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Get Pregnant — A Beautiful Gift

Pregnancy is ethereal undoubtedly. Get pregnant — a beautiful soul that you give birth to and nurture with all your might. Certainly, having the pleasure to become a mother/parent is, I believe, everyone’s dream! Count me a big part of this chain, I’m a proud mother of 2 devils and when it wasn’t enough, I got 10 baby kittens to mother them up! Haha!

The first biggest doubt we overcome as wannabe parents are — if we are ready or not? Been there, I guess, the wanting to nurture a new soul into this foreign world is a green signal itself. Heck, you are ready, get on with it!

My starting attempts of getting pregnant were futile and it was then when I decided to meet up a gynecologist. Until the date, I had no idea as to what factors accelerated/ decelerated my chances of getting pregnant. Or if there even were factors that affected it.

If you did go through the same or on worse levels, this post might empathize and help you get thorough with getting pregnant.

A quick disclaimer

This post doesn’t promote myths that get around in order to get pregnant. We do continue with the motive to help you with our experiences & knowledge for you to have a better, clear vision and away in accordance with your concern.

While the read, if you do find information that is illegitimate, do let us know via email, comment box, or whatever way suits you.

First Step To Getting Pregnant — Knowing Your Period cycle. 

Period cycle, also referred to as the Menstrual cycle is a monthly rhythm that a female body undergoes in order to get pregnant. Every month, the female body covers up the uterine wall with blood lining to work as a cushion in order to keep the upcoming baby safe in the womb.

This uterine line breaks when the egg doesn’t fertilize with a sperm resulting in the degeneration of the bloodline, A.K.A, Periods. Day one of periods is considered the start of your menstrual cycle. Periods (breaking of the bloodline) lasts 7 days max! After that, your body again starts to build up the bloodline for another possible pregnancy.


Once the process of the wall making finishes, A.K.A, your uterus becomes enriched with supplements, nutrients, protection for your baby. That takes us to the main point we have been waiting for — Ovulation(fertility day).

get pregnant

Your body releases an egg once your uterus is ready to conceive. This is the 14th of your 1st day with periods. Mark in bold, italic, and underline — You are fresh as a daisy on the 14th of your menstrual cycle to conceive a baby, this day is considered and called Ovulation day. 

So, count it down mama, 1st day periods, 2, 3, 4 … … … 7th day periods end, 8th, 9th … … …. 14th and huzzah, you are ready to conceive, ma mama!


1st day — Periods

7th day — Periods end

8th day — Body again starts to make a uterine blood lining

14ths — Ovulation day!!!

Rest is a story you don’t need.  Though I would like to enlighten you, Ovulation lasts for 12-24 hours max. despite this fact, studies say, we stay fertile up to 7 days from ovulation. So go ahead, take your chance. Don’t miss out on the 14th-day big shot.

Sex Is The Way Up To Getting Pregnant!

Pun intended. We can only predict/count the approx 14th day of our menstrual cycle. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Keep up with healthy sex life. With that in mind, let’s cover up why & how that works.

Getting Pregnant

1st — For one, Sex is… well sex. The ultimate pleasure.

2nd — Though we do not know exactly when we actually ovulate. With regular sex, we can take a shot. I.e, you can start trying even when you are far away from your ovulation day.  Don’t keep it too far away though.

3rd — Even if it isn’t your ovulation day, sperms usually stay active for a couple of days.  So, in literal words, go have SEX!

Healthy Diet

The highly overrated myth that I have heard about is ‘certain food increases fertility’. There is no food that really can cure infertility. Despite this, healthy food is important in order to have a suitable body for the baby and for yourself.

get pregnant

Though, the superfood you hear about is misleading in the context. They do tend to better your body prepared for the baby.  Vise versa, a bad diet can kill your fertility at a very fast rate.  So, it is important to establish a good diet for yourself

Apart from fertility, a healthy diet is important in the day to day lie. If you are not healthy, your body won’t be able to provide a good home to the baby, so eat healthy fellas.

Not being ignorant, I did my researches to study further about fertility diet and I came to many a useful suggestion, if you are looking for a diet to follow, read up the ideal fertility diet to get pregnant faster!

Short Insights on what and what not to eat would include:

Eat — Low carb, vitamins, high fat organic dairy, fruits… legit all the greens, fruits, etc. Refer to the above link for a detailed discussion

Do Not Eat — Trans fat, caffeine(do not drink), alcohol(dnd), smoking, and the rest is discussed in the link, if you may prefer!

Exercise And Not Just Kamasutra To Get Pregnant!

One might think it’s okay to avoid this one step but one must not. Your body weight is a must while conceiving or planning a baby! Too much weight can complicate your pregnancy and can rose prolonged issues with the baby.

Getting Pregnant

It also hinders your fertility. So, before you plan on a baby, get under a suitable weight suited to your body.

Stop Taking Contraceptive Pill

Just to be sure, stop the pills months prior to your planning. Contraceptive pills have certain effects on your body and your ovulation cycle. Give it a few months to get back to its normal routine.

Myths That Go Around —

Sex Position increases the chances of conceiving — Big, old lie. No sex position can possibly increase your chances. Though in a twisted sense, some sex position facilitate easier access to the sperm but trust me, sperm’s motility is enough(if all’s well)

get pregnant

You can go all Kamasutra for fun but not really for fertility, your call though! But yes, Standing position might affect your possibility. Since it might result in the loss of semen, gravity be a bitch, yea?

Supplements, Prenatal Vitamin, Folic Acid help in getting pregnant — Not really. The reason doctors suggest you these intakes is not that it increases one’s chances of getting pregnant but to ensure that the body has all the required vitamins & nutrients for the body & the baby! 

Have Visit To Your Doctors

If things still don’t come around your way, have a visit to your doctor. There can be many other factors that are being hinder your pregnancy. Your doctor can analyze you & your partner and would have a better and closer perception. Hence would suggest better options.

I say, always be in touch with your doctors. They know you better than any of us!



Our main priority is to give you legitimate information & experiences. Given the rumor for this certain topic, I tried to exclude all the possible myths people talk about. If you have more ideas, experiences to share. Let us know in the comment section down below!

until then, Adios!

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