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Postpartum Calling– First Week with The Baby!

The first time you hold their tiny soft hands and snuggle them into you. You know it is real, it is happening, and you know you are into it head down. That’s how you call down for your first few weeks with the baby! I have suggested  15 newborn baby care hacks for the first time parents!

Every stage of being a parent, especially a mother, is a struggle but undeniably it’s a sweet struggle. From the never-ending 9 months to unstoppable bottomless contractions, you got it to here! And that’s an achievement! Appreciate, snuggle, and pamper yourself here before you enter the next step this postpartum has to offer.

Postpartum is the fourth stage of pregnancy, post-baby pregnancy. It covers newborn baby care hacks for the first time parents, taking care of yourself, nurturing, and witnessing how this sweet tooth becomes a very beautiful part of your life.

Unmute and unsaid- the very beautiful part and the messiest, craziest part of your life. Crazy? You will know soon, haha! Or maybe you already know what are 15 newborn tips, tricks, hacks for the first 30 days with the baby!

A small teaser- Babies eat 24*7, they shit 24*7, and then they eat further and shit further. Cute little bunnies! Not scaring you but let’s map down how to keep Postpartum the embracing phase of your motherhood.


Self Care

1. Quit The Chores!

Before we stomp down the feeding/shitting schedule. Let’s glow ourselves first. Hard way did I understood, self-care was equally important and SHOULD NOT be skipped. This one is the newborn-care hacks for first-time parents.

I believe, postpartum is when you leave the household chores and spend the quality time with your baby and yourself. The first key to self-care in postpartum is quitting on household chores.

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2. Approach For Help! Always!

Ask your husband, your family, your in-laws, friends, or hire a maid but never struggle down to risking yourself and the baby into chores. They are time-consuming and your postpartum time is very precious, way above household chores.

Trust me, you didn’t sign up for all the mess alone. Get into a steamy bath and let your husband/family/friends/help-in-maid do the chores.

Feeding the baby

3. Breastfeeding = Fun Time

We have already established/witnessed that babies need food 24*7 and the only way in the starting months is through breastfeeding. So hell, get on with it.

In India, mostly in the rural area, I found women very confident while feeding their babies. They would feed anywhere and everywhere literally! They didn’t care for the audience, the situation, or any other thing, they would just feed the baby.

Similarly, we can induce breastfeeding in our day to day life. Like, breastfeeding while reading a book close to the firewood or out in the yard. You can snuggle yourself and the baby in a warm blanket. Or can breastfeeding while having a get together with alike mums.

Help us with more new ideas that can go with breastfeeding. I’m going to add a few more newborn care-hacks for the first time parents:-

  1.  While taking a quick breezy nap or just rest
  2. While having brunch on the bed. Hey, you are dealing with a baby, everything’s allowed.

Preparation for the baby.

4. Pre Stocking

The last-minute runs to grocery, Pharmacy, supermarket are always damaging. I truly believe one must pre-stock and pre-maintain all the necessary required during postpartum. This one is the most important newborn care hacks for the first time parents help a lot!

newborn hacks for new parents

5. Diaper/feeding station

A separate room for the baby is a must no matter what the size is! Let it be small but let it be useful. A diaper changing station, a feeding platform, a crib, white noise, humidifier, pacifier, harmless toys, etc, etc, etcetera.

That being said, have more than 1 diaper changing station, postpartum requirements, and feeding platform completely stocked up with all the necessary equipment required.

6. Necessary Stocks

Diaper station requirements: Diapers, of course, diaper disposal, wet wipes, rash cream and powder, a changing platform made out of soft fabric.

Feeding platform requirements: Close to the Diaper station, location is your call(fireplace, close to the window, a feeding table with nipple pads, pumping bottle, nipple cream, a warm blanket, book if you may, some stocked snacks and add me up in the comments section.

Postpartum Self-care essentials: Let this station be close to your bathroom. Stock it with Maxi pads, nipple cream, pumping tools, sports bras. Refer to Postpartum essential for detailed information.

 To-Go-Bag: This bag is a must! Trust me, I used to think, I wouldn’t need one but the time did come. To-Go-Bags are for the times when you go out with the baby. They are a small replica of diaper station, feeding station, and postpartum station, stocked with diapers, rash lotion, pacifier, maxi pads, etc.

