Nothing is as heartbreaking as having the news of a miscarriage. I remember my time, wherever I looked, there would be baby playing with its cute little hands and paws. All I would dream about was to have a baby of my own whom I could admire all day long. This heartbreaking incident occurred in my life during my first pregnancy. So, I don’t want it will happen with any mother. I here share 5 WAYS TO AVOID MISCARRIAGE.

And then it’s about gathering all the knowledge possible in all the dimension of the universe. We wish not to leave one single book behind to protect that little blessing. We start the conceiving trials, all the measure and there we have it.

I’m not the person who looks for a future but heck all I would dream about was having this baby in my arms, close to me. We all do that… it’s mama-baby magic, haha!

But it can get tough when these dreams get broken because of miscarriage.  Most of the times, it is not your fault but the guilt envelopes you in the deep darkness. My friends went through it and I know how saddened they were. We can only accept our fate as it is but we sure can take preventives to avoid it.




This topic is emotional for me… heck, I believe it is for every mother, so don’t mind me if I get a little sentimental here. Coming back to the topic, the reason you are here is that you don’t want to create any problems for the little angel growing inside of you.


Cause to Miscarriage

As I mentioned, most o the Miscarriage isn’t your fault. So knowing what caused your miscarriage with your gynecologist is the best thing you would do to yourself. Because I know the guilt and questioning yourself is very overwhelming. Always be in touch with your gynecologist, science can be a big mental support when emotions fail to support you.


1. Genetics/Abnormal Chromosomes

Hal of the time, Genetics is the biggest reason for miscarriages. Something you don’t have control over. So, first off stop blaming yourself. Abnormal chromosomes state the condition of your baby not having the right number or damaged chromosomes.

Chromosomes carry your baby’s tip to toe information, their hair to their nail size. Alteration in their number is a big reason to miscarriage. Perse, abnormal chromosomes create an abnormal baby which makes it difficult for the baby to sustain. Miscarriages that happen due to genetics usually occur in the 13th week of pregnancy.

And the chances of miscarriages due to genetic increase with age, say, above 35 has more chances of miscarriages.

2.  Lifestyle

Lifestyle plays an important role when it comes to miscarriage. Take anything… pre-pregnancy, post… if you don’t opt for a healthy lifestyle, complications are going to increase. Biggest concerns which you might know, too are Smoking and drinking habits.


Smoking/drinking can lead to much bigger problems, if not miscarriage then continuous problems throughout your pregnancy leading to severe damage to the baby and you. First thing first, quit it. Quit being close to people who smoke and keep yourself away from any sorts of the hazardous environment as well.

3. Medical Complication

Your health plays a big role in your baby health. If you have a long history of ongoing diseases, it might lead to higher chances of miscarriage.


Some of the diseases that you should pay attention to are thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or diseases/infection that might concern your genitals.

Precaution To Fight Miscarriage

Point to remember, these are precaution we can take to lower the risk of Miscarriage. Miscarriage depends on many factors, some out of our hands. All we can do is follow the right path to pregnancy. Without further ados, shall we?

1. Consult Your Gynecologist

This is my foremost priority to anything, any diseases, any health concern. Don’t go with the Internet as your first option, consulting your doctor is always the very first thing you ought to do. Moving on, Get yourself a full checkup. Make sure you know all that is going on inside of your body.


Ergo, check for the long term diseases or diseases you don’t know about. By full, I don mean from tip to toe, you don’t want to leave anything behind. With that done, make sure you are vaccinated to all the diseases if not take the important vaccinations first thing.

2. Healthy diet And Exercise

Keeping your health in good condition has done no harm to anyone. It good, pregnant or not. So, eat well for you and the baby. You don’t want to a skeleton with your baby, do you? Exercise maintains your weight, don’t be over-weight and under-weight is not even an option.


Get a diet chart from your gynecologist. If you are underweight, ask them for a chart that would help you catch up. If you are over-weight, ask them for exercises that might help you to a fit baby body. Don’t overdo anything, it isn’t good for you or the baby. Keep it moderate, moderate hours of simple morning exercises.

3.  Say NO To Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs

It affects your baby’s health adversely. My word id if you are addicted to any of the sorts, First get rid o your habits. I know it’s no easy thing. Give yourself time, whatever amount you need but you have to get rid of them if you want to conceive a baby. So get yourself out of it and then only try conceiving.

As I mentioned, No smoking doesn’t mean just quitting smoking but keeping yourself away from other smokers or from the smoky pollution. Make sure your house is free from people who smoke.

Drugs are a tough call. After quitting, get your body checked if it is fit to conceive a baby or not. You need to come as clean as possible, don’t risk yourself or the baby.

4. Stop the medication

Taking meds is’ the best option when trying to have a baby. Consult your doctors first. Ask for their advice. Usually, you will have to take a break off from the medication and the prescribed drugs. There are meds which cause no harm but I’d say why to take the risk.


Also, if you have long term diseases, consult your gynecologist if you are in a condition to conceive or not. Make sure to know it doesn’t affect the baby’s health. Conceive only if they give you a green signal.

5. Don’t Stress

In general terms, stress affects your body badly. Your temper can make you lose it. Try to keep calm. Breathe in the fresh air every day. Meditate or do yoga to ease off. Staying calm improves your mental health which leads to a healthy body, not to miscarriage. A healthy body is a good host for the baby. 


We have concluded all the important points in the above topic. The keyword is “consult your doctor first”. If you have more stories about how you dealt with your miscarriage or concerns to miscarriage. Do let us know in the comment section down below. Until then,