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Pain during labor is caused by contractions of the muscles of the uterus and the pressure made by the cervix. The pain can be felt as strong as cramping in the abdomen and back, we feel during the menstrual period. Some women experience pain in their sides and thighs also.

But the pain in labor is different for all moms. It varies from woman to woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. All expecting women experience their labor pain differently — for some it like menstrual cramps, for others- severe pressure; for few extremely strong waves like diarrhea cramps.

Now it’s your turn to become a mother. The choice is yours if you want a natural birth or an epidural. If you prefer natural birth. Although it’s a difficult process and gonna be painful, you’d prefer to avoid having an epidural. In this post, I have suggested my natural labor coping tools.

natural labor coping
natural labor coping
natural labor coping
natural labor coping
natural labor coping

natural labor coping

 Many doubts are creeping in your mind like:-

“will I cope with labor pain without an epidural?”

“Am I tolerance my pain as high as I think?”

“Before I’ve never been in severe pain; how will I deal with?”

Dear, I know what you want right now is to learn what are natural labor coping tools. As a mother, I can’t add it up better than a piece of advice which I got from my midwife during my delivery time. Remember the only one thing that if you feel tense and anxious, labor is much more painful.

 Three effective ways to cope with the consistent pain are with:-

  1. Relaxation which will reduce the stress of labor
  2. Ritual – doing the same routine with all contractions
  3. Rhythm – doing something in a familiar pattern

These are my favorite natural labor coping tools which I had adopted during my labor pain. If you use these three techniques in labor. I am pretty sure you’re less likely to need any other pain relief.

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natural labor coping

Ok, I’m sure you know what is a Tennis ball. You’re admiring why one would want to use a tennis ball during labor pain! It’s an odd item in your list but let alone the first item during labor pain.

How? I’ll explain to you – your hubby or any other labor support person can use the tennis ball to roll over your lower back and provide counter pressure during contractions.

The best way to use a tennis ball is to apply steady and firm pressure on your lower back and hips. Put two or three balls in a long sock and tie the end of the sock.

The sock can be easily used to rhythmically run up and down on your back during contractions. Tennis balls are inexpensive and the right firmness item for massage. This one is the best natural labor coping tool.

During the labor pain squeezing tennis balls on your back can divert attention away from the discomfort of contractions.

2. Natural labor coping MASSAGE OIL

Aromatherapy oil is great for massage during labor pain. Who doesn’t love a good massage if your body is aching!

Massage helps to promote relaxation. Touching during labor pain by any your partner or doula relaxes your oxytocin hormones.

So just buy quality oils like frankincense and myrrh which are best for the massage during labor. I’m suggesting a few of my favorite oils used like lavender for relaxation, lemon for pic me up and preventing nausea. Another one is clary sage gives strengthen your contractions.

Don’t apply these oils directly on your skin, just mix them with a carrier oil. If you’re unsure, an electric aromatherapy diffuser is a great option for you. You find these oils are friendly natural labor coping tools.


What a funny thing I suggest you during labor pain. But I’m not kidding. During labor, your mouth can get very dry. Sucking a lollipop stimulates saliva and can give your sugar level a bit boost. isn’t it worthwhile!


natural labor coping

Just remember when you had menstrual cramps in your abdomen. What do you do at that time? Of course, you use a hot water bottle for relaxation.

Mostly, the hospital doesn’t allow you a hot bottle because of the risk of scalding. But a hot therapy pack is safer for you.

Many women asked me if they have used this hot therapy pack in labor. Really, these are pretty inexpensive, get one in your hospital bag.

After the pack is heated, apply it on your lower back and hips during the contractions.  A warm pack on the perineum can help it stretch easily and prevent tears during delivery. You find it as natural labor tool coping.


All we know the importance of melody music. It has the power to shift our mood. Keep at least, two different playlists for your labor. One when you need motivation and another to soothe you. Nowadays in hospitals, the main labor rooms have docking stations but in the case, if you don’t, then use your mobile phone, tablet or computer to play well music. Don’t forget to pack a charger with these all items.


natural labor coping

All women love sitting on a toilet seat during labor pain. Why? Because this position helps to open up your hips and gets you into a supported squatted position.

But hospital toilets may be unhygienic and the thought of spending most of your labor on a hospital toilet seems a little bit weird. So, keep another option with you is the CUB CHAIR.

Really, its weird for me also to be seated for hours on the toilet seat which is unhygienic. This effect made me use a squatty potty.

When you’re sitting with your open hips, you give your baby a room to move downward. The other benefits are the squatted position tones your pelvic floor. You’ll get one for under $30 from amazon. After the birth process, it will also make easier for your first postpartum poop. This one is another effective natural labor coping tool.

7. Natural Labor Coping Tool-BIRTH BALL

natural labor coping

I’m a big fan of these exercise balls. But if you don’t have one already, please get one now only. They help a lot to prepare for labor pain. Use it daily for sitting purposes instead of using a sofa.

Benefits of a Birthing Ball:-

  • taking intense pressure off from your spine cord
  • apply counter pressure on your perineum
  • help to opening your hips
  • keeping you straight

All these techniques help you to cope with labor pain and you’re less likely to reach for further pain relief. You’re bouncing up and down, but your hips circling better. Birthing ball relieves the intense back pain and makes a room for your baby in the right way.

Using the right birthing ball is very important. Otherwise, you can’t get better results. Check the brand sizing guide before you buy one. Normal size is 65cm which is widely common.


natural labor coping

When you’re in labor pain, your body does a lot of sweating work but the most important thing is to stay hydrated. And you know coconut water provides you electrolytes along with hydration.  This one is the best natural labor coping tool.


It’s a short and sweet list of tools that help you to cope with labor pain, get them in your hospital bag. When you’re in labor pain, you must find these all things are useful. I hope you will get some help with the article.

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