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Going on the beach for the first with your baby can be intimidating. It’s water, sand, and sun that you need to protect your baby from. As fun as the beach is, your new little human being is sensitive and new to it all. These Beach Essentials For Babies will protect your baby and let you have a great time at the beach.

While you don’t want to pack too much for the beach trip, you don’t want to leave a Beach Essentials For Babies behind. I recommend making a DIY checklist to not leave anything behind.

All in all, beach family time is a fun time, watching your cute little bunny splashing in the water, rolling on the sand, and glowing with the sun. Their cute little body makes everything cuter.

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Of course, your time at the beach won’t be the same as it was before your baby but it would be mesmerizing. Without further ado let’s jump in these baby beach essentials to enjoy every second at the beach with your baby.

20 Beach Essentials For Babies For A Fun Summer Family Time

1. Swim Diapers-Beach Essentials For Babies

Firstly, use swim diapers when you take your baby in the ocean. These swim diapers keep the diaper content in and do not allow anything to spill out. Also, don’t forget to carry regular diapers along with these swim diapers.

While swim diapers are good at keeping the diaper content in, they are not quite as absorbent as regular diapers. So, use regular diapers at all times and only use swim diapers when entering the water.

Beach Essentials For Babies

Pamper splasher disposable swim diaper is the best option when going to the beach as a Beach Essentials For Babies.

  • These come with a 360-degree waistband to keep the messes locked inside.
  • The swim diaper also locks down around the legs to seal off the mess.
  • It also comes with a dual leak guard.
  • Please check the size for your baby before buying the splashers.

2. Baby Sunscreen

The most obvious & important Beach Essentials For Babies to carry with you to the beach is baby sunscreen that suits your baby and protects your baby from harmful sun rays. Choose 30 SPF or above.

Also, choose a sunscreen that has zinc oxide, it protects your baby from ocean water as well. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours if you are going to spend a lot of time on the beach.

One of the best Sunscreen for babies is Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen SPF 50

Firstly, use swim diapers when you take your baby in the ocean. These swim diapers keep the diaper content in and do not allow anything to spill out. Also, don’t forget to carry regular diapers along with these swim diapers.

While swim diapers are good at keeping the diaper content in, they are not quite as absorbent as regular diapers. So, use regular diapers at all times and only use swim diapers when entering the water.

3. Cute Baby Swimsuits

If you search through the internet, you will find a great variety of cute little swimsuits for your baby. Not having a photoshoot with your baby on the beach is like going in an ice cream parlor and not having an ice cream. As parents, we can’t help but savor every moment with our baby.

You can find mermaid swimsuit or popeye swim pants and all sorts. If your baby is extra sensitive to the heat, use a swimsuit that has sleeves. If not, you can always go alone with swim diapers and a loose tee.

Also, while purchasing swimsuits, buy a swimsuit that doesn’t cause rashes. A.K.A., choose a rash guard swimsuits. You can also find SPF swimsuits in the market if your baby is sensitive to sun and sunscreen doesn’t work enough on them.

4. Baby Floaties.

Newborn floaties are cute little donut airbags that keep your baby’s body out of the water. If your baby hasn’t learned to walk yet, newborn floaties will be a better choice. These floaties come with leg holes and a headrest(depending on the baby floaties you choose)

Beach Essentials For Babies

If your baby can walk, run and jump, bring a puddle jumper with arm floaties. At all costs, make sure your baby’s head is outside of the water and don’t lose their sight because floaties alone aren’t enough.

LAYCOL float is a luxury floaty. It comes with a shed and covers the whole circle of the stage around your baby.

5. Baby Hats

Our face is extra sensitive to the sun. Purchase a cute swim hat that matches your baby’s outfit and photoshoot! Also, babies often do not like to wear baby hats but it’s good to be on the safe side. Get a baby hat that ties around their cute chin.

6. Baby Swim Shoes

Prolonged exposure to water can wrinkle your baby’s delicate skin. Similarly, long exposure in the sun and saltwater can rough your baby’s skin. Get yourself a pair of baby swim shoes to keep their feet dry and safe.

Beach sand is hot, most of the time, it’s best to have the shoes on the sand to protect your baby’ feet.

JIASUQI baby shoes are comfortable to wear and stretchable Beach Essentials For Babies

Also, make sure that your baby doesn’t drink the sea’s water, it can cause dehydration.

7. Baby Sunglasses

Again, sunglasses are perfect for a photo shoot. Imagine how cute they’d look! Sunglasses come with UVA & UVB rays protection. Baby eyes are delicate and they must be protected because the sun can be scary.

Beach Essentials For Babies

COCOSAND Baby Sunglasses come with straps to keep them in position.

  • The sunglasses straps are adjustable and suited to 0-24 months babies.
  • It gives 100% Sun protection to your baby.

8. Baby Toys-Beach Essentials For Babies

Toddlers love to make sandcastles with their little toys. What baby toys to purchase for the beach? Buckets, hammer, shovel, rake, pale cultivator. These are cute little plastic toys to play construction and build bungalows out of the sand.

With these, you can also buy shape toys sets that come with different shapes i.e., starfish, sea animals, mermaids, etc. Along with these toys, you can also buy cute, small sea animal figurines to play the whole beach feeling.

There is a multiple range on Amazon you can select with.

9. Extra baby clothes, towels

After a long fun day at the beach, your baby just wants to relax. Get extra clothes that are loose and breathable, like a tank top and loose bloomers. You’d also need extra pairs of towels because they will get wet more often than you can think of. Don’t forget to carry extra clothes for you, as well.

