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Babies have a fragile and undeveloped immune system, so keeping your baby safe and secure from germs and bacteria is crucial. As a parent, we must keep all the surroundings, especially baby’s milk sippy bottles, sterilized. This article helps new parents to find the best baby bottle sterilizer to keep their infants healthy and robust.

 These uninvited guests like Bacterias and germs come all along with baby items like bottles, pacifiers, toys and teethers. Now it’s our priority to choose a strong baby bottle sterilizer that can kill a hundred per cent of germs and bacteria stuck with a baby’s items. 

Why Do We Use A Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

Bacteria and germs are very unkind to a baby’s delicate immune system. After coming in contact with these gems, your baby will get many unwanted illnesses like vomiting and diarrhea. Baby Bottle Sterilizer can kill all germs and bactaria that are harmful to baby.

You cannot stop all the germs caused during breastfeeding or while expressing breast milk, or when you offer the milk bottler for the first time to your baby.  

But you can make sure about your baby’s milk sippy bottles are not making them sick. Sterilizing bottles is straightforward, and it can be a life-saver and a time-saver.

Below are the best bottle sterilizers for your baby items. I have tried hard to make it easy for you to choose a perfect sterilizer according to your needs.

urrently, there are mainly four different types of baby bottle sterilizers that come in different shapes and sizes, and these work differently. Mentioned below are the four types of sterilizers that you must know before buying one for your baby:

Microwave steam sterilizer 

Why only this baby bottle sterilizer? It is a pocket-friendly sterilizer as compared to many other electric steam sterilizers. 

These microwave steam sterilizers contain the power of steam to clean up all the germs and bacteria from the baby bottles. 

How? You have to set the sterilizer in the microwave, and the rest of the sterilizer will do itself. 

Though it cannot hold many bottles at a time because of its capacity, the best thing is that it can clean up your baby’s bottle in a few minutes. And fit for your small space.

Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer 

Below are fantastic features you must know abott baby bottle philips:-

  • It’s a pocket-friendly Product
  • Keep bottles and other pump parts sterile for a day
  • It can clean four bottles in a day
  • You can keep it in your cupboard when you don’t need it
  • This Product cleans the bottles within 4 to 6 minutes
  • It is made of BPA-free Plastic
  • The bottle sterilizer comes with a sterilizer and heat-safe tongs

Electric steam sterilize-Baby Bottle Washer

It is the easiest way to clean up all your baby’s bottles and make them germs and bacteria-free after sterilzing. These electric steam sterilizers are generated through electricity which then steams and leads to water boiling.

Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Baby Sterilizer 

The perfect baby sterilizer that you can have is easy to use by just clicking one button. Also, it doesn’t require much space. It works automatically with electricity and can sterilize any small to oversized items like six bottles, knives, toddler plates, etc. 

The best thing about this Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer is that it uses natural steam and no chemical to sterilize, and it secures 99.9% germs and bacteria. 

Your hands are all accessible in this sterilizer as it automatically shuts itself in 6 minutes. You have to fill it up with some water, then close it and on its button. 

Main Features Of Philips Avent 3 in 1 Sterilizer

  • The Product is fit for all types of bottles
  • It is a BPA free product
  •  Suitable for any space
  • Shut off automatically within 6 minutes

UV light sterilizer 

These UV light sterilizers are specially designed to disinfect all the dental, pharmaceutical, and medical fields. 

It is a unique way to eliminate germs and bacteria with ultraviolet light from baby bottles and other baby items. It kills 100% of bacteria and germs, but you have to pay more than an electric microwave sterilizer.

Vital Baby Nurture Advanced Pro UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer And Warmer

It claims to kill 99.99% of baby bottle germs and its sterilizing time duration is 7 minutes only. You keep all the baby items sterile for 2 to 3 days, and you can sterilize anything related to baby items that fit in it.

Coldwater sterilizer 

Just like the name, these cold-water sterilizers use cold water to soak all the baby’s feeding bottles in it. 

The best thing about these cold water sterilizers is that you can use them anywhere, whether travelling, staying somewhere overnight or at your home. 

They give the same results compared to other water sterilizers after they are perfectly immersed in water. The cold water sterilizer works for 24 hours.

Milton Cold Water Steriliser  

The best Product for parents who have babies and a lot of baby bottles per day to sterilize, including breast pump parts, teethers, pacifiers and dummies. It’s affordable and needs low maintenance charges, and it keeps the items sterile for the whole day.

Best baby bottle sterilizer Machine

 Baby bottle sterilizers come in different infrastructures, colours, and exciting features and satisfy all your needs. Mentioned below are some of the best baby bottle sterilizers that you can check on to give your baby a bacteria and germs free milk sipper:

Stok (BPA free) Baby Bottle Sterilizer for 6 Bottles

It is one of the best baby bottle sterilizers, and this sterilizer can be controlled with a microcomputer which helps you control the sterilizer. 

It has a unique feature that allows you to sterilize small, medium and large bottles in just about 8 minutes without facing any difficulty and can be used as a steamer. This sterilizer is BPA free and contains many features worth buying it.

