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Want to doodle a cute drawing of an alien? These 50+ easy alien drawing ideas are perfect for switching on your creativity. 

You will find all the artistic inspiration here! 

easy alien drawing

Alien Drawing

Whether a doodler, a cartoonist, an artist, or simply someone here for tattoo inspiration, this article will serve alien art on a silver platter— from beginner’s easy alien drawings to more complex and intricate alien art.

Logically, aliens can look like anything; 

  • They can be purple and sparkly, 
  • Single-eyed or three-eyed, s
  • Single-legged or without limbs, 
  • Fire-tailed, with pointed ears, etc., etc. 

That’s why it’s so fun to draw alien sketches— you can be as creative and funky with your imagination as you’d like! 

Before we get into more intricate alien art and alien tattoos, let’s try a few basic and cute alien drawings for beginners. It will help you warm up your hands and tools. 

10+ Easy alien drawings: A cool alien designs collection! 

How To Draw A Alien?

Drawing an alien can be a fun and creative task. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to draw a simple alien:

  1. First easy-to-draw alien: Angel alien
Drawing of a Alien

Once an angel, always an angel. 

  1. Alien easy drawing: Cute alien with cats. 
Draw an Alien
  1. Easy alien drawing: Alien on a skateboard 
Easy Alien Drawings

Clear the way, this rock & pop alien is going to get ice from Pluto!

  1. Boxing aliens to draw
aliens to draw

Draw An Alien

  1. Simple alien drawing Saying “Hi!”
Simple alien drawing

Language: Korean

English Translation: Hi, Friend!

  1. Easy Alien drawings for Monday mornings.
Easy Alien drawings for Monday mornings.

alien drawing easy

When our alien friends say “Happy Monday, it is a HAPPY MONDAY!!”

You must like Monday Good Morning Images here.

  1. Easy aliens and spaceships to draw in the space

Identity: SuperAlien


Mission: Save the earth from humans, for humans. 

(Simple alien drawing with a beautiful space and spaceship backdrop.)

  1. Easy Ufo Drawing
Easy Ufo Drawing

Alien ship drawing

Adding coding and cryptic details to your alien ship drawings is always fun!

  1. Food and alien drawing ideas. 
alien drawing ideas

easy to draw alien

  1. Drawing of an alien peeking outside the universe.
alien head drawing

cute alien drawing

  1. Draw alien skydiving in the universe. 
alien easy drawing
  1. Dancing drawn alien 
Dancing drawn alien 

Five cute Alien drawings to hit your Sunday musings

  1. Alien drawing: Sleeping on Saturn
cute Alien drawings

cute alien drawing

Our first cute alien drawing: Sleeping Beauty! 

  1. Alien drawing: Cuteness overload. 
draw alien

Mission: Deliver as many recipes and ingredients from Earth as possible

  1. Cute alien drawing… ready to pose for the camera!
Cute alien drawing


  1. Cute alien drawings with 3 eyes, 2 eyes, and one-single eye! 
cool alien drawings
  1. Cute and easy alien drawing teaching you love!
easy alien drawing

alien drawings cute

  1. Scary Alien or cute alien…?
Scary Alien
  1. Cute alien relaxing on a planet!
alien pictures to draw

10+ UFO drawing ideas

Below are 10 creative alien ship drawings and colorful backgrounds.

  1. Our first ufo easy drawing: Landing on the dreamy planet.
alien space ship drawing
  1. Alien ship drawing: ready to land
alien space ship drawing
  1. Ufo drawing: easy and unique. 
alien ufo drawing
  1. 3D ufo easy drawing
how to draw a alien spaceship
  1. Big and simple UFO drawing 
ufo drawing
  1. How to draw a Alien spaceship? Start with the basics (Step-by-step guide below)
How to draw a ufo
  1. How to draw a alien spacecraft drawings with clouds and butterflies?
Ufo drawings
  1. Draw a ufo landing. 
Draw a ufo landing. 
  1. Alien Ufo admiring earth
Alien Ufo admiring earth
  1. Alien ship drawings: Simple Ufo drawings on misty and dreamy clouds. 
Alien ship drawings
  1. How to draw a UFO with aliens inside?
UFO with aliens
  1. Alien and ufo together. 
Alien and ufo

5+ Alien cartoon drawing: Popular movie cute aliens and extraterrestrial monsters

Want to help your kids draw easy cartoon alien drawings? We have 5+ popular and easy alien drawing cartoon ideas.

