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How To Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Talking about how to support your child’s mental health in my philosophy is very sensitive and shouldn’t be joked around. Having kids not only means feeding them and educating them but supporting them and their mental health on a humane level. We often forget, as parents, that our child is going to grow up and will have his age and life problems!

What we misunderstand as a parent is assuming that our little baby’s life is going right just because we think it is going right. That is our biggest mistake. Believing what our mind wants to believe. We go with our level of understanding and imply it on our kids. But we will have to understand the generation is going forward. We cannot sit around in the same mindset and shape our kids the same way.

We need to give them space, the mindset they have! You might be concerned about your child’s life but we are going to jump every hurdle, one by one! Just be with me for the time being.

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Listen And Comprehend

Puberty is when everything starts to hit where it shouldn’t. There are loads of hormonal flips and bam, your kid is an EMO! The worst part is we don’t even know what’s Emo! Ikr? I learned that by age, I’ll let you slip the secret! If your child has hit puberty you must be familiar with the concept but if they haven’t, be prepared! 

The emo stage is when your pure little child starts wanting to be a rebel and would want to go against everything you are in favor with! They just do it! They would yell, they would bail, they would do stupid things! 

But the thing is, this stage is like a transition, like the blooming of a flower! Our biggest mistake is considering it a wrongful act. There is nothing wrong being a rebel, it is a calling to questioning what doesn’t seem right!

Our first step is to empathize, it can be hard to try and understand what they are saying. Sometimes, it is beyond our thinking level. But be glad that your kid’s mind goes to places somewhere above the normal understanding! It’s alright to not get them but it is our duty to support their mindset, their ideas. It’s a gem! 


Life has its stages and our kids just like all of us have to face it one day or another or every day, as a matter of fact! We want them to go through no harm, we want to protect them from the evil and that is where we go and ruin everything. In the attempt of protecting our kids, we don’t let them live at all.

Ever heard of “Be home before dark! “We think we are protecting them but actually, we are putting them in jail of fear. We should teach them to fight, we should teach them to live in the fullest! Tell them to keep fighting for what is right. Teach them the truth of life, the evils of the world but don’t ask them to hide, ask them to fight, roar!

The art of upbringing. They become what they learn, what they see, what movies they watch, what music they listen to. Make sure you give the best of art, the best of lessons! Give them genre and fear shouldn’t be the one. Fighting is the keyword!

Talk And Know

Now, of course, there is still going to be the age difference. They are still going to be their own person. We can show them the map, we can never force them to walk in the direction we chose for them. Let them choose their direction, don’t bind them in the chains of the cooperate world or the countryside music. Tell them to discover their own beauty and meaning of life.

Our job is to set them free as a bird. They chose the direction. Their direction, no matter, wherever they chose to fly towards will certainly have hurdles, they will fall, they will have wounds. They might stumble, might be scared of the sacred, strange world. Be there for them.

Help them heal their wounds. Tell them it is okay to fall and make them regain their balance, tell them you are proud of what they have achieved. Tell them, how beautifully they fought their battles and how magnificent their pride wounds are!

Trust me, money or job or a house or any of the materialistic things is not something to be proud about. It is okay to not have it. The main goal is how to Support your child’s mental health.

Don’t Mold

Understand this, though we gave birth to our kids, we don’t own them in any sense. They are not ours. They are individuals with their own mind, soul, and body. We try to mold our children the way we want them to be or perhaps, how the corporate world wants them to be. Defined by rules and regulations, deadlines and age.

“Finish high school by 17, have a job and college by 19, settle down when 25. Buy a house, accessories, get married. Have kids by 28… then grandkids and blah, blah, blah! Down the line, we forget, we are not robots or machines to copy and live the same day again and again and call it a life. 

So, don’t try to squeeze them down in the defined lines and parameters. Teach them how to fly away and how not to give a fuck about society or money!


I believe there is so much to say but words go scanty when it comes to emotions. In the end, we are all struggled, trying to deduce this life and its mystery. Everyone is fighting their own battles, so are you… so are your kids. We are all on the same boat. Pushing one another down will bring us no good. Support each other and the boat shall sail!

Listen, comprehend, try to understand and don’t worry if you don’t get it but don’t ever pull your support back! Kids don’t ask for much. They are youth, they won’t go by the rules, don’t force them to.


We can only perceive what our brain is ready for and sometimes, it is not ready and there is no problem in that. But try to accept rather than deny the possibility of its existence. Acceptance is the key to peace. Maybe, what I’m trying to say is nothing that I say here makes sense to you right now but try to accept it. Try to accept your kids the way they are. 

Don’t give them a colorless world. Teach them to imagine colors, wonders, theories! I remember someone saying ‘Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere!’ It’s Albert Einstein… if that doesn’t aspire you, try Meditation, haha!! This is all from us.

If we have hurt someone’s feeling through this post, please forgive us for our intention is not to spread hurt but understanding. If you think you can help us (how to Support your child’s mental health) a bit more with your ideas and suggestion, too. Let us know in the comment section below! Until then,


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