender or sore breasts. The best thing about these tubes is, they are organic. imagine the softness, right?
  • Cold/hot packs: Two words, TRY THEM!
  • Lanolin: heals cracks and dryness
  • Heating pads!

6. Witch Hazel Pads


Witch hazel pads help ease vaginal pain and discomfort. It contains neutral chemicals that reduce inflammation and swelling. Witch hazel pads are often used to fight hemorrhoid, considered a very helpful home remedy.

Witch Hazel pads are often used with Ice packs and can be made at home. So, ladies… go for it!

7. Sitz bath

You can take Sitz bath in your tub or on the toilet seat. Sitz bath contains a plastic bowl that fits perfectly on the toilet seat. You can fill up the bowl with warm water and prescribed herbs.

Sitz bath helps cleanse your perineum and your abdominal area. It helps ease vaginal pain, itching, and discomfort.

8. Peri Bottles

The name might sound funny but imagine the fluids coming out of your body 24*7 and you not having the comfort or time or space to cleanse yourself properly. Well, Peri bottle is here to serve the purpose. A good mate in hard times, isn’t it? It’s the most useful postpartum essential.

Peri bottle is used to wash up after and before peeing. you can basically use it whenever you feel like. I mean who doesn’t want to feel clean. Peri bottle works as a gentle cleanser to your delicate parts. It reduces irritation and itching that might be caused by normal washing.

9. Stool softener

Thank me later. It is a must-have! The most wanted postpartum essential.


We have listed below all practical postpartum essentials that we might need after the pregnancy period. Your little devil wouldn’t go easy on you, trust me! But with these products, you are all ready to rule. If you do have more easy-to-go musts, do let us know down below in the comment section! Until then,




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