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Toddlers louuuvv to play! They are these little balls of energy ready to blow off any minute. I have 10 cats and they are no less than toddlers when it comes to playing. In fact, toddlers and kitten love to play with each other and maybe somewhere have an evil pact of tiring their humans out. Evil, I tell you! I’m sharing my favorite 10 high energy toddler activities.

When my toddlers were well toddlers, I shifted to a society full of toddlers, it is a toddler thing. They would have got together now and then, tea parties, playoff and so much more.

Having a socialized life for your toddler really helps develop an extrovert and frank aura for their coming years. So go socialize mamas!

Reminder~ Kids love to act up like parents all the time, they would want to walk like you, talk like you, act like you, do stuff as you do. So keep in mind to give them the best of characters!

HIGH ENERGY TODDLER ACTIVITIES(Tricks to tire toddler before bedtime)

1. Treasure hunt-Toddlers activities

Toddler activities

I don’t know about others but I loved this game heck I still love it! In treasure hunt, you have a treasure to find obviously. You are given a map and with each destination, you are given a clue for the final treasure.

You can set up a small treasure hunt game with easy maps and findings! For example,

The map directs to ‘below the mysterious sofa… there led a map to the treasure. The first clue can… ‘you have reached your first destination! Congratulations my pirates. Move ahead, find the ‘A’ and you shall find the next clue… so on.

You can hide these clues in the visible areas and the treasure can be toys or chocolates or whatever your child loves the most!

Okay, your toddler can’t read as of now, make sure you are their pirate friend and the translator. Don’t forget to wear the eye patch! If you want more Ideas for the treasure hunt, leave a comment, I shall get back with many different Ideas! Do you like this one of the toddler activities?

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2. Twister equals to knowledge!

Toddler activities

There are many play board games like that of twister not only in a fun way but in an educational way, too. These twisters for toddlers come with different shapes/different colors/Alphabets. These are the best toddler activities.

No wonder twister is fun but you can also help your toddler to learn itsy bitsy of colors, shapes/number/words/Alphabets and so on.

If you don’t want to buy the game, you can always DIY one at home with your toddlers and psst! It is an activity, too! You can DIY with colorful papers/ word pictures/ paint! This will sharpen your toddler’s brain creativity and imagination! So color it on!

3. Wheel Barrow Puzzle!

Toddler activities Have you heard of it? It is a puzzle board with simple toddler images! You can set it up in a room, keep a corner for the pieces and ask your toddler to puzzle it out. Say~ Make the Helicopter!

The twist to it is, you will be holding your kids’ legs on your thighs or lower abdomen. Your sweet little monster will have to walk on their hands and puzzle it out. Isn’t it energy breaking and learning activity!

4. Hot Lava Game!

Toddler activities

Hot Lava game is another favorite of your very dramatic devils! In the game, there comes a big board with prints of Lava and big rocks. The game is to make sure you don’t fall in the lava, if you fall in the lava, you get eaten by the monster! Haha.

So, basically one has to jump on the big rocks to pass through the molten river! Watch your back, one move, and poof!

If you don’t have the actual board, you can always DIY it! You can pillow or small mats for the rock and a yellow sheet for the lava off you pop!

My personal favorite were/are always DIY. It’s one of the creative toddler activities plus it involves your toddler pretty good. They take it as a mission and tell you what, so should you!

5. Competition Playoff!

Toddler activities

My mother used to use a trick on me. She would always say ‘I’ll count till 10 and I’m sure you will be done by the time because you are the best, right! And she would be all like …1 ….2 …3 And I would run off to do all sorts of errand (homework and stuff)

And I would return and she would act as if she didn’t see me and used to start counting to fool me …8 …9 …10. I fell for it. Every time. I thought I was a Superman!

Those errands can include everything, learning, creating, painting, reading! If you have more than a kid, you can have them race off~ Caterpillar race, or three-legged race or sack race!

6. Have Dance Parties!

Babies love to dance! So, once in a while keep having small baby parties and give those studs the music they crave for and watch them DANCE! Small parties and get-togethers boost your toddler’s stage confidence!

If not parties, you and your whole family can enjoy a little dance. Kids love to spend time with their parents and dancing with them would be cherry on top!

7. Doctor-Doctor/House-home!

Kids love to act as if they all have Tom Cruise in them. Haha. Get the Doctor’s sets and Kitchenware toys and play with them.

In doctor/doctor- You can play the patient, make sure the nurse is played by your husband in a white little apron, it would be a sight for the kids and for you!

Neighbor/neighbors- My kids loved to host! I got them a kitchen toy set. They would serve me fake tea in the smallest cup and act all polite. Haha, Real cute!

They say embrace your feminine side. So make sure you don’t stereotype your kids with pink/blue, doll/soldier, etc. Let them enjoy whatever they want to!

8. Pet-Cat Play (toddler activities)

I mentioned above how kids love animals! Let them play with the pets. Chase each other, cuddle each other, cute catfight together. It is super fun and adorable ones they start to know each other’ better. They will sleep together, play together and actual play. So wild, I tell you!

If you don’t have a pet, it is the right time to get a pet. Toddlers learn a lot from animals~ love, compassion, companionship and so much more!

9. Hide & Seek most common toddler activities

Heard of “Pikka boo’? Toddlers love to play hide & seek. Now, we need to make sure we are visible to them in a manner of speaking.

Playoff with them, pretend to not see them or pretend that you can’t find them! They louuuvvv it. My daughter used to run off giggling every time I found her! the best one toddler activities!

10. Act-play-slit (toddler activities)

Toddlers love to act! You can play a part in your baby’s favorite movie~ the lion king or Rapunzel or anything that your baby likes.

Get Costumes for them. They need the vibe. Costumes radiate better vibes. The most important part~ don’t just watch them act but act with them! That’s the key to a bigger better bond!

11. Jiggle wiggle–GO one of the best toddler activities

You don’t have to necessarily add studies at the very start. Sometimes, it just can be for fun. Of course, fun and learning are the best combination but shouldn’t be mandatory.

My babies loved to jump on the bed, sofas, pillow, even on me for no reason. They would just giggle, wiggle and jump! So, don’t worry about the furniture for a little while, just enjoy the moment of their laughter. This one is one of the fun toddler activities.

12. Goal the Pit ball

The color balls can come up with so many wonderful games. Most of which you can DIY. One of my favorite ~ take three/four/five hollow boxes of cardboard and tear a big hole on all three of them. Paint the surrounding area with a different color but a single color per box. You can go with patterns but one box, one color!

Next, you ask your toddler to put the respective balls in the box having the same color, say yellow balls in the yellow painted box!

To increase the level, you can tell them how many to put into! Fun, plus maths and colors! Go on parents, tell them how you do it!


There are many toddler activities out there, I just mentioned the few I and my kids enjoyed. You are a supermom, you can DIY out your own activity as well! If you want me to add more activities, do let me know in the comments section down below!

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