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Only Disclosure: Hello, moms, this disclosure isn’t here to scare you. It perhaps is here to make you aware of certain things that every mother has the right to know. Everyone, including me, has this one permanent nagging question, is this post really effective about breast sagging.

Fret not! We write what we experience as mothers, and being a mom I know what you want to hear, trust me because it is what I wanted to hear, too, altogether. We have enlisted some of the very enthusiastic ways that have helped women across, in phenomenon ways.

As the phrase says, “Precautions are better than the cure.” Always true! Of course, it the only solution but it is one that counts, to sum up. Let’s dig in, shall we… before our breast leave our chest and start belonging to our stomach, bad humor, I know. My apologies.

What is Breast Sagging?

Breast sagging

It’s every woman’s fear, and I stand first in the ranking. I’m, like you, very much into me-loving, from my body to my soul to EVERYTHING! minus the exaggeration, haha! The term might give away what it means, your breast leaving the interest of being the best part of your body, I know right. I mean why! Why would they do this to us!

But to my surprise, in this case, it wasn’t my breasts that were the cause but something I never imagined. No, not breastfeeding, either. A very announced, approved, and ground holding myth, ‘Breastfeeding leads to breast sagging‘. There are many contributing factors undoubtedly in breast sagging but breastfeeding isn’t one. In simpler words, it’s not true.

Oh wait, I completely forgot, Breast sagging in biological terms is called Ptosis. While we are at it, let’s be smart when our gynaecologist and lactation consultant uses the term. We are saving our breast shape, our biological vocabulary and our knowledge, WAY TO GO, MAMMAS!! What intelligent creatures are we!

What are the causes of Breast Sagging?

We have handled the matter… what is not the cause, breastfeeding. Go moms… breastfeed every kid in the world. I give you green. Ah yes, back to the causes…  The factors that lead you to the myth is the result. Our breasts do tend to lose their shape once we breastfeed as a result.

The actual cause is rather lost while noticing. Breaking the suspense that I made unnecessarily, it’s the matter of ‘Early weaning’ and ‘abrupt weaning’. 

  • Early weaning: Early weaning means dropping to breastfeed less and finding substitutes to feed the baby, which could be bottle feeding, pumping, etc at an early age. An age when the baby is not ready for anything other than breastfeeding.
  • Abrupt weaning: Abrupt weaning is similar to Early weaning only it is abrupt. Ever heard of the phrase, ‘Take it slow, Amelia’. haha

Isn’t it ironic, the myth we hear about and believe to be the cause of breast sagging is actually the whole-level opposite? This manipulative world made your baby drink pumped milk. oh, also, pumped milk causes Breast sagging!


Precautions to take!

Breast sagging

Our aim is Breast involution.  Breast Involution is a process where the breasts go in reverse to their normal size. The tissues that help bring milk would reduce in number and will be replaced with fatty tissues. This stage is the inactive stage of lactation, A.K.A, once there are fewer number alveoli, the lactation would be reduced to minimal. As a result, breasts will retake their normal shape back!

Precautions withhold any sorts of danger that surround us in day to day life.  A simple act of carelessness can lead us into dangerous situations and there is no doubt in the saying. Here, I’m going to list 10 ways that will help us to prevent breast sagging along with many other advantages. Let’s not wait for any further ado.

Gentle Weaning

We have talked about weaning and how it disturbs the baby as well as our body. I’m no expert but as a mother… I would say, continue to breastfeed your baby for straight two years. Once the time period ends, you and your baby can gradually adapt to weaning… don’t take an abrupt decision.

Take your time and give your baby adequate time to adjust. The adjusting should not be abrupt as mentioned above. Go slow! You can start the flow in the second year or the time which suits you best for you and the baby. This would help you terminate clogged milk ducts and also fight to prevent mastitis (inflammation in breast tissues leading to infection).

Eliminate Daily Pumping

Breast sagging

The point doesn’t mean to disregard mothers who chose to work while after the baby is born. I empathize and admire the will power you hold with yourself. I do suggest rest from work for a year or so… or switching to freelancing/working at home but it is solely your decision and we stand with you.

Hence, this step is for mothers who decide to take a break from work. Do not opt for pumped milk.  Daily pumping milk might cause injured tissues making the skin less elastic and stretchable. I personally suggest going with the natural flow and terminating pumped milk as much as possible. Doing things naturally has no harm and side effects, it will keep you and your baby healthy.