  1. Cartoon alien drawings
Alien cartoon drawing
  1. Alien head cartoon; no torso
how to draw a easy alen
  1. Mr. Oh with a cat alien drawing cartoon
how to draw an alien easy
  1. Naughty alien cartoon drawing
alien cartoon drawing
  1. Mr. Stitch, is everyone’s favorite alien cartoon drawing!
alien cartoon drawing
  1. Mr. Megamind, popular alien head drawing. 
Mr. Megamind, popular alien head drawing. 

10+ Alien head drawings: Cute and artistic. 

Below’s a compilation of alien head outlines and colorful alien heads. 

  1. Alien head with a tiara
how to draw an alien head
  1. Alien head drawing with one eye and octopus hands. 
how to draw a alien head
  1. Alien head without a torso. 
Alien head without a torso. 
  1. Ghost alien head
Ghost alien head
  1. Green alien head drawing with four eyes
alien head drawing
  1. Alien head outline
Alien head outline
  1. Cute alien head outline. 
cute Alien head outline
  1. Alien drawing ideas: Cute three-eyed alien. 
Alien drawing ideas

How to draw an alien? A step-by-step guide to cute alien drawing. 

Cute aliens are quite easy to draw, you just have to get their heads and eyes right! 

Generally, humans like their aliens to be cute— so we often see aliens with big and glittery eyes (imagine Grute), one or multiple-eyed (like displayed in the many alien cartoon movies), or extremely soft and furry! 

Here’s a beginner step-by-step guide on how to draw an alien. 

So if you are a mother teaching your toddlers how to draw an alien or simply a doodler, you can start from here! 

Step-by-step guide on how to draw an alien and how to draw an alien head! 

How To Draw An Alien Head?

The head should be bigger than the rest of the body. Your alien head should look like an egg; oval but tapered on the chin area. 

how to draw an alien step by step
  • Step Two: How to draw alien eyes and mouths. 

The eyes should start at the second half of the face. The lower the eyes, the bigger the head. 

How To Draw A Alien Head? – Bigger Head

As for the eyes, they should also resemble an egg and the tapered side should be positioned near the nose. 

how to draw an alien step by step
how to draw an alien step by step

The mouth should be closer to the eyes because compact features elaborate alien appearance. 

  • Step 3: The hands and torso. 
how to draw an alien step by step

Because this is a cute alien, you want to skip fingers and make rounded fluffy paws. Skip the neck as well and attach the hands as shown above. 

alien drawing simple

The torso should be long to accommodate shorter feet. 

Small feet= Cute alien. 

  • The final step on how to draw aliens: Make the legs and you are good to go!
alien body drawing

Here’s your complete cute alien drawing! Easy, isn’t it? 

How to draw a UFO? A step-by-step guide to making simple ufo drawings! 

Alien ship drawings are easy to draw, you just need to work on the curves and oval shapes. Here’s an easy illustration of how to draw a ufo. 

  • Step one: The spaceship head
How to draw a UFO
How to draw a UFO
  • Step two: The opening gate. 
How to draw a UFO
  • Step three: Details. 
How to draw a UFO
  • The final step on how to make a ufo drawing: Adding more details. 
How to draw a UFO

It’s easy to draw ufo, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Try some of these easy ufo and alien drawings and enjoy creative hours. 

Bonus alien art ideas: 8+ Alien tattoo Ideas. 

Engraving alien tattoos on your body has a different meaning. It shows how far your mind goes and how deep it thinks! 

  1. Alien smoking tattoo
Alien tattoo Ideas
  1. Alien Spaceship tattoo 
Alien tattoo Ideas
  1. Another alien abduction tattoo 
Alien tattoo Ideas
  1. Small alien tattoo designs
alien tattoo designs
  1. Trippy alien tattoo designs. 
Trippy alien tattoo designs. 
  1. Three-eyed Alien head tattoo
Three-eyed Alien head tattoo
  1. Alien man tattoo
Alien man tattoo
  1. Simple alien tattoo designs
Simple alien tattoo designs
  1. Cute alien tattoo
Simple alien tattoo designs
  1. Trippy alien tattoos: Alien cat— Yin and Yang. 
Trippy alien tattoos
  1. Zen alien tattoo ideas
Zen alien tattoo ideas


It’s fun to draw aliens: easy and unique! 

I had a great time working on these alien drawings; it was a fun and artistic experience. It’s time for you to get creative, too! 

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