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When a capricorn man kisses you

What does it mean when a capricorn man kisses you? Are capricorns good kissers? Where do capricorns like to be kissed? 

If you’ve just experienced a lovely kiss by a capricorn, it is fair enough to be bummed out with satisfaction and butterflies—thinking what the sweet kiss meant. We’re sure it was delicate, intimate, and purely bliss; yet it doesn’t clear where you stand in his life. 

While you might already know how much he cares after the kiss (in your guts), it’s still important to double check his intentions. Although, we assure you it meant a significant deal! 

If you want to learn what it means when a capricorn man kisses you; keep reading, you’ll love what’s coming next for you. 

When a Capricorn Man kisses you—8 True Meanings 

We understand the dreamy chaos you might get into when a capricorn man kisses you. This is why, here are 8 true meanings of a capricorn man’s romantic kiss—don’t worry, it’s in your heart’s favor!

1. It was not a light decision

When a capricorn man kisses you, it’s okay to assume it was a meaningful kiss. They definitely took a lot of time deciding whether to kiss you or not, and we assure you it was not a spontaneous move. 

A Capricorn man is the perfect kind of man, which means he doesn’t go around with multiple girls fetching himself a kiss. He takes his time to find the perfect partner, and even more time to get ready for a passionate smooch. 

If a capricorn man kisses you, they haven’t done it only for the sake of kissing. It’s because he’s genuinely interested in your personality, and likes the person you really are. 

These men are reserved and always test women before getting any close to being physically active with them. So you can only expect a beautiful kiss from a Capricorn if they have known you for a while. You’re special in his eyes! 

2. The kisses were especially for you

When it comes to kissing, they have your pleasure prioritized in mind. Even though he’d expect a charismatic moment, how YOU feel about the perfect kiss is what matters more to him. 

So if you’re stunned by his move or feeling anxious, don’t worry; he’ll do his best to melt your heart and make you comfortable in his arms. As the kisses goes on, you’ll soon feel like you’re dissolving into his body through his desiring lips and capricorn man kissing style. 

The best thing his kiss is that you are the priority. He’ll make sure you’re having a good time, even if it means switching away from his original style to what you like! Capricorn males like kissing and your guy will make sure he offers the perfect kiss.

3. When A Capricorn Man Kisses You, He is in love with you

What does it mean mean when a capricorn guy kisses you on the first date? For him, an intimate kiss is more than just your lips moving against each other. It is a declaration of love! 

As astrology speaks, Capricorns are shy beings and rarely open up about how they feel. They are well-preserved, and prefer keeping their feelings enclosed until they are sure you’re the right person to be with. 

If he has made a kissing move on the first date, you can take it as one of the signs a capricorn man loves you. He has decided to convey his feelings through kissing, because he thinks it will sweetly pass on his romantic intentions! 

Still if you are doubtful, try to figure out how you felt when he had you in his arms with his delicate lips pressing onto yours. Was he elegant yet assertive? Were you surprised but still didn’t want to stop him? 

If yes, it’s because he kisses you in a way that you’d want more. There’s nothing more sensual than a capricorn guy kiss. He wants to take your relationship to the next level!

4. He wants to seriously commit to you when a capricorn man kisses you 

If you think a kiss is not a big deal, we assure you that it is a big enough sign he’s very much interested in you!

Kissing may not be a big deal for most zodiac signs, but this earth sign does not throw their kisses around. In simpler words, a Capricorn male would never kiss a woman until he sees a committed future with her. 

A kiss is more than just a physical gesture for your sensual man. It means—”I really love you, and I want to cherish you for the rest of my life.” 

A kiss = Capricorn man in love behavior! 

Moreover, Capricorns are perfect at their ideologies about love. So a hug means just as much as a kiss when done with the right person. When a capricorn man hugs you, it’s one of the biggest indiactions he is in love with you.

5. It’s not just a kiss when  capricorn man kisses you

how a capricorn man kisses you?

Capricorns are comparatively much more sensual beings, given they are earth signs. When he kisses you, it will feel way more special than a normal guy’s kiss. 

It won’t feel like a regular peck of lips. He will be gentle in his body language, assertive in his movements, and magical at making you fly off the ground as he take things under control.

This zodiac will be soft and authentic, and his only goal behind the kiss is showing his affection towards you. He’ll take you to the moon and back, and overwhelm you with love, intense emotions, and crazy feelings.

