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Foods that increase milk supply serve a great deal when left as the last resort! Low milk supply is feared the most. Often misunderstood, there can be many root causes that result in deflated milk supply. Nevertheless, Supplements are not the only answers!

To dignify your breast milk supply, it’s important to know the underlying issues resulting in low milk supply. Before we begin to learn Foods That Increase Milk Supply, let’s know what causes this low milk supply. 

What Causes Low Milk Supply?

Milk supply depends on a number of factors, respectively:

As has been noted, not implying any of these will automatically lead to a low milk supply. In conclusion, it might not be your milk production that is less but the way you breastfeed speaks greater volumes for that milk supply! 

Although, these are not just it. Some majors do not allow enough milk production and can be hard to settle. Such as medical history of the polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast surgery(Both experiences), diabetes! Rare but possible low milk-producing tissues can also be a concern of low milk supply as well.

These signs of low milk supply will help you determine whether or not your milk supply is ample. A short summary of these signs,

  • Less number of dirty diapers
  • dehydration in babies
  • & baby weight gain

Refer to this link for a detailed study on these signs of low milk supply & what’s normal! When you are freed from all these symptoms, causes, hues &, breastfeeding myths, the next thing you must do is consult a lactational specialist! 

Don’t ever start to Foods That Increase Milk Supply without consulting a lactational specialist, cutting through these causes of milk supply. Also, do not forget to try a better latch and these powerful steps to increase milk supply!

Foods That Increase Milk Supply

I apologize for the warning but it’s a basic necessity to let know mothers about everything before adding supplements into their diet. If still nothing works for you, it’s time you stock up with Foods That Increase Milk Supply

Although, most of these supplements are scientifically unproven as to how they work. Mothers speak very profoundly about these supplements and their magic milk production. 

1. Fenugreek & Fennels

You most certainly have heard of these two. Also, surprisingly, Fenugreek & Fennels are two natural herbs that are FDA approved and considered GRAS(generally recognized as safe) Despite not being proven, results can be seen within 24-72 hours in mothers. 

Fenugreek & Fennels are easily available in the market. You can either use its natural state or can take fenugreek/fennel products/capsules. With attention to that, it’s suggested the latter one in order to keep a record of the dosage. 

The dosage is 2-3 capsules, 3-4 times a day! Consult your lactation specialist to get in terms of these supplements intake. 

2. Milk Thistle, Blessed Thistle, Palm Dates

Next in the line are Milk Thistle, Blessed Thistle, Palm Dates. Despite not being FDA approved, these herbs also show great results in increasing milk supply. The mechanism is not clear among scientific studies but the results are evident in mothers. 

Most of these are the main component of milk supply supplements and do not show any side effects! It’s still recommended to terminate it altogether if you notice a slight difference!

  • Milk Thistle: The studies of Milk Thistle show many variations. While it proved secretion of prolactin none, other studies show no difference. The result of Milk Thistle may vary from mother to mother. If you notice any side effects, terminate it immediately and have a talk with your L.S.(lactational Specialist) 
  • Blessed Thistle: Blessed thistle is observed to increase the supply of blood in the mammary glands. Consult your doctor before you decide its intake!
  • Palm Dates: Even if milk boosting properties did not exist in Palm Dates, they are enriched with many nutrients. Many minerals include magnesium, zinc, copper, Vitamin B, C, anti-oxidants. It’s full of surprises! Palm dates had real improvisation in the milk supply for mothers who took it compared to mothers who didn’t.

Other such herbs are Shatavari, Goat’s rue, etc! Consult your L.S. before supplements intake! 

3. Mother’s Milk Tea, Let There Be Milk, Pink Stork Liquid Gold, Mommy Knows Best.

These are some of the best and most used & recommended supplements! There is a great variety in their state & form. Some are teas like Mother Milk tea & Pink Stork Liquid Gold. Capsules like Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek Capsules

If you do not prefer either, Let There Be Milk can be used as drops added to your drink, tea, or whatever you prefer! Mommy Knows Best is fenugreek free for mothers who are allergic to fenugreek! 

4. Oats & Barley

Barley, when used as whole grain and not in its alcohol state, helps in milk production. Barley is rich in B-glucan, a polysaccharide that helps increase prolactin. Prolactin enables mothers to produce milk! You can just make barley soup, salad, mix it with oats and have it for lunch/dinner/breakfast

Equally important, oats serve the same purpose. They are also rich in beta-glucan. You can have oatmeal with milk & let there be milk. It’s a win-win call. You can also try out different recipes with oats like oats cookies, or oats crumbles, etc. 

Don’t overlook other whole grains, brown rice & whole wheat are also significant while maintaining a good milk supply! Of course, not their flour state. They function well when they are whole and fresh!

5. Papaya

Scientists recently started to discover papaya’s benefits with that of increased milk supply. Indians have been using papaya, cooked & raw, for years in order to stimulate good milk flow.

It is studied that papaya boosts the production of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a breastfeeding hormone that regulates and increases milk supply/flow!

Some other calcium-rich dried fruits like apricot/figs also help to produce milk, they also boost prolactin secretion


These Foods That Increase Milk Supply are one thing. Maintaining a proper diet is completely another. You cannot nurture these supplements alone. You need a proper breastfeeding diet to meet your body’s regular demands. 

Your body must stay healthy & fit in order to have a natural milk supply and to take care of your baby. Along with that, you must also avoid alcohol and these foods to avoid while breastfeeding to keep yourself & the baby healthy.

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