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When to take maternity photos

The maternity shoot will Give You A Beautiful Pregnancy Memory For Lifetime. When the children will grow up and the time of their pregnancy comes, then you can motivate them by showing your beautiful maternity photo session. I love to watch different themed maternity session. So, I have collected creative, lovely, fashionable, and humorous maternity photo ideas for you. If you have decided to document your pregnancy then book materniy photos session with a professional photographers.

Holding a Maternity Photo Session Before 36 Weeks

Everybody breaks the rules. Maternity photos are no exception.. Although there’s a good time schedule for maternity shots, women’s bodies may alter; there are cases in which photographers should take maternity pictures earlier in the year. Rainier photography.

Maternity photo session tips

Learning how to take pictures during maternity also requires professional planning.

Is 32 weeks too early for maternity photos?

The best time for a maternity photo is between 28-34 weeks. So you’re showing and you don’t need much to make you uncomfortable during the whole process. We shoot some early when we have many shoots.

Help the mother prepare for the Maternity Session

Schedule your pregnancy shooting in a timely fashion so that your customer can enjoy the best comfort. Make sure to encourage mothers to moisturize their nice round belly bumps for smooth, glowing skin. Keep the baby in a tight suit during the maternity picture session. These can create marks that can be easily retouched during the maternity photo. Create a wardrobe that is comfortable yet comfortable for your stomach bumps and hips. Select clothes that enhance your personality.



1. When to book maternity photos?

pregnancy pics

photo credit :

Only a mother can work hard to raise another living being inside her body. Nourishing a human being inside you is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. Mothers can do this difficult job by hook or by crook. And the best way to celebrate pregnancy is through documentary.

The best time to take maternity photo session earlier at 28 weeks of pregnancy or 32 weeks . Generally, you can book your maternity session around 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. It depends upon you. When you feel comfortable, you can book your session.

When Should I Get Maternity Photos Done?

It is crucial to focus on your growing baby bump while taking pregnancy pics because the belly is the first body part that describes your pregnancy. So, schedule your maternity photo shoot at the end of 7th or 8th month when your bump gets nice round shape.

It’s an outstanding experience to feel how the pregnant body changes daily when your belly gets nice round shape. A simple and casual idea is to focus on the belly and hands while taking pregnancy pics. There are many other photoshoot like beach photoshoot, black and white shoot, black woman photoshoot and dress ideas . You love showcase of your belly underwater.

  • Book your maternity with a professional photographer and explain him the concept and theme before shooting

  • Sprinkle some moisturiser on your belly to make it shiny’

  • your 

  • If you want to show off your baby name on the bump, spell the name on the paper chips and paste over the bump.

If your husband or your older kids are skilled photographer then do-it-yourself.

2. When to do maternity photos with Family?

pregnant family photoshoot

Credit :

The best idea to invite the whole family including pregnant mom, younger and older siblings for a shoot.  The whole family shows happiness of adding a new member in the family. Documenting the pregnancy photo, no matter it’s first or fifth, is always a treasure for a family. These are the most stunning family maternity photo captured by talented photographers in their cameras from all over the world.

3. When to take couple maternity photos? 

maternity shoot ideas

pic credit : Samantha boos photographers

How to create suspense and surprise the unsuspecting dad that he’s going to be a father? There are many important tips on how to take maternity photos!

  • You can write a message like “I’m Going To-Be-Mom Soon” or “I’m pregnant” on a chalkboard and keep it where your hubby finds it quickly.

  • You can share your good news with the help of Scavenger Hunt. Your husband loves to hunt the clue all around the house.

  • When your husband suddenly gets the good news, his emotions will be worth watching. He must burst into happy tears after knowing he will soon be a father.

4. When to do maternity photos with a prop?

photo : Pixabay I know you have made your nursery before baby arrives and have stored things like toddlor T-shirts, toys, baby shoes and many more. 

