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It’s easy to think about all good habits we wish us had like saving of money every month, as usual, always thinking about getting up early and going for a walk, doing all our work in time and to make a time management chart to follow a good routine. Once we set our goal that means well begin is half done. Time management is a powerful way to achieve our goals which help us too much focused and organized.

It’s happened when any good habit is embedded in our mind. Now we’re not away to achieving our goal without even if we’re not thinking about it.

Charles Duhigg  says “Rather, to change a habit, you must keep the old cue, and deliver the old reward, but insert a new routine.” According to the author,  habits requires three components-the cues, the reward, and the routine. To successfully create any respond then we have to nail all three.

The cues are simply circumstances surrounding our habit. Take an example of brushing our teeth which can be done probably twice a day. We all brush our teeth when we wake up in the morning. and of course, we brush our teeth in the sink of the bathroom. Right!

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good habits

This act is done by me only or might be spouse is there in the bathroom. How romantic! But I”m not talking about romance. Only brushing the teeth, so get out from naughty thoughts. Rather than romance, you can compete who’s teeth are brighter. I’m just kidding. We’re “cue” to do it because all the day our innocent mouth and tongue taste a variety of food with spices like garlic, onion, and ginger.

Now in the morning, our mouth tastes mucky and wants to get rid of viscidity. So, most of us even don’t think about brushing, we just get out of our bed and stepped towards the bathroom and brush our teeth. What a feeling after brushing teeth! I have looked into the mirror and smile seeing my shining teeth. Am I right! We all do this? The answer is “YES”

Now the reward for the act is I got rid of mucky mouth. The reward of brushing teeth is a clean mouth and healthy gums which minimize dentist visit and lower dental bill, poor gums problems, cavity. And the most important thing you’d rather avoid a boring lecture from your dentist. The excellent habit routine merely is putting the cue, the act and the reward. When  you combine these three:

  • My mouth smelling and mucky
  • I must brush my teeth very first.
  • My teeth smile after brushing

That’s all. It’s a good recipe for good habits. But the cool and the big reason for creating good habits matters. But if we once established our habits we even don’t think about them. We just do it. When we produce many good habits that means life isJingalala. I mean life is happier, productive, sexy and successful. How do you feel!

Now the motive is to think about what good habits we want to form and identifying what’s the most important to us. If we make a scheduler for good habits, it can help us. I’m sharing my great habits (beyond brushing) to help be more successful, happier and satisfied with life. Must try some of these good habits in your life as a starter–and it’s only up from there!



We always try to be well organized. Small things like picking up, keeping things in order, even just making the bed in time help us feel better. It will prepare us for visitors, we become more efficient, this good habit makes us be more comfortable allowing us a better night’s sleep, we can get sufficient time for spouse and children.

good habits

Probably it’s not possible to spend two hours cleaning from ceiling to floor or vacuum and dusting every day. uhh.. it’s totally impossible! Timely cleaned dishes and putting in a dishwasher, sweeping the house, cleaning all mess – these things make the world of difference. Am I right? When the mess is kept from escalating, help us not lashing out at children and spouse. Means we’re not being angry with ourselves. It makes our family calm and happy.

When good habit give us peace of mind then why would we not try to set a time to follow good habits? When you’re watching television why don’t you do a thing that while watching the TV, pick up items, dishes around the floor, straighten cushions, make the bed, wipe off counters? This saves a good time. By watching TV, doing work not bothered you.

Anyhow to fight with yourself and make a habit to rinse the dish after dinner and to make bed moment you get up. By doing all these household things in time will benefits you.

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good habits

All successful people make a plan in that way that they write down appointments, utilize a daily task list by using their calendars as a map for achieving goals. They follow their rules strictly, so why they’re benefited and get fame and name like actors who work all day because they all have a time schedule.

When you set a goal for each to-do item, find time on the calendar and write it. Scheduling time for daily tasks like jogging, exercise, cooking, cleaning the house and of course leisure time for you. Very first it is very difficult to follow a routine but in few days we become habitual. Only give a week to your time schedule. It can help you manage time wisely and you’ll get your reward and fulfill all family needs. Obviously, we women only thinking good about our family.

One great and time-saving habit is looking over your calendar and writes out a to-do list before you go to bed. It gives you peace of mind that you have planned for the next day and you’re prepared already.


good habits

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.” Although it’s a kids rhyme but has true meaning. I’m early-riser. That doesn’t mean I’m a morning person. But if I have made a to-do list then getting up early gives me time to get started easily. It helps me to sets the tone and foundation for the successful day.

Set alarm for all the day of the week at the same time. I’m not cracking any joke. Yes on your weekends also. No, no, not lazy on weekends, if you want to get in the habit of getting up early in the morning. You have to sacrifice your late sleep habits on weekends. Go in your bed earlier to take a sound sleep. Always try to get to bed at a similar time each night.

