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What is (FOOT) Reflexology?

Has there been an incident with you where you, out of the blue, massaged your hand and you felt your body melting away with the touch? The thing you felt, in scientifically is called ‘Reflexology’. It is a type of massage (FOOT REFLEXOLOGY) which involves applying pressure to certain places and in a certain amount that relaxes your body or the area affected. 

Reflexology has been a wonder since ancient times and it stands high in today’s world, too. Now that we have concluded what Reflexology is, let’s get down to how it will help your baby.

Babies use crying or any other vocal communication to express themselves or the discomfort they are feeling. Usually, when a baby cries, it’s a dirty diaper, hungry stomach or a dirty diaper! Surprise, is it not?

But there are certain times where babies cry because their body feels uncomfortable… it can be a normal discomfort or actual sore which they cannot verbalize or express.

Reflexology helps out a weary parent, like you and me. It is totally natural, has no side effects and it soothes your baby down. If you haven’t tried it yet, after reading the post, you will be crystal clear, what to do and where to start.


Foot Reflexology to calm your baby down

Foot Reflexology works best on kids. Why? In the early stage, baby’s feet are flat, soft and approachable which helps to establish a network between the nervous system and the organs.

Your Foot has almost all the important zones that calm down some of the major aches. From headache to teeth to body, Foot Reflexology covers all the important area. I have listed below all these pressure points down below. We have lined it down orderly from head to south. So, without further delays, let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Headaches and Toothaches

Headache is normal among babies, too. With that amount of crying, is that even a surprise? Babies can easily tire themselves up with their rushy, playful playtime which by the never ends. But it is curable just like it is in adults. I mean, I know babies don’t understand Netflix or drink tea but hell, their body will understand foot reflexology. 

This is how it works, head’s nerves are connected to the utmost tip of the toes. You massage these tips with subtle pressure and it starts working. The calm signals travel through the body and ease the pain out. Same goes for toothaches. Toothache usually occurs when babies are in their starting stage of new milk teeth.

2. Chest Pain

Foot Reflexology

Chest pain is caused due to the accumulation of fluids and mucus in the lungs. This congestion makes the baby feel heavy in the chest area. If your baby is suffering from chest pain, first take him to the doctor and get him a proper treatment. Congestion can be dangerous if not cured on time, it also hinders the babies breathing.

Make sure he is given the needed treatment. Foot Reflexology can come handy while easing the pain. The treatment works on curing the baby off congestion wherein foot reflexology will help ease the pain.

Massage the pads of your baby’s feet to ease chest pain. Don’t apply too much pressure, gently massaging will do that trick.

3. Stomach Pain

Foot Reflexology

Stomach ache can be caused by many things in babies, it can either be indigestion, no motion, tightness in the abdomen. Make sure to first get him treated by a good doctor. To ease out the pain, massage the area right below the pads of the foot.

This lower pad region of the foot is connected to the junction of many nerves found in the pit of the stomach and usually the cause of the pain. Massaging the above-mentioned area directly eases those nerves and ergo your baby’s stomach ache.

4. Abdominal and Pelvic Pain

Foot Reflexology

Pain caused by indigestion, gastric blockage, constipation, massage the middle of the foot and the area enclosing it. For Gastric problem, massage the heel of your baby’s foot and the mid area.

Pelvic pain can be caused by less movement or heaviness due to the upper body. In that case, rub your baby’s heel and the area surrounding it. This area works both for Abdominal pain and pelvic pain.


Always keep in mind, Foot Reflexology is to ease pain not cure the disease. If your baby is suffering from a big disease or has signs of it, make sure you get him to the right doctor.

This point massage works well when the pressure is subtle and pointed in the right direction. If you think it is harming your baby in a way, consult a doctor.

I hope this article was helpful, if foot reflexology has helped you and your baby in a way, let’s us know in the comment section down below, until then,


Foot Reflexology

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