10. Baby diapers, diaper bag

As we concluded, swim diapers are only good until your baby is in the water because they are not as absorbent as regular diapers. Carry a handful of diapers because you’d be needing them once your baby is done playing with the water.

Also, regular diapers alone aren’t enough. Take Rash powder/cream and wipes to keep your baby clean before, after, and while changing the diaper.

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11. Diaper Bag Dispenser.

Hygiene is everyone’s first priority. Diaper Bag dispenser is a set of diaper disposable bags that lock in dirty diapers with its smell. These disposable diaper bags come with fragrance and the ability to lock in the diaper odor. These diapers come very handily when traveling.

Sassy Diaper sacks are the best option to choose from.

  • These lock odor and wetness
  • Come with baby scent to cover the smell whatsoever.
  • Easy to carry
  • Come with a tie handle

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12. Snacks and Water

Water is very important on a beach! Seawater is never good. It can dehydrate your body and lose a lot of body water. Always carry fresh water with you at all times when going to the beach, you don’t want to risk buying the water.

Secondly, a long day at the beach will leave you hungry for light-weight snacks. Carry potato chips, or whatever is your favorite snack. Now, you don’t want to waste the food, so make sure you pack the number of snacks you’d needing and would be able to finish.

13. Pumped Milk

If your baby is a newborn and under 6 months of age, it’s best that you breastfeed. For whatever reasons, if you can’t breastfeed, carry pumped breastmilk stashes. Breast milk is the best option for your baby under 6 months of age.

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If your baby is above 6 months, pumped breastmilk still works for the best. Along with pumped milk, you can carry a few fingers foods, simple fruits, oatmeal, easy eggs with no spices

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14. Bottle Warmer

In case of formula or bottle feeding, i.e., if you feed your baby formula or bottle feed them to breast milk, carry a bottle warmer. You don’t want to feed your baby cold or hot milk that their body can’t accept or adjust to.

Beach Essentials For Babies

If you haven’t brought a bottle warmer yet, it’s very important in day to day life, you can warm milk in a couple of seconds and adjust to a suitable temperature unlike on a gas where you have to warm and cool it down given the conditions.

Also, bottle warmers work great when you are traveling and are away from your place. You don’t have to look for gas or heat or fire to warm your baby’s milk, bottle warmer will do it for you.

Philips Bottle warmer is a great choice.

  • This warmer can heat 4 ounces of milk in 3 minutes.
  • Works with almost every container.
  • Requires 300 W to function

15. Breastfeeding nursing pillow

This might sound absurd but if you are a nursing mother, a nursing pillow is a must. It helps you feed efficiently and without the trouble of adjusting your baby on your arms.

Beach Essentials For Babies

Breast friend Nursing pillow comes with back support and straps to adjust.

  • Unlike other nursing pillows, breast friend nursing pillow comes with a 360 waist support.
  • It also comes with a bottle of attachment.
  • Support on the back.

16. Beach Bags

Obvious but important. Beach bags are spacious and can carry a lot in them! You can keep water bottles, snacks, clothes in your beach bag and carry the rest of the items in the car. If you aren’t taking the car, you’d need a couple of beach bags to carry everything.

If you are carrying more than a single beach bag, divide them into categories of baby beach essentials, mommy beach essentials, and daddy beach essentials. Although I strongly believe daddy beach essentials are just two pairs of shorts but meh!

17. Wet Bags

Wet bags are a good option to carry back all the wet and sand soaked clothes and other items. Carry 2 if you have a number of clothes and other items that won’t get rid of sand easily.

Along with wet bags, carry mesh bags as well. The holes in mesh bags will shed all the sand once the items dry. Mesh bags are a good option to clear out additional sand from your beach essentials.

If you have too many beach toys, rubber balls, floaties, a big beach mesh bags is the best option. Extra-large Mesh Bag is the best option to carry it and rid all the sand.

  • This mesh bag comes with many compartments where you can store different things.
  • It’s light-weighted and still sturdy.
  • It comes with strong strap support to carry it around on your shoulders with ease.

18. Sandless Beach Mat

Mesh bags remind me of mesh beach mats, trust me you’d need a mesh beach mat. The sand can be very harsh on your skin. Mesh mats do not allow sand to sit out on the mat, it soaks it down and out.

ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat soaks in the sand.

  • Dual Mesh Technology
  • Soaks sand and water out.
  • It can be used as a mat, shed, blanket.
  • Easy to wash and dry.

19. Beach Baby Tent

You can either opt for a baby tent or a family tent. I would prefer a family tent because c’mon your baby won’t be sitting alone. Beach family tents come with a shed and mat attached. You can just enjoy the ocean and the sun under the shed, that way you won’t have prolonged exposure to heat.

Too much and the sun starts to get on the nerve, does it not? It’s always best to have a shed with you. If you don’t want to purchase a family tent, you can always rent it. Call the beach authorities beforehand to check the beach tent’s availability.

Another option is to carry a double mesh mat/Gathre mat and a big umbrella to cover yourself and the baby from the heat. If you plan on buying a beach tent, find the one with SPF protection.

20. Insects Repellent Spray

Babies are very sensitive and delicate, a single insect bite can cause a big reaction on the body. It’s best to apply insect repellent on your baby’s body to keep them safe from insects.

California Baby Bug Blend is an insect repellent spray. It comes with a natural scent and doesn’t come with artificial or allergic components.

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