This can be one of the most difficult habits to start, but once you started you become habitual. Now, you are wondering why you didn’t do it before!  Early riser is more productive and finds sufficient time to deal with problems of the day. only extra15 t0 20 minutes in the morning mean getting out the door on the time and in a well-organized manner. 

Don’t forget to take your breakfast. Because breakfast must that means accumulating a large part of the energy.

4. Preparations before bed for the successful day 

good habits

Preparing before bed for tomorrow help us to complete the day’s tasks easily. Just make a habit to put out your clothes for the next day, be sure lunch is ready to take and prepare anything easy and nutritious you’ll need for breakfast, lay all these out in the kitchen before bed. What takes 10 to 15 minutes before bed, can take 20 to 25 minutes amidst morning chaos.

Make sure that all things are ready like keys are on the counter(because most of us lost our keys or forget where are these when we get ready to move). Keep all the things in the place for a day’s success. If you already prepared for what is lies ahead, you can fight with all glitches of the morning.

5. Try To Stay HYDRATE

good habits

If you want to fuel your body and want to be energetic for whole the day then be HYDRATED. We all know the benefits of drinking water means more energy, better digestion, clear complexion, flux out toxins, prevent headaches, boost the immune system and many more benefits.

In the battle to stay hydrated, make it a habit to drink a glass of water immediately after getting up in the morning. Because dehydration can make us feel dizzy, hungry, tired and exhausted. Always keep a water bottle with you and refill it when you can. A water bottle is the best option in spite of beverages (like soda).

Think it amazing that we have access to water nearly all day, every day. There are many places in the world where water is a precious commodity then petrol – where there is water is tightly conserved and even fought over. How painful is that! Many people can’t get the very necessary commodity WATER. How can they survive without it?

If God has blessed our country with sufficient water,  then why not we take advantage of it? We must carry a freshwater with us and drink whenever we want. I feel always amazed when water passes through my food canal and always thanked God for making water. Do you?

6. Get MOVING Always

Almost all successful, happy and productive people have a regular habit of getting in some healthy movements like exercise, walking, running or yoga poses. I don’t mean a regular running or walking a 5-mile every day.

As it’s not possible for everyone, so, I want to suggest,  simply taking 20 minutes on your lunch break to do a lap around the whole block, taking stairs more often then lift, or even parking of your car a little farther away from the market can really add up a good value.

If you feel it difficult,  making time for moving, there are many apps and devices like Fitbit or Nike+Fluelband. Download these apps and trackers can be set to vibrate every hour or less to remind you to stay active.

It doesn’t mean that you have to work every hour but just move: getting up to get a glass of water or taking a quick jaunt to the copier can help to add more movement into your life. These small movements help you to stay active all day. The motive is to make the movement as a habit.

7. Put Your Family First

good habits

Strengthening family relationships and considering the need for spouse and children is one of the most important factors in any decision. Today we all talk about “the life you want” and success of the “me”. Unfortunately, we also see a lot of unsatisfied marriages and a lot of divorces. These are not always related, but putting the needs of another person before your own really does make a big difference.

I’m not saying to always care demand of your spouse and children, but I’m saying that in every decision, make it a habit to consider your family, “will this keep my family safe and secure? will this keep my spouse and children happy and strengthen our relationship?” “Will I do this without informing my family?”.

If you make a good habit to ask questions first, before jumping in any important decision, your entire family will benefit.

Of course, our family is our first priority. If you’re committing to do another activity in your packed schedule, be sure you’re not overriding the needs of your near and dear one. Every marriage needs a little one-on-one time like a romantic date with a spouse to keep that spark alive. Heartly say “I love you” is a good habit.


good habits

Definitely taking care of family is the first priority but that doesn’t mean you should completely forgo your own needs. Successful and happy people know how to take good care of themselves when they need a break and how to nurture themselves.

Nurture yourself doesn’t mean a spa day or a shopping spree. Find little gifts to give yourself which you need like a cup of coffee, just feel these moments when you have a cup of coffee in your hand and all alone at home and enjoying your favorite show with every sip of coffee you just feel just amazing. Do you? Try once and write to me with your amazing feelings.

Connect with few friends we are kind of you in nature and make a free conversion without distraction for half an hour. Pour all you have in your mind with your close friends. This makes you feel light and fresh.

Do an exercise you like the most or go for a walk and admire the world around you. Listen to your favorite songs or read your favorite magazine. Forget the whole world to indulge in the activities you like the most.

Make this “ME TIME” a habit and do it daily. It’s difficult but you can find a way from your busy schedule to entertain you. It’s very important to give yourself some moments of peace and joy. Do it without any hesitation or feeling of guilt. Our body which is dwell of our soul must be happy. It’s our duty to keep yourself happy and active. Write your own ways of recreation in the comment box to motivate readers to adopt one of them.




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