“I’m pregnant” is the most exciting sentence of any lady’s life. There is not a single moment more thrilling than becoming a mother. To enhance and celebrate this new journey, here are 5 Great Ideas For You To Announce Pregnancy. 

announce pregnancy

Aha! First-time pregnancy is a festive full of excitement and best memories. There are many things to do like,

As a parent, you’ll want to announce your pregnancy extravagantly to surprise your partner, family, or friends. Yeah, it happens; future parents love being open and loud. Afterall, they would want to share their happiness with the world! 

It’s obvious, you’ll want this to be beautiful. But how? Well, I have five beautiful yet straightforward ideas to help you with the pregnancy announcement ideas.

Some parents want to be private about their gatherings, while others want to be as creative as possible. These fun pregnancy announcements ideas are simple, fun, low-key, and yet extravagant. 

When to announce a pregnancy?

Before you decide ‘how to announce pregnancy?’— It’s vital to determine a special enough date to announce the pregnancy. 

Being pregnant is like… having won a lottery that you want to tell the whole world about. 

Most to-be-parents wait until they are satisfied with the health of their unborn child. Most couples prefer announcing their pregnancy after the first trimester or 14 weeks to be safe from miscarriage or other health concerns. 

However, 12/14 weeks is not an ultimatum— parents can choose a celebration date they are most comfortable with, especially the mother & their child. So, be extra careful during the first weeks of pregnancy. 

‘Waiting till 5 months’ is also very popular amongst parents. Five months reassures that the ultrasound findings are reasonable and that the gender is confirmed. 

In the early days of pregnancy, moms-to-be don’t have a visible baby bump. But they say other mothers can sense it very well. If you want to share the news but are not ready for the announcement— share it with your partner and close friends. The advice is to keep your relatively circle small 

1. Photoshoot with dogs and pregnancy boards

Pets are our best friends, and they are just so magical because they don’t know what is actually going on. So, ladies, hang a sign of the announcement about your pregnancy on them. Not only dogs but cats also do that job pretty nicely. Make your announcement fantastic with these creatures. So funny yet so joyful!

Announce Pregnancy using cats,

you can be as sarcastic & funny as possible! Cats and their arrogance are perfect when announcing pregnancy— everything turns out to be so histeric.

  • “I’m not a fan of baby humans, please don’t involve me.”
  • “You are telling me that I won’t be your favorite one, starting today? I reject your pregnancy!”
  • “One more to come, but I’m definetely not ready! .”
  • “I cannot deal with another human, but okay!”
  • “Mom, why am I reading a human pregnancy book?”

When using dogs:

  • “I’m expecting… a younger sister.”
  • “How to protect mommy during pregnany?”
  • “Mom & dad are getting me a human!”

2. Siblings

Younger brothers and sisters make it fun, too! There are so many board ideas for you to choose from: 

  • “I’d rather have a cat than a sibling.”
  • “Good luck, parents, as if I, the little demon, wasn’t enough for you.” 
  • “I have been upgraded from notorious devel to a bigger brother. I got to be responsible now.

3. Announce Pregnancy With Tests and Ultrasound

Another perfect way to announce a pregnancy is through ultrasounds. Choose a beautiful destination where you and partner can have the most beautiful photoshoot. It can be a field of flowers, a river bank, or cute nursery. You can later send these to your family members as postcards. 

Don’t mention the purpose of why you have sent the postcard, it will increase the surprise factor.

4. An announcement with Books

Pregnancy books are the best way to reveal that you are pregnant. If your friends and family enjoy the kind of humor, this route is more subtle than the typical reveal.

  • Pile up a tower of books all focusing on parenting, motherhood, fatherhood, and pregnancy. Add two small shoes at the top and take a snap. Share it all over the socisl media and tag your closed ones.
  • Use animals and books.
  • Create a photobook starting from your love journey until your ultrasound reports. Gather your family and ask them to watch carefully. Don’t reveal the content and shock them in the last few pages.

5. With small clothes, shoes & socks.

This one is my personal favorite. Ask me why!? Those small baby clothes are worth dieing for! They are so cute! Choose custom-made small t-shirts and gift them to your family members:

  • For grandparents: Hi, grandma/grandpa. I’m coming soon this july/etc.
  • For siblings: I’m finally an adult and will take care of my younger baby brother/sister.
  • For animals: This shirt belongs to my new human. He/she is arriving shortly!

6. Announce Pregnancy Through A New Nursery Room!

Decorate your newborn baby’s room and make your family/friends visit it unknowlingly. Make sure you add every essential in the room!

7. Pregnancy announcement on holidays

You can announce pregnancy during the holidays to make it more memorable!’

The most memorable festive couples often choose is Christmas— the season of cheer and gratitude. There is nothing better than Christmas & its adjoining holidays to announce a pregnancy. You can share your great news with:

  • Tiny Christmas Stockings:

Add cute little stockings in every corner of your room, including the Christmas tree. It adds extra charm to Christmas.

  • Christmas ornaments –

It’s fun to switch up your traditional holiday decor for ornaments. That hints you’re expecting your most precious gift in the coming months. 

  • Pregnancy photo albums everywhere in the house

If you want to announce pregnancy directly, then have a themed photoshoot and upload them all over social media like Facebook, Instagram! 

Use the same photos and purchase cute albums to hang them all over Christmas decorations. Hang on a photograph at the Christmas tree’s top instead of a star to emphasize your pregnancy & its glory.

End Point

The motive to write this post is to announce a pregnancy in crazy and funny ways, one may like the most. Enjoy your pregnancy, be creative while announcing your pregnancy. Comment if you like any of them. Share your great idea to announce a pregnancy to help others. 

Till then

Take Care