Do not schedule

Breast sagging

DO NOT schedule your feeding time. The longer the interval, the thicker the chances of breast sagging.  Big intervals between every feed will eventually result in clogged milk ducts. As a result, you will be left with saggy breasts. I say, avoid accumulating milk.

If your body produces milk in high quantity and if your baby isn’t in a mood, pump it. Pumping is normal if not done too much. You can pump the milk if such instances arose.

Breastfeeding Positions

Positions play a very crucial normal when it comes to a healthy body and healthy living standards. A bad position can lead you to severe body pain and worse, severe diseases. It is no different while breastfeeding. The right position will ease you and the baby.

Make sure to find a position that comforts your baby, this way the baby shall not cause any harm like biting, twisting, etc, to your breasts. Babies playing with breasts can seem normal but can hurt your breasts internally leading to breast sagging. Try to distract them with toys while feeding, possibly

Wearing Bras

Clearly, wearing bras not only help you during breastfeeding but has come handy all the time. Only wearing the right bra, not night bra helps us from preventing breast sagging, no surprise, is it? When pregnant, try to avoid tight bras, too small, too big, unfit bras.

Tight bras may cause you pain and discomfort. I remember using sports bras… neither were they tight nor loose… just the perfect fit. It is also handy since it is not difficult to use while feeding. While normal bras bring immense discomfort, sports bras just adjust like they were made for you, just for you!


You must have heard this a zillionth time, no doubt… but it is true. Daily massaging cures half the diseases in the world. Breast massaging comforts your breasts and ease out the pain. Massaging also opens up the clogged ducts and re-adjusts your breasts. Massaging your breast daily gives your skin moisture and elasticity. Massage daily and get a bikini body in 2 days. kidding! haha

Breast health regulations

Make sure to notice what you feel while breastfeeding. Note down if you feel any unavoidable discomfort and contact your gynaecologist as soon as possible. These regulations should also be taken once you start weaning. Weaning is, of course, a change after feeding for such a long period. Notice what you feel and make sure to share it with your gynaecologist

Never ignore the signs or the pain as it may lead you to bigger infections and diseases. Keep visiting your gynaecologist and don’t keep anything away from her.


This is a lifelong rule, irrespective of your age, schedule, work, etc. Wherever you are, start exercising. I say, start exercising right now! Leave your phone, laptop, seat, and JUMP! By exercise, I don’t mean you go weightlifting championship. Just normal exercise, sit-ups, pushups… yoga.

Make sure the exercise doesn’t fluctuate your body weight. Do not lose weight and do not gain it either. Weight fluctuation can cause many difficulties. Also, try to exercise that involves your breasts yo maintain a good shape.

Healthy eating

This also goes as a life long rule. The Healthy you eat, the healthier you become.  Healthy eating is necessary irrespective of what stage you are in, Pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy, or day to day life… eating healthy is a must.  It isn’t compulsory for you to have a diet chart but your diet should eliminate what’s unhealthy for you and the baby!

You should say a strict NO to junk food. Put a hold to your alcohol or smoking habits. Keep in diet: Water, healthy fats, proteins, whole grain, green veggies.

Strictly eliminate from the diet: Sodas, Alcohol, Smoking, Sugar.


SUPPLEMENTS should not be taken without your Gynecologist’s prescription.  Conversely, supplements cause you no harm, prescribed medication is always safe! It helped me during my days and I’m certain it shall help you as well. Let’s get down on the supplements, shall we?

Vitamin C: This vitamin functions for multiple things… it helps to increase collagen production, it strengthens your cell strength, and gives protection from free radical.

Omega 3: balances skin moisture, improves your skin appearance, and supports collagen production.

Vitamin D: It nourishes your epidermis, it helps in repairing it and gives the moisture to your skin cell.

Zinc: Zinc hs powerful anti-bacterial and anti-Oxidating properties.

Vitamin E: It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help the cell system of our body.

There are many other supplements supporting your body and you can get a prescription from your Gynecologist and have supplements in regards to your body.

End Word

We are all beautiful the way we are. Beauty has no measures… and wanting something good for yourself is never wrong. More importantly, mamas… we stand with you, always. Get. set. Go. and get your precious breast size back again. Breasts are the best part of our body and let’s not let them pull us down. If you know what I mean.

All the mamas, who went through the same thing, please share your experience down below in the comment section. We would love to hear your story… meet you in the comment section. Also, till the time


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