5. Why do you not try A glittery maternity shoot!

glittery maternity session

Photo credit: isoblechallis

It is the unique concept to decorate your baby bump with glitter. You must feel excited with glitter maternity photos session. 

6. Outdoor Photoshoot With Heart Hands On the Baby Bump

Heart Hand on the baby bump

photo credit :

The best way to show love for future baby is, with heart hands on your baby bump. Look above for the idea how to make a heart hand on the baby bump. May be you’re wondering about When to take maternity photo with heart hand?  You can shoot with heart hands in the first trimester with your hubby. It’s a unique way to announce your pregnancy with family and friends also.

7. When to do maternity photos with Sonogram?

maternity photo with sonogram

credit to:

Pregnancy announcement worth sonogram is an unique way for a good news.

8. Awkward Maternity Photos

awkward maternity photos

awkward pregnancy pictures :

Some pregnant couple want to shoot their maternity photoshoot in an awkward way. Maybe they want to announce their pregnancy in a funny way. Here are the funnies link for you, if you want to shoot your pregnancy pics in a funny or awkward way.

  1. Silhouette Photography 

If you are a shy nature then Silhouette photography is perfect for you. Silhouette photoshoot during sunset or sunrise is the perfect balance between revealing and concealing what you want to show!

maternity photography

Photo credit to: wellington maternity photography


Maternity Silhousette Photography 



8. Maternity Silhousette Photography 

9. Indoor Maternity Photos

credit :

indoor maternity shoot

photo credit: estheredith

It is also a unique maternity photo shoot idea. You can create a perfect maternity photo atmosphere at home easily. You have to choose the area where you have made baby nursery, in the bedroom, in the living room or where there significantce of pregnancy items in the nursery.

10. Maternity Shooting With Siblings

Maternity photos with sibling

Photo credit by kimponsky photography[/caption]

If future baby has siblings in the family then it is a good ideas to be in a frame with big brother or s sister. Make a theme to capture maternity photos like all family members wear the same color clothes.  

11. Summer Maternity Photo Shoot With Lil Pumpkin

summer maternity photos

photo credit : pinterest

If you schedule summer photo shoot then lil pumpkin will be a great pop to imiate a belly. If you want to add a pinch of joy and fun in pregnancies photos, the summer is the best time.

12. Winter maternity Pics ideas

winter maternity photos

credit: krystalrichmond

I’ll sort out your problem related the question trigger you – what is the best time to take maternity photos. In Winter season snowy maternity sessions the best way to take maternity pictures. Snowy maternity photo session where beautiful mom-to-be dressed in red materntiy dress looks like the fairy is coming through white snow.

14. When to do maternity photos With Siblings?

pinterest maternity shoot ideas

photo source Pinterest

Above is one of the sweetest photo of siblings attending materity photo shoot with pregnant parent. Photographer capture the stunning family maternity photography that your with kids.

15. What are the best materrnity poses?

the best maternity pose

photo by- NEMI MILLER

Photographers are enough intelligent and they know the best poses. But if you have some poses in your mind, you can share these with your photographer. There are many poses like:-

  • Maternity pictures with front view

  • Laying down pose

  • Photoshoot with peeking belly pose

  • comfortably sitting down maternity picture pose

  • Belly’s shadow maternity pose 

  • only belly maternity pictures

  • couple maternity poses etc.

16. What is the affordable shoot package?

best maternity photos package

Credit: anegabawa

Anegabawa provide three types of maternity photography with affordable price: Classic, glamour, and outdoor recommend scheduling.

Anega Bawa is an Indian maternity photographer available on very low prices. Visit the website and know all the maternity packages price.

End point

Below I have mentioned all possible tips on how and when to take maternity photos.

  • What’s the ideal time for a photoshoot?

  • what are the best pregnancies annoucements photos taken?

  • the best photoshoot for the baby shower,

  • you must choose the best location for maternity photo session,

  • Home is best option for taking photos

  • What to wear when to take maternity photos, no worry if you’re plus-size expecting woman



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