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How To Draw Frog Step By Step Guide

A frog is a small amphibian known for its smooth, moist skin, webbed feet, and long hind legs adapted for jumping. The drawing frog step by step tutorial involves sketching an oval body shape, adding large eyes near the top, and connecting them with a curved line for the mouth.

“Frog drawings are well-known for their built-in charm, making it a favorite option for painters of all ages. It’s fun and adorable drawing a frog!

Drawing frog cartoons or many other drawings like snakes and aliens also brings a unique blend of charm and whimsy that captures our imagination. Here’s why we find joy in creating these delightful amphibious characters:

We’ll walk you through how to draw frog step by step ideas. If you want to have fun and be creative, follow along whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist.


cute frog drawings

Frog Draw Easy

Extend two curved lines downward from the body for the legs, with smaller oval shapes at the end for the feet. Lastly, draw a longer curved line for the back leg. This creates a basic, easy-to-draw frog shape.

“Drawing a frog effortlessly! Follow these easy steps to bring an adorable frog to life on your paper. With simple instructions, sketch charming eyes, a friendly smile, and playful details. Your frog drawings cute will hop with personality in no time!”

Step By Step Frog Drawing

Frogs are lovely creatures that make painting subjects wonderful. You’re in the right place, if you want to draw an adorable frog for fun, learning, or just to use your imagination. We’ll demonstrate how to draw an adorable frog in this tutorial, making it simple and pleasant for both kids and beginners.

Materials You’ll Need Drawing A Frog Step-By-Step

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils or markers (optional)

Draw a Frog Step By Step 1: Frog Face Outline

Here’s how to draw an easy cute frog face drawing, It can be a fun and creative activity. So, let’s help you draw a simple frog face.

Start by drawing a medium-sized circle in the center of your paper. This will be the frog’s head. Then, draw a slightly elongated oval shape directly beneath the head of the frog’s body.

  • Begin with a basic circle to outline the frog’s head. This serves as a foundation for the face and helps establish proportions.


  • How to Draw Frog Step By Step

Drawing Frog Step By Step 2: Creating the Body with Front Legs

Draw two long, slightly curved lines extending from the bottom of the body oval. At the end of each line, draw a larger oval shape for the frog’s feet. Add three small, round toes to each foot.

  • Extend a slightly curved line downward from the bottom of the head circle. This line will form the frog’s body.


  • drawing frog step by step


  • On the left and right sides of the body, draw two short curved lines for the front legs. At the end of each leg, add three small ovals to represent the fingers.

3rd Step by Step Drawing Frog: Adding Back Sitting Legs

  • Draw two longer curved lines extending from the lower portion of the body. These lines will form the back legs.
  • drawing frog step by step


  • At the end of each back leg, draw three ovals for the toes. These ovals should be larger than the front leg fingers, reflecting the frog’s anatomy.

Step 4: Face Details

  • On the head circle, add two large circular eyes. Inside each eye, draw a smaller circle to represent the pupils.
  • frog drawing simple
  • Beneath the eyes, create a gentle curve to form the frog’s smile. This adds a touch of character to your frog’s expression.
  • Add texture to the frog’s skin by drawing irregular and small curved lines on the head. This mimics the bumpy texture commonly found on frogs.

Frog Draw: Optional Enhancements 

  • If you’d like, you can add a simple lily pad beneath the frog to give it context. Draw a circular shape with a few vein-like lines on the lily pad’s surface.


  • how to draw a cute frog
  • Consider adding some subtle ripples around the frog to suggest water and create a more dynamic scene.


Frog Step By Step for Kids?

With the help of a kid-friendly frog painting, introduce the love of sketching to your budding artists. This section offers a kid-friendly, streamlined method for frog face drawing. Kids can make their frog masterpieces and have a blast doing it by using simple shapes and simple directions.

Let’s frog easy draw a frog step by step together in just three super easy steps:

  • Step 1: Draw a U shape for a frog face drawing
  • Step 2: Connect lines to make the body.
  • Step 3: Add big eyes, tiny dots, and a smile.
draw a frog step by step

Voila! You’ve got a cute froggy friend. Have fun! 

Frog Line Drawing

Drawing of a frog line can be created by a slightly curved line for the frog’s body. Add two circular shapes on top for the eyes, and connect them with a gentle curve for the mouth. Extend two short lines downward for the front legs and add small ovals at the ends for the feet. Draw a longer line for the back leg, curving it gracefully. This results in a basic frog outline that captures its essential features.

Drawing Frog Easy?

