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Have you prepared your bed for heavy postpartum leakage? It’s the most common question, someone asked you during your pregnancy, HOW TO PREP YOUR BED FOR POSTPARTUM LEAKS? 

You’re going to thank me, a week during your postpartum! It’s an important topic to know how to set up your bed to cope with Postpartum leaks?

Postpartum leaks

But if you have OCD, it won’t after I tell you about the thing your body needs a  lot during the Postpartum. Your body leaks pretty much during the first week of postpartum?

Just forget if you love the white bed sheets or dressing top to toe in white. You have to wait for a long period to wear white.

I’m just kidding! On the topic now, very first we are talking about different types of postpartum leaks.



Postpartum leaks

You know that you’re gonna heavy bleeding for one or two few weeks after vaginal or C-section birth. You had enjoyed those nine months of free periods, Now it’s time to pay back all your dues.

Do you know where the bleeding comes from? No! It comes from the area where your placenta separates inside the womb. Only after postpartum bleeding, your womb shrinks back to its normal position. Don’t worry Very first the flow is heavy but then it starts to get less.


Postpartum leaks

Now you have newborn in your lap. And your body wants to feed him. Whether you want or not your boobs gonna make breast milk all day. It’s your decision to feed your baby on your own milk or not.

After the birth process, your boobs will fill with breast milk, and it’s obvious the milk wants to escape. So, get prepared for the wet tops.

One thing is there that if you don’t want to breastfeed, then it will pass in a day or two. But if you switch on breastfeeding which is a pretty good decision, your boobs are continued leak until your supply establishes. This leakage remains constant for around 6 – 12 weeks. And it will reappear when your baby grows.

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Postpartum leaks

Sick and tired black woman lying in the bed

The thing is weird but it’s very crucial to tell moms-to-be about all postpartum leaks and night sweat is one of them. It happens when a woman experiences a hot flash during the night. Which is because of hormonal change.

Postpartum night sweats happen because of estrogen. These changes occur to the woman’s body, adjusts to not being pregnant anymore.

Really, I was unprepared for all these leaks. Even I didn’t know about these weird situations, I had to face after my birth process. Uhh. night sweats! This one is the worst leaks and it lasts for up to 6 weeks of postpartum.

The postpartum heavy bleeding I could deal with, but the night sweat! I sway I couldn’t!


Postpartum leaks

Our newborn babies are darling for us. But their birth can do some damage to our lady parts. You know birth process plays havoc with our pelvic floor muscles. And these are the muscles which control our bladder system.

It’s very common to experience some bladder control issues after birth. I am going to tell a very unwanted thing that might you don’t like but it will happen, you may dribble a little bit of urine at the time of coughing, sneezing or lifting heavy things. How weird is that nah!

So, get ready to do some Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Regular exercise makes your muscles strong within 3 to 6 months.


Already mother nature teaches you to get familiar with bodily fluids when you have a baby. In the very first baby, we are not aware of all these leaks. At my time I was not prepared well for any of these. Because I didn’t know much about postpartum changes. My bed, my sheets, mattress were victims during this time.

That’s why I’m here to share my strategies from my second baby, to save you from getting depressed due to leaks.


Postpartum leaks

Postpartum bleeding is the biggest battle. It’s heavy and bright red in color, and it will make the most mess. You have to arm yourself to fight with the biggest battle of bleeding in the first week of the postpartum. The weapon is HUGE MESH PANTIES. 

These may provide you by the hospital, fill your bags with them before you back to home after the birth process. Literally, every mom told me this when I was pregnant, and surely I filled my all drawers for extra diapers.

Huge Mesh Panties can be found at Amazone with several different brands. These undergarments are most popular for mothers suffering from incontinence. And you can find at nearly any medical store.

It’s so weird to wearing an adult diaper but what to do? you don’t have another choice for heavy bleeding. Mesh Pants take care of two postpartum issues. One they deal with heavy bleeding and prevent leaks. Another they are disposable and you can throw them away and save your underwear.

These are used until your red bleeding turns to pink. It will take at least two weeks, you can use cheap underwear and maternity pads instead of mesh pants.


Postpartum leaks

Uhh.. our boobs also leak pretty. How to cope with boobs leaks? The first protection is to use Nursing Pads.

When your boobs are overflow, it can be embarrassing for you and can cause damage to your clothes. Disposable Nursing Pads are one of the best ways to absorb breast milk from leakage and protect clothes from any stains. The best thing about these pads as these can be reusable.

These can be used with a sleep nursing bra during the night. A good sleep bra is clasp free and helps you to get a sound sleep. Other benefits are that it can hold pads and allow easy access for feeding baby at night.

Don’t think of saving money and don’t fall into trap of thinking that you don’t want a nursing bra. It can protect your breasts for longer stretches overnight. Otherwise slight touch or crying of your baby will make your boobs to leak.

Nursing pads are the soldiers which can protect your mattress when you asleep and unaware it’s happening. Every new-be-moms keep these pads close by them. And make their life comfortable.


Postpartum leaks

This one is used by all new-be-moms to protect their bed from leaks. After the birth process, you’ll notice the whole maternity staff using these disposable incontinence pads called Chux Pads.

Mostly these were used by midwives and nurses because they are the persons who have to deal with all postpartum leaks.

Before leaving hospitals you have to take a few with you. They are great for using at home in the first week of the postpartum. As you have maximum heavy bleeding in the first week after the birth process.


Postpartum leaks

No matter what you do, you may end up with leaks. Which can ruin your sheets, your night sleep, and your mattress!

Washable mattress protector pads are great to have because you can wash them immediately and not have to worry about remaking the whole bed again.

Just you keep a pair of these, so you have one that you can use and keep the first one for washing after using it. This will help with breast leakage also in the first week of the postpartum.


Postpartum leaks

If you don’t want to buy any of my suggestions above, at least have the best detergent on hand. If you have blood on your bedsheets, you have to wash them immediately to keep them stains free. It’s my personal experience and I love the 3-in-1 Tide Pods.

I personally advised you for using a biological detergent which can break down blood well. Just be careful if you have sensitive skin as a biological detergent may irritate you.

I know you think that it is unnecessary work for a new mom. You must have to follow my suggestions and live a stress-free life from these leaks. You can cope better with postpartum, you have to keep all these things nearby you. So, all the best for your Motherhood journey and


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Postpartum leaks
Postpartum leaks
Postpartum leaks
Postpartum leaks

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