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Why would we want to help our uterus shrink after the birth process? Because throughout the pregnancy our uterus continuously expanding to maintain a proper space for our growing baby in the womb.

You know during pregnancy our uterus can grow approx. 1 inch per week. Just think that our uterus grows from 3 inches to about 40 inches weeks by the time you deliver the baby.

After giving birth your uterus turns into a saggy belly that is freaking? It remains sagging and known as a Post-baby belly or mummy tummy for up to 6 weeks after the birth process.

No mom likes that bulgy tummy like still she is pregnant and want to get rid of it ASAP. You know our body is a clever automatic machine. It knows how to shrink the uterus on its own. The postpartum body starts to regulate its metabolism and control the digestion of foods and nutrients.

I know you don’t like the body after childbirth. Moms love to reform body in shape with a lot of exercises and diet.

uterus shrink

However, you want to know when will my postpartum belly go away? The body starts to shrink uterus within 48 hours after giving both you feel physically light as uterus began to contract and relax after giving birth. Only a little help from your side make it shrink fast.

Exactly contracting and relaxing is the process of the body to help close off the blood vessels that attached to the placenta during pregnancy. If these blood vessels close off this can lead to serious problems like:- Postpartum Haemorrhage, that results in life-threatening condition if not treated immediately.

Uterus shrink does not mean to get a body like 16 years old young girl. First, you have to make sure that the healing process is in progress that not lead any blood clots in your uterus.  As your uterus shrinks on its own, below are mind-blowing ways your body changes after giving birth! some things that you can do to help the body healing and shrinking process fast.



uterus shrink

Obviously, breastfeeding helps a lot to lose weight. Besides weight loss, there are many other benefits of breastfeeding.

The sensation of breastfeeding triggers the hormones to shrink the uterus by contracting and relaxing. This benefited in the three ways

  • Contraction and relation are internal exercises that squeeze your uterus and help the body to get the shape into the pre-baby body.
  • The more your uterus contracts and relaxes, the more blood vessels get tied off which results in the quicker stop of postpartum bleeding.
  • The contracting and relaxing action pushes the remaining blood from the blood vessels and prevents blood clots.


Don’t worry if you can’t breastfeed. There are many other ways to uterus shrink or postpartum belly go away. Wearing a Postpartum Girdle will help compress your uterus and help to shrink it.

It is a popular method that has been used for centuries. And surely effective in helping new moms to get back in shape.

Postpartum girdles are super easy to use, I personally used postpartum girdles as they help to contour abdominal area to get rid of postpartum belly getting bigger and helps to get its pre-baby body shape. They help to get rid of the pain But it is not necessary wearing for the whole day.

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uterus shrink

You can make it easy to wear your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans after a few days. Really I’m not jocking Nowadays social media plays a crucial role to teach moms that it’s not ok to still be wearing your maternity jeans after giving birth?

The postpartum must-have list helps you to recover after normal delivery.

You have to eat at small intervals after giving birth. The best thing is a Balanced diet but in a small portion throughout the day.

Don’t grab a heavy meal, eat small but nutritious foods. This will improve your digestive system. The best way to heal the body after vaginal birth.

Eating in a small portion will also prevent you from getting rid of the mummy tummy

Drinking enough water to help your body to uterus shrink

uterus shrink

Drinking lukewarm during the Postpartum period helps great. Don’t drink fizzy drinks, these may spoil your health.

You can add a bit of fresh lemon, root ginger, and natural honey. All these help to flatten your stomach. But lukewarm water will help in three ways:

  • Drinking water keeps you hydrated, rejuvenates cells that promote healing.
  • Drinking plenty of water dilutes urine and causes no pain if you have vaginal tearings.
  • Water flushes toxins out of your body, mainly of the abdominal area. Frequent toilets visit helps push down any blood clots.


Massage triggers the uterus hormones to contract. The best way of giving massage is to start from the top of your belly button, just below your diaphragm.

By using the tips of your fingers, massage the targeted area in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion. Next, massage either side of naval. Use both hands to massage the sides simultaneously. Try to massage in a clockwise and anticlockwise motion.


My mother taught me this technique, who learned it from her mother…and so on! This is a very safe technique used by women for years. But please don’t use this too often.

A hot compress should be used only once or twice a week- no more. Hot compress on the stomach will help the uterus to contract. Contractions may be involuntary and can be aggressive.  So, don’t use this technique too often.

If you don’t like hot compresses, you can take a hot shower or postpartum herbal sitz bath These effects similar to hot compresses but just not so strongly.

Freely use the abdominal massage technique because it works wonders! You can take a postpartum sitz bath to relieve your pain and itches if you have vaginal tears.


I know we are back to exercise topic again. I apologize for that. It’s nice to do exercise after the birth process. But you have to wait a little longer. As long as you know your body is ready for exercise.

Remember exercising too early for uterus shrinking after the birth process can negatively affect your body. It may affect bad if you try too early. You might end up damaging your muscles, causing or worsening Diastasis recti or tearing your stitches!

Keep patience! wait for a few months till you see the shrinking uterus symptoms. Let your body heal on its own. Give yourself time to get back in shape…

When you think you’re able to do exercise, start slow but steady! This will work better than joining a gym.

Slowly the times passes you will able to start slow but steady, or better join a gym to get proper instructions.

I’m not a doctor only a mom of two teens. I had shared my own experience and knowledge. I just want to help other new moms with my journey So, it’s better to visit your doctor before starting any method!

Till then take good care…

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