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Let’s start with the fact that watching movies and giving yourself a hot bath is relaxing but is a mere case of distraction, though distractions are, sometimes, needed but are never the cure. We are talking about things to do on a self care ideas and trust me, it doesn’t come with distraction. It comes with facing what holds you back and then working on it. Well, that is not a secret, isn’t it?

Self-care is a matter of ultimate joy, peace, and a sense of creativity while mentally, and physically being present in the present. Tricky, not. Distractions either take you to the pleasuring past or delusional future, it is not what we are seeking, we are seeking SELF-CARE, and trust me it is always in the present! Without further ados let’s get down on our topic and help your self-care, should not we?

We all are different human beings, granted, we have different sets of minds, likes, and choices. What I like is not necessarily liked by you. So, my friends, I have listed more than the required hobbies to get you down on the SELF-CARE path!

 Self Care Challenges

1. Blogging

One of the best hobbies to start is blogging. Trust me, I was going through a rough patch of life, and guess what got me out, blogging! Writing down what you have and helping people out even in the tiniest way is a big relief! My parenting blogs give me peace of mind by sharing my pregnancy journey with all other moms. This act of kindness helps other expecting moms. Besides getting creative, I have learned many technical things which sometimes I thought were impossible.
The best part of blogging is you can share your passion with the world.

2. Acting

Acting allows you to get what is inside you, out. You can express yourself through scripts or characters. My daughter joined the theatre class. She always pronounced the theatre as worshipping to god. Truth be told, it’s ecstatic like meditation. You would know its magic when you get in it. You soothe your pain and get internal peace after joining the theatre.

3. Origami

As I’m a tutor and I had started the art of paper folding with my students. Before I never had an interest in this art. But my students taught me Origami. Every Saturday we do origami as a fun activity. Usually, if you don’t like crafts but if you do the craft with your children, I’m very much sure you would enjoy the subtle art of Origami.

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4. Singing or playing an Instruments

Singing, since history, has always been a melody to meditation, peace to the soul and mind, its by-product! Since ancient times, singing has been a very significant part of art, and art, we all know, is a source that connects oneself to the universe. Singing or playing any instruments like guitar, or piano allows you to express feelings. Serious mental illness is cured by playing music or listening to it. So, pick up your favorite one, grab that trumpet, and blow your heart out.

5. Wood-Working

Building a birdhouse is fun on your own. You make small essential furniture for the house. If Ron Swanson enjoys woodworking, then it must be interesting. Haha!

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6. Pet-sitting

It is an excellent way to engage yourself to spend time with pets and you can make money from Pet-sitting. You know dogs and cats are amazing! Playing with them is excellent fun! It can calm nerves and make us feel happy and light.

7. Online Business

There is endless online business possibilities to earn, might I add, with fun. You can sell your products or start a service-based business. There are tons of ideas for work at home which allows you to create a thriving internet business within your living room couch. It keeps the thrill and fun alive.

8. YouTubing

You can work from home by creating YouTube videos. If you have any specialty like singing, mimicking, dancing, or comedy, splash it all out on YouTube.  You can earn fame and name within a year. Self-care by YouTube is fantastic! You can engage yourself in creating something that you love!

9. Writing

You have collected your best and worst memories inside you. If you are a good writer. Write about what you have in your mind. If you want to throw out all these, Take a diary and pen it down, this act will give you piece of mind. You feel very light by throwing all outside. Many people across the world want to know you. Make your own Ebook and self-publish it.

10. Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is an excellent source for self-care. It can enhance willpower, and concentration and soothe our pain. Meditation can calm our minds and help in increasing our sleep. Because when we are mentally ill we cannot take a sound sleep. Yoga poses help to feel energetic and meditation helps to improve concentration.

11. Playing with Puzzles

You know puzzles are brain teasers that can engage you to solve challenges. Solving puzzles makes your brain work continuously, which can improve self-confidence. Do it as Sherlock does it!! haha

12. Travel

The beautiful thing about traveling is, it’s for beautiful changes. Travel makes us feel stress-free. When we drop the stress, we drop the weight, the sorrows, the anxiety, the overwhelm without any piles. When we create space for harmony, we can enter into a new life. Loud laugh, having long conversions with new people during travel make us feel better.

13. Hiking

It is for me a kind of therapy which is much needed for self-care and refueling. More than self-care hiking means, the exercise, fresh air, natural sceneries, mindful communication with other human beings and non-human beings animals, plants. It’s heaven! Thoughts of hiking make me feel adventurous.

Hiking makes me able to learn from nature how life is related, of value, and part of the whole. It helps me to see myself not only as I self-identify but also identified within the collective.

14. Tutoring

Self-care with tutoring is a great option which engages your mind technically.  Professionally I”m Home tutor. Online tutoring can help both students as well as the teacher. A generation has improved during the last decades in which miles pretty easy and provided cost-efficient online tutoring.

15. Theatre

Everyone should, once in their lifetime, do theatre. Out of all the art forms that exist, theatre is one way where you can act your grieve out. Expressions are the most excellent way, one can take care of their mental health.  Anxiety and depression are a product of silent thoughts and much of the time ‘over-thinking’. Theatre helps you to let it out. Let it out, ALL! So, I say, JOIN THEATRE, RIGHT NOW!!!

16. Dancing

This is one another art form where we can express ourselves in through our dance. We can let it all out, and let the vibration in. The vibrations help us to synchronize with the Universe. Once you are connected with the Universe, nothing and I mean it, nothing will ever be able to hold you back or down from self-loving. Growth would flow naturally into your being. Dance. Vibrate. Connect.


Self-care is something we were never taught or forgot to imply in our busy lives. But it’s time we take time for ourselves, our body and our soul and the universe to vibrate together. The positivity self-care brings is immeasurable. So, don’t give space to anxiety or depression BECAUSE self-care is the new sexy!


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