Baby Care!

6. Co-Sleeping is our all-time favorite newborn care hacks

Now, I know a lot of you are scared and negative towards Co-Sleeping but it’s more of a win-win situation. Trust me, the safest place for a newborn baby other than the mother’s womb is the mother’s embrace.

A mother can never possibly, intentionally, unintentionally harm/hurt/discomfort her baby.

newborn hacks for new parents

Some of the As of Co-Sleeping is:

You don’t have to wake up every 5 minutes in the middle of the night to feed the baby. Worrying and anxiety won’t be the case. You, yourself would be safer in the dark. Imagine, not having to alert run to the baby in the dark. It’s safe!

If you are still scared of Co-Sleeping. Connect the crib with your bed. Easy-peasy but either way, it makes night hell lotta easier.

Important Must-do’s.

7. Baby on the back the best baby care tips

Always make sure your baby is on its back. Any other sleeping position can risk the baby and its body. Sleeping on the back helps the baby to have better nasal functioning and reduces nasal congestion. The position also reduces baby throwing up.

8. Swaddling is one of the best newborn hacks

Swaddling does wonders for any stressed-out mother. It’s inevitable we will have to leave the baby, if not for hours than for minutes.

Babies often disturb their sleep when they don’t feel the support of their mothers and startle themselves up. Swaddling gives them motherly support and helps them sleep longer without frequently startled reflexes.

Swaddling is cocooning your baby into a soft blanket, tucking their arms, and the body inside of the blanket. Refer to swaddling.

9. Keep the crib super clear

The crib must always be clear of everything. No toys, no pacifier, not even blankets. Keep the crib clutter-free. Your baby can trip over anything while sleeping which turns into a big dilemma if not altered.

newborn hacks for new parents

The bedding must be tightly fit, too. No loose ends! Make sure the crib stays clear even if the baby isn’t sleeping. There is no way around! This one is the genius baby hacks to make your life simpler.

10. Set the Setting

We cannot force the baby to sleep but we can get it into their habit or say schedule. Since babies can’t talk or memorize words, they try to grasp the touch, sound, and expression of a person.

Give them a soft setting while settling them down to sleep. You can use white noise or instead sing for them. Give them a warm motherly temperature and set the humidifier. Dim into soft light. Continue to do so… While getting them into bed. It soon would become a habit, trust me.

11. Baby Bathing is one of the amazing baby care hacks

Baby hygiene is a must since they keep shitting, spitting, spilling. There are many ways to give your baby a bath.  The widely used baby tub is an extra attachment that you can fit in your bathtub, even on the floor.

newborn hacks for new parents

I have come to a conclusion and have a strong belief that babies must not be given a bath in the normal human size bathtub, very risky and this is the risk one must not dare take! If you don’t have a baby tub, go with the kitchen sink, it’s perfect for your baby’s size but make sure you pay extra attention to the baby.

Try to use chemical-free soaps and shampoos for your baby. I used Pampers products since I didn’t have much of a knowledge. But you can go on exploring what suits your baby and its soft skin. Hit me with some good products in the comment section!

12. Baby Massage is a genius newborn baby care hacks

I’m going to hit another Indian thing, in here, we usually get our babies massaged once every day to get their muscles/body/joints/free and relaxed. We use organic oil to nourish their bodies at the same time. Gentle baby massage frees their body from dead skin, stretched/stressed muscles. Massage is one of the best newborn-care hacks.

13.  Mother-Baby Time is the best newborn baby-care hacks

As I speak of it, babies try to grasp the smell, voice/sound, a touch of the surrounding. There is a reason why they ask for skin-to-skin connection, isn’t there? /it’s one of the best newborn-care hacks for the first time parents. When you boycott the chores, you get some extra time to play with your baby and it’s refreshing I tell you!

You can just talk to it, whisper hush-push. Play Peek-a-boo or make faces, try to crawl with it and loads more! Babies love to play. Playing keeps them lightened and away from being fuzzy. Go on mothers, make some faces, shake some booty!

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newborn hacks for new parents

And that’s how you make it through, of course, there is a whole lot but good for the start, isn’t it? If you have more to play us with, we’d be more than happy to hear you speak of your newborn baby care hacks experience in the comment section down below! Until then,


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