Trump USA- Best Electric Steam Baby Bottle Sterilizer For Feeding 

This sterilizer is a little expensive but is worth buying. It contains a high temperature to sterilize the bottles and many other items in about 9 minutes.

 The high temperature helps to kill germs and bacteria. It also allows you to store your items for as long as you need to keep them to use later. Also, you can travel with it anywhere and can use this sterilizer anywhere anytime. All these features make this the best travelling sterilizer.

It’s automatic, BPA free plastic and works in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, it contains a button that should be used correctly to avoid such problems. Rest it the best electric steam sterilizer you can have. 

1. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer $45 

This Dr Brown’s Deluxe Sterilizer is the best baby bottle sterilizer as it automatically shuts down when done, and its indicators inform you when the sterilization of bottles is done. 

It contains a removable tray that helps you set the bottles and sterilize some other parts of the bottle like nipples, pacifiers and more. It is made of BPA free plastic or polypropylene free. 

2. R for Rabbit Hot Bot Bottle Baby Sterilizer & Warmer 

If you are on a light budget for sterilizers, this is the best affordable BPA-free plastic sterilizer for your baby’s bottles. It is clearly the best 5 in 1 sterilizer. That means it sterilizes baby’s bottles and allows you to boil water, boil milk, steam eggs, warm food, etc. 

In this, you can set a temperature according to your needs. It has an automatic shut down button too. 

3. Morisons by Dreams Quick Electric Sterilizer 

This is an electric sterilizer that sterilizes baby’s bottles and other items with natural steam and clearly.

  No chemicals are being used. The best part about this sterilizer is that it can sterilize upto six bottles, whether narrow or wide, in just about 8 minutes. 

It uses steam to kill all the bacteria and germs without any use of chemicals that can harm the child. This Morisons by Dreams Quick electric sterilizer doesn’t come with a warranty but has good features.

4. LuvLap Royal Electric Steam Sterilizer 

This is one of the best sterilizers that you can buy as it is affordable, doesn’t use any chemicals, just steam and does not have any side effects. 

It is automatic, so you don’t have to waste your time standing and waiting for the sterilizer to make the bottles clean.

Instead, it sterilizes in just about 8 minutes. It contains an auto shut off button after sterilizing the bottles with an indication button after sterilizing and sterilizing six bottles at a time.

Safety tips

When using the sterilizer, safety is a must for you and your baby, so, here are some important safety tips that I’ve mentioned that you must check while using the sterilizer:

  1. The first and very important tip is to make sure to keep it out of children’s reach as it can be hot and some contain electrical reach, which can be dangerous for your children. 
  2. Do not keep sterilizers around water, as this can be a disaster for you. So make sure you keep them in a dry open place.
  3. Always check to lock the baby’s sterilizer before turning it on properly.
  4. Do not put anything inflammable around the sterilizer. Always keep baby items in a dry and good space.
  5. Some sterilizers do not have a heat protection feature so avoid touching them until they cool down.
  6. To avoid any burning in your hands, you must wear heat resistant gloves while using the sterilizer.

 The Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers for your comfort zone and for your peace of mind. I have included baby bottle sterlizer price also.

Baby Brezza One-Step Bottle Sterilzer And Dryer $74.99

Munchkin Jumbo Microwave Bottle Sterilzer Bags $8.99

Tommee Tippee Microwave Travel Steam Baby Bottle Sterlizer $30.50

FAQS on the baby sterilizer 

Which baby bottle sterilizer is best?

Bottle Sterilizers are a device in which bottles are fit to clean all the germs and bacteria with proper steam to avoid any health issues for the baby. 

Also, it cleans the bottle’s nipples and caps. All you have to do is add some water and turn on the switch. 

 Do you really need a baby bottle sterilizer?

One of parents’ common questions while thinking about getting a sterilizer. Sterilizers are not necessary as you can use boiling water or microwave, but sterilizers work automatically and work instantly. So if you have less time, then you must buy it. 

 How often should I sterilize the baby’s bottles?

 To avoid any infections or health issues for your baby, you must regularly sterilize your baby’s bottle. A Baby’s immune system is generally weak, and maintaining cleanliness is one of the essential things you must do. Meanwhile, sterilizing your baby’s bottles must be a priority. 

How to ensure the long life of the sterilizer?

Here are some things you should avoid to get a longer life of the sterilizer. Do not use a sterilizer if there’s an issue and get it repaired. If there are any voltage fluctuations, do not use them. After than keep sterilizers in a dry place as the water around the sterilizer could create some issues. 

 When should you stop using the baby bottle sterilizer?

You can stop using sterilizers after your baby is all grown up in a healthy and fit way. Also, you can use them if your baby gets a fever, cold, flu, etc. It is essential to keep the surroundings clean to avoid any health issues. 

Bottom line

Taking care of everything and managing time for you and your child is so tough and when your baby develops any health issues is such a disappointment. Getting a sterilizer is a must for you and your baby to avoid these.

Mentioned above are the best sterilizers that work automatically, are almost BPA free, are secure for your child and provide all the features that satisfy all your needs.

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