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We’re today talking about something that most of us parents are experienced which is brutal and really we need to grab the nearest set of earplugs to save our eardrums. You know what I’m talking about The Baby’s cry.

Crying baby

All Babies cry it’s natural. This is their way to tell you what they want. But some times they cry wildly. As a new mom, you’re already exhausted and tired. And this Your child’s crying makes you feel terrible wreak havoc on your patience and it can add up your anxiety.

The scene is very horrible. Now, what do you do? Have you any idea to calm down your baby? No! don’t worry I suggest you these 5 methods “How To Soothe A Crying Baby? 

crying baby

These methods are completely lifesaver for soothing a crying baby. But as know practice makes a man perfect. So, you need a good practice.

You have to keep a few things in mind while using these methods. First of all, babies mostly cry badly when they are hungry. Then you know these techniques are useless.

These techniques work best when your baby is fussy. For example, infants are fussier than normal during the late afternoon or early evening. They suddenly begin wailing loudly without any reason and will not stop! This is known “The Witching Hour”.

These methods are good to use when it comes to putting your baby to sleep at night. Now ladies take a deep breath and read this short and sweet article to calm down your little monster.



crying baby

You saw ultrasound – what do you observe there? Babies are curled up, quietly snug in the womb. To create a soft cozy swaddle and give your baby a feeling of the cozy warm womb where he feels safe and comfortable.

If your baby hates to swaddle that means you’re doing something wrong while swaddling. As all babies are different, some likes their arms down some like one arm out or both. You just notice what your newborn likes.

Only by personal experience, all of the kids had to have their arms down and out of the saddle. I suggest you some position of swaddling. Babies startle reflexes caused them to smack themselves in the face, and waking them up.

2. Side or Stomach Position

crying baby

Hold your baby out and try to lay them on their back. What do you notice? Your baby flinch! This is the result of the startle reflex. As they think that they are being dropped, so they react and they wake up.

Back is the best option when it comes to sleep. But keep an eye on your baby and turn them on their side after an hour. You can also hold your baby on their side or stomach or ay them on your chest.

These positions are known as Reverse breastfeeding, football, and over-the-shoulder hold.


crying baby

You know mother’s womb wasn’t a quiet place for an infant, how the outside world doesn’t to be, either. A shushing sound, whether you make with your own mouth, or you can use a white noise machine which can help to soothe your newborn.

Keep the noise at medium volume, though because loud noise can make your baby irritate and can startle the baby. But remember the noises are just foud enough to down out any extra noises, as well.


crying baby

Your crying baby may calm down when they hear rhythmic movements, such as being rocked in an infant swing or rocking chair. First, you swing your baby in your arms and when she stops crying. Place her in a stroller or in a swing. You can try this method or you can walk around gently bouncing your baby.

5. Suck

crying baby

It’s the best practice to hold off on using a pacifier until breastmilk is established. The concept is confusing your baby of having a nipple in his mouth. Using pacify doesn’t mean that you’re delay feeding. It’s Just to calm down your crying baby for a few minutes.

So, when a baby is full, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use a pacifier. This act gives him a sound sleep. You can also try one of these techniques written below:-

crying baby

  • Pick up your baby and hold his arms snuggly around his chest.
  • Secure your baby’s arm in your hands after they are folded.
  • Gently hold baby’s bottom with your fleshy parts of the hands to ensure a secure hold.
  • Positioning in 45 degrees and give him a gentle rocking. The motion can be up and down or only by shaking the baby’s bottom. Just make the sequence smooth not jerk by movements.


All you new moms try these tips to calm down your crying baby. And if you have any other idea to soothe a fussy baby. Then please share in the comment box to help mothers. Because it’s a difficult job to calm down a fussy baby. till then


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