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SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. As the name suggests there is no certified reason for its occurrence. Though the disease is 100% curable, precautions are necessary to avoid the concern.

To the ones who know about the syndrome even to bring it close to their hearing ability is a horror. Trust me, I can relate. But of course, in the right ways, it is inevitably treatable.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The ratio of Sids reduced to 40% or less back in 1994. The American Academy of pediatrics who published an article concerning the syndrome called ‘Back To Sleep’ campaign. 

The article was helpful in understanding & preventing SIDS. Albeit, SIDS’s actual cause is unknown it is said, SIDS’s measure cause could be the defect in the portions of the brain that controls breathing and wake up calls.

Without further ado, let’s make sure our baby is safe and healthy. I have listed below 10 ways you can help your baby fight this Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 



Despite the unknown cause, we can prevent SIDS & overcome the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by taking strict precautions. We have listed below a few of the major precautions that help fight SIDS. These majors reduce the risk to 70% from happening. But the keyword is “STRICT”.

If you don’t take these precautions seriously, chances are you are risking the baby and the chances of SIDS. Without further wasting any time, let’s fight SIDS together.

OVERCOMING YOUR BABY’S RISK OF Sudden Infant Dead Syndrome

1. On Baby’s Back

‘On the baby’s back’ is one of the most certified ways to fight/avoid SIDS to keep your baby on their back while sleeping. The reason being, when on the front, babies might block their airway leading to SIDS.

It’s scientifically advisable to always keep your baby on its back to possibly avoid blocking of the windpipe.

Make sure to keep an eye on your baby’s position as much as possible. If they roll over, make sure to correct their position throughout their time sleeping.

 2. CO-Sleeping

Practicing of babies sleeping with their parents. This one process is feared by many of the parents around. But it is actually cultural and a way of living in many countries. Not to miss the point, these countries who follow co-sleeping have lesser SIDS or have a better chance of overcoming the risk of SIDS compared to the ones who don’t.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

CO-sleeping allows a 24/7  looking after the baby when sleeping. So you don’t need to wake up and go all the way to the next room every hour looking after the baby. It helps you and the baby to take full rest or as much as possible. 

CO-sleeping is considered a dangerous game, given the possibility that parents might not be careful sleeping around babies which can lead to further complications.

So if you plan on sleeping with the baby, make sure you have practiced enough, and are being extra careful with it. There are many other ways to fight SIDS but this one favors both, the baby and the parents.

If co-sleeping isn’t your choice, you can choose a crib that can be attached to your bed. It’s similar to co-sleeping minus the risk of suffocation or carelessness. 

3. Same Room

‘Same room’ is equivalent to CO-Sleeping only safer for parents who don’t want to take the risk of sleeping with their babies on the same bed. CO-Sleeping can be dangerous if not done correctly but having the baby in the same room yet not in the same bed with you is a win-win game.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

You avoid the possibility of being a danger to your baby and also get to keep an eye on the baby while being in the same room without disturbing your or the baby’s sleep. 

It also helps you to avoid having to travel across the house which saves time and no-light accidents that might occur with all the rush.

4. Clear Crib

Clear cribs play a significant role in protecting your baby. Keeping the crib clear not only gives the baby a better sleep but also gives the baby protection from stumbling or suffocating.

This not only means removing the toys but pillows, bumpers, comforter, blankets, duvet, or anything that can cause smothering.

A firm bedding & proper room temperature will give your baby happy sleep. 

5. Firm Bedding To Overcome The Risk Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Firm bedding involves no thick mattress beneath the baby. This bedding gives your baby a firm yet smooth surface with solid support. Make sure your baby doesn’t get habitual to sleeping in the car seats, couch, armchair, water/bean bag.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

When getting your baby to sleep, always SNUG SWADDLE! Snug Swaddle means wrapping your baby up in a blanket. It makes the baby feel safe and keeps them on their back. Offer your baby a pacifier if it has moved from breastfeeding to bottle. 

6. No Smoke, No-Risk Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

This is very crucial when taking care of a baby. Smoke alters baby’s breathing that might cause SIDS. It should be a strict no smoke area. And when we say smoke, it is not just your smoking habits but anything that emits smoke… like incense, fireplace or wood stoves, scented candles.

Make sure your baby is in a well-ventilated room and away from the smoke. UNDERLINE THAT!! Don’t take your baby to areas that are prone to smoke in fact avoid such places at all costs to overcome YOUR BABY’S RISK OF SIDS. 

7. Few more Things

  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding reduces SIDS risk to 50%. 
  • Immunization: Get all the vaccination and medication required for the baby
  • Room temp: Keep the room temp close to 20-22 degrees Celsius. Temperature can vary from country to county. Check the right temperature for infants in your country. (India- 25-26 ideal room temperature for babies)
  • Avoid Over-dressing: Clothes must not be too tight. Keep the baby warm, not too hot and not too cold.


We have provided you all the important majors and preventives that would help you and your baby fight Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or how to overcome the risk of SIDS. Make sure to follow them all up intently. We hope you and your baby happy long and live a comfortable life and you are the ones who make this possible. So, stick to the line and Get, Set, GO!

Until then, Adios!


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