Find out how much fun it is to draw a lovely and simple frog drawing:

frog drawing easy

Frog Drawing Realistic 

Discover a quick and easy way to draw a cute frog to unleash your artistic ability.

drawing easy frog

Cute Frog Drawings Easy

For a funny frog drawing, start with a big, goofy oval body. Add two huge, comical eyes on top with even bigger pupils looking in different directions.

 funny frog drawings

Frog Cute Drawing Wearing A Hat

Frog Cute Drawing Wearing A Hat

Different Cute Frogs Drawing

These delightful frogs cute drawing creations hop into life with vibrant colors and endearing expressions, capturing the essence of nature’s tiny wonders on paper

easy cute frog drawing

easy cute frog drawing

frog drawings aesthetic

draw simple frog

frog drawing pic

Cute Frog Drawing Tumblr

Exploring the heartwarming world of cute frog drawings on Tumblr! Dive into a collection of adorable amphibians brought to life with playful lines and vibrant colors. From chubby cheeks to big, expressive eyes, these froggy artworks are sure to hop their way into your heart and bring a smile to your face.”

Princess And The Frog Drawings

“Once upon a sketchbook page, a charming princess leaned over a sparkling pond, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. A dapper frog perched on a lily pad, wearing a princely grin that hinted at magical secrets. In this enchanting drawing, a tale of friendship and transformation unfolds in every delicate stroke of the pencil.”

princess and the frog drawings

Simple Frog Drawings

A snuggled snail on its crown, the frog wears a living crown.

draw an easy frog

Cute Frog Drawing Tumblr

Tongue out, eyes gleam, a frog’s delight in every dream.

easy frog drawing

cute frog drawing tumblr

cute frog drawing tumblr

Draw a Frog Sketch

In a minuscule hat, those big eyes peek a whimsical sight indeed.

draw a frog

Draw Easy Frog

Mischievous frog’s sly grin, ready for a splashy spin.

draw easy frog

Cartoon Drawing of Frog

With a sleepy yawn, a frog’s day is drawn.

Cartoon Drawing of Frog

Draw Cartoon Frog

Candle flickers, frog’s wish glows, a cake’s secret he knows.

Draw Cartoon Frog

Cute Frogs Drawing

Yay!!! the frog cries, catching joy as it flies.

cute frog drawing tumblr

Frog Drawings Cute

Three frogs were entranced, watching bees dance.

drawing frog pictures

Cartoon Cute Frog Drawing 

Tummy rumbles, it’s time to munch, a frog’s mealtime hunch.

draw a tree frog

Simple Frog Drawings

In slumber’s embrace, a lazy frog’s grace.

frog drawing pic

Frog on Lily Pad Drawing

Eagerly he proclaims, “I’m Froggyy,” staking his name.

Frog on Lily Pad Drawing

Mushroom Frog Drawing

A mushroom feast awaits a frog’s savory fate.

Mushroom Frog Drawing

Tree Frog Drawing

Amidst trees, a frog’s realm, a scenic portrait overwhelms.

tree frog drawing

Kermit The Frog Drawing

These drawings of Kermit the frog to life in the most adorable and endearing ways. With oversized eyes, rosy cheeks, and sweet expressions, these kawaii frogs are here to spread joy and warmth through their undeniable cuteness.”

Kermitt the frog

Kawaii Frog Drawing

kawaii cute frog


kawaii frog drawing

cute drawings of frogs

kawaii frog drawings

Easy Cute Frog Drawing To Color

How to draw a Cute Frog?

Frog Face Drawings

Drawings of Frogs provide a lovely canvas for painters to convey a variety of emotions because of their diverse expressions. We’ll explore the fascinating realm of creating frog faces in this creative voyage, from joy to surprise, melancholy to dreams.

Frog Face Drawing

These artistic suggestions will enable you to give frog faces a unique personality filled with emotions, regardless of your level of drawing experience.

Draw a Frog Face- A Happy Smile 

  1. Draw a big smiley face with large round eyes for a happy frog.
frog face drawing

Frog Face Drawing- Dreamy Stargazing

  1. Draw a frog that looks serious and focused.
how to draw frog face easily

How to Draw a Frog Face- Focused and Serious

  1. Imagine a frog looking up at the stars with a dreamy expression.
draw frog face

Frog Drawing Easy Cute- A Surprise in the Eyes

  1. Draw a frog with wide eyes, as if it’s surprised by something.

easy draw frog

End Note

In conclusion, the world of frog drawings is as diverse and captivating as the various species that inhabit our natural landscapes. From enchanting princess and frog scenes to the whimsical realm of kawaii and Tumblr-inspired artworks, the possibilities for frog-themed creativity are virtually limitless.

Whether you’re drawn to the nostalgia of Kermit the Frog or the heartwarming charm of cute frog depictions, these frog drawings are a delightful reminder of the beauty and imagination that art can bring to life. So, pick up your pencil, embrace your creativity, and let the frogs leap from your imagination onto the canvas of your choice. Happy drawing! 🐸🎨

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