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Food plays a big role in keeping your fertility intact. The better you eat, the better and faster you produce.  There are many ways to get pregnant quickly but giving it a right habitant would favor you a great deal. There are certain food products and diets that boost/prolong your fertility and it’s your best to know about all of them. How The Ideal Fertility Diet To Fasten Your Pregnancy.

We are not only going to discuss what fertility diet must you follow. But also shall delve in some of the food products that shall keep you intact and fasten pregnancy. 

I remember my time, it was nasty… my husband and I had no knowledge about these ways what-so-ever! We would try and try! Before consulting a doctor, like any other human being. I looked for it on the internet and things that I got to know, I would have become a gynecologist, kidding, haha!

But jokes apart, getting all the education about pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy always comes handy. Now, I don’t mean you shouldn’t consult a doctor, it’s my very fast advice to anything and everything. They know it more than us and are way better.

But as a mother, the kind of support I looked for is the kind of I’m giving here. All the knowledge and experiences that I gathered as a pregnant, scared lady to now a mother of two teenagers! We share it all, did I get emotional, heck… we are allowed to get emotional.

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1. Ideal Fertility Diet

Before we go down to the ideal fertility diet one point that I’d clear out is ‘Infertility has many other and major reasons’. It might also be your partner that cannot produce or it could also be you’ A fertility diet keeps your body healthy for conceiving the baby and boosts fertility. It does not make you fertile!

When trying to conceive, your carb intake should be less than 40%. Protein should be close to or more than 25%.

  • Why Less Carb?

It is said, Embryos or eggs don’t do well if they are in a high-glucose medium and that is why, my friend, you need to carb it down. A high intake of carbs also reduces the quality of a woman’s egg. Furthermore, High-Carb Diet makes a woman’s womb less receptive to the attachment of the embryo.

Fertility Diet

So, make sure your diet has less than 40% carb and you are ready and fit! Meaning, your body would be in a healthy shape ergo increasing your chances of fertility.

Now that we have concluded the amount of carb intake allowed. Let’s talk about what type of carb to ignore at most. Refined carbs can be very dangerous when trying to conceive. Avoid them at all costs.

Examples of Refined Carb: Sodas, mixed sugar, White flour, white bread, white rice, Snacks…etc!

  • Why More Protein is the ideal fertility diet?

Protein should be taken more than 25% in your diet. We all know protein does wonders to the human’s body. It makes our body and keeps it stronger and gives you energy. So, Protein always is a must.

Fertility Diet

With that said, Always remember, when trying to conceive try to replace animal protein to protein you get from plants. Studies say plant proteins reduce the risk of infertility by more than 50%. Also, meat protein increases the risk of infertility by 38%. Hence, it is advised to cut down meat protein when trying to conceive.

2. Must Eat And Mustn’t

Now that we have concluded Carbs and Protein. Let’s get down to the dos and don’ts. Carbs and protein play an important role in fertility but there are other major diet changes we must keep in check. These might help and protect our body and make our body a good host for the baby. Shall we delve in?


  • Eat fibers: Fibers balance our sugar level and increase Fertility
  • High-fat dairy Products: Swap your low-fat dairy to high-fat dairy. Low-fat dairy has chances of infertility.
  • Multi-vitamins: It improves conception.
  • Exercise: Exercise keeps your body fit for the baby.
  • Iron Intake: Increase your iron intake. Get it from plants.


  • No Alcohol: Say no to Alcohol the whole pregnancy period.
  • Avoid Trans-fat: It has a negative effect on your body.
  • No caffeine: Caffeine increase the risk of miscarriage.

3. Foods To Increase Fertility

  • Oysters

Fertility Diet

Oysters might not be your best friend while you are pregnant but they are hell good when trying to conceive. Must know, Oysters are to be eaten raw, haha. Hey, it’s the price you pay are you ready to do it, of course, you are! The reason they work well when conceiving is they are enriched with zinc. This mineral is a superfood for the fertility diet.

  • Spinach & Lentils the most ideal fertility diet

Fertility Diet

Spinach is a great source of iron and folate. Iron is important for your menstrual cycle. Folate gives support to your growing baby. It helps develops the baby’s brain and heart. So, my lady, stock up all the folate you can. Also, stocking up iron makes sure you are anemic while pregnant. Try to keep your body as healthy as possible with this best ideal fertility diet.

Lentils also are a great source for iron and folate and fibers.

  • Blueberries

Blueberries and other bright fruits are a good supply of Vitamin C, folate, and fibers. Not only this, but blueberries also have anti-oxidants that are your best pal in boosting your fertility. With that said, anti-oxidants also protect your reproductive cell and control the damage.

  • Greek Yogurt the ideal fertility diet

Fertility Diet

Greek Yogurt has a high amount of protein, calcium, and Vitamin D. Make sure you get organic Greek Yogurt because you don’t want additional hormones while conceiving. Given, Vitamin D regulates the menstrual cycle and boosts your fertility. Ladies, don’t sit around. Go for it!!


We have concluded almost all the ideal fertility diet one might need to know. You can just get on with it, maintain the diet, and check the result for yourself. If you have more dietary ideas that might help a mother here, do let us know in the comment section below. Until then,


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