Learn how these Postpartum essentials 2020 help new moms to cope with postpartum depression and anxiety?

From postpartum essentials to really important healing tips, here’s all you need to learn and know about postpartum recovery. 

It’s been a long since you got pregnant. Spending 9 months with a baby inside you is an unbelievable experience. But now, you’re past those 40 weeks (or so) of pregnancy and incredible hours of childbirth and you’re officially a mother!

Wanna guess what happens next? Postpartum.

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Postpartum is the period a mother goes through right after the delivery. Along with the transition from pregnancy to postpartum, there also comes a variety of symptoms to deal with. Let me answer these questions to my best knowledge.

What are some of the Postpartum Essentials 2020 that you need?

Here’s a bunch of products you need to get your hands on while you’re still pregnant if you want your postpartum recovery to sail as smoothly as possible. Even if you’re reading this article after your childbirth, make sure you get in action right away.

1. Maxi Pads

You’re gonna need these for possibly a couple of weeks until postpartum bleeding lets up. This situation in which you face vaginal bleeding from the uterus is known as “lochia”.

The best way to deal with Lochia is to use high-quality Maxi Pads. Never use Tampons. Click here to get “Always Maxi Unscented Pads with Wings”

2. Acetaminophen

It will help you with perineal pain and overall aches.

3. Sitz Bath

After the delivery is done, you’ll have a sore pelvic floor and hemorrhoids. Sitz bath is the way you can soothe wounds, pains, aches. Along with soothing, it can also help you heal tears and reduce swelling. Get it on Amazon here. 

This is the Sitz Bath I recommend as it’s made with all-natural ingredients. No chemicals, No additives, No SLAs, and absolutely nothing harmful. This one of the most important in these postpartum essentials 2020.

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4. Water

This is the most underrated postpartum essential for 2020 among newbie mothers. Staying hydrated is very important for you if you don’t want a lower milk supply. Make sure you drink around 6 to 8 glasses of water.

My advice here is to keep a water bottle with you all the time and keep refilling it whenever needed.

5. Tea

If using the right brand, Teas can be so helpful with postpartum recovery. I recommend Earth Mama’s Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea as it works as a labor tonic and is perfect for menstrual support.

Other than that, nursing moms also need to improve their breast milk production. The easiest way to do this is by choosing the right tea. Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea Bags have thousands of happy customers and a rating of 4.1/5 by 2500+ mothers at Amazon.

Get it here and improve your breast milk production by day.

postpartum essentials 2020

6. Cotton Underpants

Why cotton? Because comfort and relief from pain are much more important than looking sexy. In this case, go with the hospital gauze underwear or “granny” for ease.

But if still your inner “sexy senorita” won’t let you wear the granny underpants, here are Annenmy Women’s high waist cotton underwears. It looks sexy plus it is 95% cotton for a softer experience.

7. Nursing Bras

Once you enter postpartum, you’d realize how important is it to stash up 5-7 comfy nursing bras. It’s nice to have backups because trust me, you’re going to be very LEAKY.  These are one of the best postpartum essentials for 2020.

My recommendation over here is – Hogfish Full Bust seamless nursing maternity bras. Why these?

  • One-hand access
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Hook & eye closure
  • Easy drop cups for convenient feeding

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8. Nursing Pads in the postpartum essentials 2020

It’s normal for moms to leak breast milk. Some moms leak only in the beginning and some moms continue throughout breastfeeding. In any case, if you’re planning to breastfeed, nursing pads will help keep leaky nipples under wraps.

The #1 selling disposable nursing pads in the US – Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads. These pads feature one-way moisture technology and waterproof lining for leak-proof confidence. You must realize how comfortable postpartum essential for 2020.

9. Peri Bottle is the best for postpartum recovery

As a new but hurtful experience, peeing will sting for the first week or so after giving birth. This happens especially if you have stitches. Having a “Peri Bottle” in hand filled with warm water every time you use the restroom helps decrease the stingy pain.

There are many types of Peri bottle you can use here, but I recommend the Frida Mom Upside Down Peri bottle for postpartum care. It’s Upside Down ergonomic design is made to be held upside down with an angled neck for a comfortable continuous stream of relief in the right spot.

Rated 4.3/5 by 1300+ satisfied mothers! Get yours here. 

10. Dermoplast

If through your daily life, you’re needing some major relief down there, I suggest you go with Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray. Use it a few times a day to help your pelvic floor healing.

This great pain-relieving spray is slightly numbing, easy to use and offers instant relief! Get it here. 

