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Giving birth is not only exciting, crazy but emotionally scary also. All feelings on this planet are felt by a mother who’s in contractions and labor pain! After having two kids, honestly, I would like to be the mother third time also. Because of my immense love for babies. I tried my best to stay healthy and emotionally strong for the natural birth process. And these essentials oils helped me to give birth via an unmedicated route in my both deliveries.

Many pregnant women are unfamiliar with these natural labor coping oils and tools. Essential oils are used mostly by all midwives and doulas for relieving labor pain and contractions.

Essential oils for labor provide physical, mental, and emotional support to mothers who’re in labor pain. As these oils are made of natural herbs and plants. Hense safe for mother and the baby.

If you’re in the third trimester and your labor is on the way. Naturally, you’re looking for the best ways to induce labor. If you want to give an unmedicated birth then essential oils can make your path easier.  Essential oils are an alternative to reduce labor pain and help to induce labor.

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These are totally safe and easy to use. However, it’s most important to know how to use essential oils during labor with your doctor or midwife. It is believed that essential oils are calm both the mind and the body of a pregnant woman. Thus make the labor process easy and comfortable.

Already we’re using many oils in our daily life as all we know these amazing plant oils like coconut, sunflower, rose many more filled our life with perfumes.

Already both of my deliveries are successful with the help of these essential oils. So, it’s important to share my Guide to essential oils for birth with you all. Don’t forget to pack these essential oils in your hospital bag checklist and have it on hand when you need it.

Essential oils that can help with stress during labor

Some of the most common essential oils used for aromatherapy during labor are as below:-

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Citrus, such as orange
  • Peppermint
  • Rose oil
  • Clary sage

Benefits of using essential oils during labor and birth

Essential oils help to reduce the sensation of the pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, and stress of labor pain.

  • These essential oils make you feel energetic
  • essential oils can help to reduce vomiting and headaches
  • Essential oils help you to calm down during labor pain
  • Oils can help you relax and heal faster

Aromatherapy is used during labor:

When we create a positive environment than mind works wonder. A pregnant body responds positively to a calm and peaceful environment. And the essential oils allow the nerve system to do the better job and on the same time hormones work the best.

Best Essential Oils for Labor Pain

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

essential oils

This one is my favorite oil I used throughout my pregnancy. It’s a minty perfume soothing to inhale. Whenever I feel vomiting during the first trimester, it helped me to settle down my tummy.

Peppermint is very invigorating that helps to keep focused on every breath during concentrations. I used to apply it on my tummy, neck, and on the back. You can diffuse it in the room or inhale directly from the bottle.

2. Clary Sage Essential Oils for labor

essential oil for labor

Clary sage helped me move along the labor process. I applied it over my wrists, ankles, and on the belly. Its fragrance brought me inner peace, and make me sure that my baby is arriving soon safely. When labor pain started, I rubbed my belly with clary sage to keep me encouraging for the birth process naturally.

This oil allows the muscles to release stress and bring relief from pain and uneasiness. It caused burning if it used undiluted. Remember to use it only with the doctor’s suggestion.

About clary sage “is a very calming and grounding oil,” says Bethany Dyckman founder of StregnthLoveBirth, as a doula she has used the essential oils for labor from years. She says  “Clary sage is my very favorite oil for promoting strong, regular contractions when labor is a little spotty and maybe taking a while to establish, while at the same time helping to ease the pain.”

2. Lavender Oil

essential oils for labor

This Oil has the ability to calm down and relaxed a woman during labor by reducing the pain of distressing labor. a few drops of the lavender oil can shorten the labor on every stage. You can use the best oils at the start of the third trimester. These oils can lessen the feeling of anxiety and stress.

Most pregnant women’s favorite-Lavender oil. Clinical trial data found that lavender oil is used during labor as aromatherapy and reduces the labor pain effectively.

The only con of this oil is – it can cause a burning sensation and nausea if used more than a recommendation.

4. Jasmine Oil-the strongest essential oil for pain

Like Clary sage, I used Jasmine oil with the starting phase of labor and contractions. As my due date arrived, I kept it by my side. It has a sweet alluring smell that offers pain relief during labor. So, I used it and diffused it in the room for the safety of my baby’s arrival. Jasmine has hormone support properties. This oil helps an expecting mom in the beginning stages of labor pain.

Its cons are it should be used only for labor not in pregnancy time. Because many pregnant ladies are allergic to the sweet smell.

5. Aromatic Rose Oil for labor pain

essential oils for labor

Mostly it is known for its healing properties. The aromatic oil work wonders to help proceed with labor quickly stepping up each contraction. But don’t apply it neatly. Again the same con of jasmine oil that some women irritated with its sweet smell.

6. Geranium is the best oil ever

essential oils for labor

It is the best oil to facilitate labor naturally. Geranium oil helps to calm down the pain of labor the mothers who’re preparing for the birth process. Because it helps to induce labor by stimulating contractions and provide relief in labor pain.

The oil has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties. This essential oil is great for perineal massage.

7. Red Mandarin oil

Citrus oils are the best source of energy. Red Mandarin (Citrus Reticulate) is known for reducing stress levels while labor pain and anxiety. Many pregnant women ask me the question of what helps with pain during labor? And my answer is essential oils are good for relieving pain during labor! These essential oils are a pain management alternative for labor.

You know many doulas always carry citrus oils with them. If you can’t afford it then you can purchase lemon essential oil or just slice a lemon and smell it.

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