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Preparing Your Body for Labor Pain

My entire life, nothing went as slow as labors. I recall my time and needless to say, I would call myself a supermum just for overcoming the time. I mean, I say aren’t we all super-celestial-beings. First, we are giving birth to a new life and we can withhold the labor pain as well. If you allow me, I’d say… even this is an understatement. The post is about how to prepare your body for labor pain!

This whole fuzz about how dreadful labors pain can be actually was a real shocker and it sent quiver down my spine, I ain’t not lying. But I really didn’t have much to hold onto. What held truth what didn’t… I never thought of clearing it out. I just hoped it would pass by.

The day came and of course, it hurt but it passed by too and gave me the most beautiful gift life could ever offer, my baby, safe in my arms. Did I mention I was scared to death about this whole fear of labor I talked about? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t enough to stop me from conceiving another sweet little angel of mine.

As a mother, I know… I wanted certain support, certain information that would help me through. With all the myths around, I just couldn’t tell what to believe and what not to. But as I speak of this… I’ll make sure you go with your doubts clear after reading this. So, shall we hop in the adventure of how to prepare your body for labor pain? Haha…

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1. Taking care

Healthy your uterus, healthier the contractions and easier the labor. The answer to a healthy body is a healthy lifestyle. If you keep your body just enough healthy, all would seem an easy cake. Now the key to a fit body is, of course, exercising and eating nutrition.


Certainly, you cannot exercise while being pregnant. But hey, did you know… walking is considered an exercise, too. So, milady… walk on! It greatly helps to prepare your body for labor pain.

As for a healthy diet, I agree and respect your/mine/every pregnant woman’s cravings for junk food but we can conceive our mind to crave something nutritious. I know it is a tough job but let’s give it a shot. This said, make sure you keep your uterus strong and healthy if wanting easy labor, hah… bet you would want that!

Now, you don’t have to go ultimatum to keep your uterus healthy, just some health products that have a lot of protein and also a lot of protein and did I mention, a lot of protein! Go for greek yogurt, protein shakes low-fat dairy.

2. Body Safe Keeping

Now, eating good and exercising is one thing but I believe keeping your body flexible is something you would treasure. Body pain is very normal in pregnancy and the life-changing advice was getting a massage from time to time. You cannot hear my voice but I’ll tell you what… I’m squealing. Massage would work like heavens to your body sore.


My husband gave me my first massage but eh, nevermind. So, I officially looked into it and went for a specialist. They would know your situation and they would do wonders to your body.

Massage basically unwires our body and helps relax better. It is one of the pregnancy dreams I used to have daily, haha! Soon after, my family told me about chiropractors. I would admit I had 0% knowledge about it but whoa, man!

Chiropractors, in my opinion, are a better version to masseuse since they have a broader knowledge in the field i.e., your body and your whole pregnancy period. Look for a good Chiropractor and have an appointment once in a while. You can also take easy massage sessions at home with Chiropractor.

3. Talk and let know

Labor is a tough deal but having someone you can share your pain with is kind of a relief. Sometimes, all that our body/mind/soul needs is support from our people. To know someone is with us and has got our back all the time.


My family helped me through this whole time. My elders were always there with their handful of advice and their experience/wisdom helped me a great deal.

I’d say my family was a greater help than my husband since he was this big man with muscles and no understanding whatsoever. Haha, I’m kidding he is this big kid that I used to babysit before my actual kid came along. You get my point, how he wasn’t much of a help.

But sometimes… it is just their presence and their sweet dumb faces that help us through the hard times and well we can always squeeze their hands out while in pain or better can just break it. I mean they love us… they wouldn’t mind. They won’t mind trust me, just break it, lady.

4. Comfort zone

Keeping your body calm and away from pain is a tricky game. You need to trick your brain. Give them a bribe and watch them dance on the tip. In this case, give your body the comfort it needs and the whole universe is tricked.


By comfort, we actually mean do whatever the hell makes you feel good. If it says dance, baby you rock and roll! Fortunately me, it was a long hour in the tub with herbs and nature around, scented candles, soft music and I’m set for those labors. I mean, that’s the spirit, isn’t it! Isn’t the best way to prepare your body for labor pain?



Labor pain is one of the most difficult things that I go through but nothing and I mean it, nothing could stop me from seeing my child in my arms safe and sound! We have enlisted all that can help you ease down. The last thing that I would like to add is don’t listen to those people trying to scare you down. It is all-natural and you got it, woman!

If you have more experiences/ advice do let us know in the comment section down below. Until then,


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