11. Loose Pants are one of the best postpartum essentials 2020

What do you think of a pant that has stretchy waistbands and a drop crotch that will offer you comfortably wear those maxi pads during the postpartum recovery? If I was in the postpartum period, I’d have bought em right away.

Get Loose Pants here! 

12. Lanolin -postpartum recovery for 2020

This cream will be your dream cream once you use it to prevent and treat cracked nipples. I don’t know if you could get it at the nearest clinic but it’s available for less than $10 at Amazon.

Click on this link to get it! 

How long does it take to recover after giving birth?

Doesn’t matter if you suffered highly while giving birth or you gave birth like a super-mother and got your name on the Guinness World Records, your body needs a chance to regroup after it has been stretched out to the max.

In simple words, the first six weeks postpartum are considered a “recovery” period no matter how you gave birth. Though the recovery time/period isn’t the same for every mother because every senorita mama is different and thus would recover at a different rate with different postpartum symptoms.

Most of these postpartum symptoms ease up within a short period while others like sore nipples, perineal pain, and backaches might continue for weeks.

If you’ve had a vaginal birth, you must also have this question in your mind – “how long till soreness goes away and your perineum heals?” Perineal Recovery could take anywhere from three weeks to six weeks depending if you didn’t tear or did.

I don’t wanna open up this to you, but sadly your vagina will never be the same after giving birth. But but but, it’d be very close trust me.

How long can Vaginal Bleeding continue?

postpartum essentials

As I stated above, Vaginal bleeding a.k.a lochia can last up to six weeks. Bleeding is going to be the heaviest for the first 5-10 days. Slowly, it will taper off – going from red to pink to brown to yellowish-white.

It’s gonna be a very heavy period made of mucus, tissue from your uterus, and leftover blood. But if you come across large clots or you’re bleeding so heavy that you need more than one maxi pad every hour, call your doctor right away.

Note: Do not use tampons, tampons are off-limits.

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What to Know about Postpartum Depression?

Giving birth to a baby is no doubt a life-changing experience in a woman’s life. Almost every mother goes through this natural-but-weird phase because of lack of sleep, a roller coaster of hormones, and the struggle of adjusting to a new tiny human at home.

With that being said, if you have postpartum depression symptoms – including feeling sad, worthless, irritable, anxious, or persistently hopeless – for above 15 days postpartum, talk to your doctor.

Never feel you’re alone and never be ashamed of it. Postpartum depression is not your fault. Instead, it naturally affects 1 out of every 4 new moms. Talk to a professional so that you can take better care of yourself and the newborn.

What are some great Postpartum healing tips?

The following tips can help you heal faster and have better postpartum recovery:

1. Ease aches and pains.

Ease overall aches and pain by taking hot showers and having a professional massage. If you’re still achy from pushing, take acetaminophen.

2. Help your perineum heal.

Use ice packs and ice your perineum every couple of hours for the first 24 hours post-birth. Sitz bath plays an important role in soothing your perineal pain and soreness. Use the Peri bottle to spray warm water over the area before & after peeing.

3. Avoid Movements.

Aim on avoiding long periods of sitting or standing, and sleep on your side.

4. Be kind to your breasts.

If your breasts ache, use ice packs and gently massage your breasts. Your best way to avoid this pain is by wearing a comfy nursing bra. Let your breasts air out after every nursing session if you’re breastfeeding. Other than that, use lanolin cream to prevent/treat cracked nipples.

5. Kegel Exercises.

Get started with postpartum kegel exercises as soon as you’re able to comfortably do them. There’s no better way to make sex more enjoyable, get your vagina back, and resolve postpartum urinary incontinence than doing kegel exercises.

Aim for more than three sets of 20 repetitions every day!

6. Care for your C-section scar

Clean your C-section incision with soap and water gently every day. Apply antibiotic ointment after drying it with a clean & soft towel. Avoid carrying weight (other than your baby) until it’s OK too, as suggested by your doctor. Ask your doctor if you should cover the wound or keep it open to air out.

7. Eat well & Keep Moving

Just like you did this during pregnancy, eat five smaller meals throughout the day instead of going for three large meals. Eat a combination of complex carbs and protein for energy, plus plenty of fiber (found in fruits, veggies, and whole grains) to help prevent hemorrhoids.

End Point

The postpartum period is very exciting, life-changing but also overwhelming. The above postpartum essentials are must-haves for every mother who just delivered.

By following the tips offered in this article, doing your best to take care of yourself along with your baby, and being patient you’ll get through it in absolutely no time.

And while you’re going through postpartum recovery, make sure you don’t forget to enjoy this special stage you have with your new baby. Comment below what you think about this article and show some love by sharing it with new moms.