Moreover, he’ll be noticing your reaction in the moment; if you feel aroused by the kiss or are enjoying it, he will definitely continue giving you more pleasure. You will feel save as well as horny at the same time!

As per his own pleasure, Capricorns have many erogenous zones that turn on even with the slightest of touch. You will work him up quite well while just moving your hand over his body when kissing him. 

6. The kisses mean more to him than he lets you believe! 

capricorn man kissing style

While it might seem like just another kiss in the life of a Capricorn male, in reality, it’s so much more than that! 

When a Capricorn guy kisses you, he’s conveying his serious emotions for you with that small gesture. He means to show that you’re not just any girl he randomly thought of kissing, but someone very close to his heart. 

If his kiss is slow and passionate, you can tell he wants to go further ahead at being intimate with you. He can’t resist you anymore and wishes to devour you! However, if his kiss is soft and spontaneous, he is apprehensive about your reaction or how you’d feel. 

In any case, a capricorn man’s kiss has some meaning even though it’s just a slight peck on your cheek or forehead. 

7. A Capricorn man doesn’t play silly games 

Capricorn guys possess a career-driven personality, and avoid playing silly mind games when it comes to dating! They love kissing but still do not go around kissing random women.

‘Life is too short’ for a Capricorn man, since they are born under a sign that is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet associated with duties, rules, responsibilities, and—most importantly—time.

A Capricorn man won’t waste his time chasing a girl or playing hard to get. This is because he has much more important commitments in his life than figuring out answers to confusing riddles. He’ll only take his mind off work for someone who is really close to his heart! 

In case you reciprocate his feelings, he’ll know it immediately (a capricorn man has his way of observing things better) and do his best to make you happy. Again, work is more important to a Capricorn man; so don’t assume he’ll sit around with you 24/7. 

He’ll love you, make you happy, and spend quality time with you while also maintaining a work-life balance! 

8. He likes to make the first move

Being earth signs, Capricorn men are conservative and dominant. When a capricorn man loves you, he’ll surely make the first move to push things forward, while also revealing his assertive nature. A capricorn man likes to dominate and get what he wants!

Since capricorn males are generally traditional, he believes in making the starting move instead of keeping both parties waiting around.

He’ll come forward with their first kiss, swaying you off your feet while also making you feel safe. He’ll ensure that these awkward scenarios are turned into memorable moments so it feels like home in his presence.

Capricorn man kissing style

Capricorn kisses are gentle, deep and lasting. Capricorns aim is to kiss their wife. He could therefore be looking into your eyes to show you affection, and to show you trust. If he holds your hand slightly it’ll take away your current distance between you.

You can see him longing in the eyes and forget all that is already happening. Regardless of how long the kissing was, you would ultimately want more. Capricorns have good patience for kisses.

Frequently Asked Questions—When a Capricorn man kisses you 

When a capricorn man kisses you, it’s only normal for your mind to run around in circles with several questions pouring inside your head. We’re here to answer all your questions—

Are Capricorns good kissers? 

When a capricorn man kisses you, it’ll instantly take you to a movie scene where everything around is sweet and perfect! 

Are capricorns good kissers? The answer to this is as easy as cutting yourself a piece of cake. Capricorn men strive to be the best at everything, so kissing isn’t any far from their to-be-best-at list. 

Moreover, capricorns love to pleasure their partner. So if he kisses you for the first time, it would be more about pleasing you and offering your lips a beautifully engaging time. Their natural stance and confidence can be a huge turn on in the bedroom, and their kissing style is slow, deep, intimate, and long lasting!

Capricorn men are perfect at kissing, and they know how to unwind their lover and soothe their anxiety with a single peck on the lips. When a capricorn man kisses you, it will ring wedding bells in your ears as their actions point to commitment! 

A passionate kiss means they want to date you and be in a relationship.

Where do capricorns like to be kissed? 

Capricorn men are romantic lovers, and they love to satisfy their partner! 

When a capricorn man kisses you, he usually has your pleasure in mind. He’s doing it for your satisfaction more than his own. So just synchronizing and intimately participating in the kiss is enough for them! 

However if you still want to know where do capricorns enjoy being kissed, the best way to find out is by asking them directly. Capricorn men are practical and logic-oriented, so they’ll enjoy telling you about their preferences. 

In case you think talking about it will ruin the fun, let me assure you it will only make your kisses a thousand times better. If the capricorn guy gets exactly what he desires in a kiss, he’ll put much more effort into giving you pleasure in return! 

Still, let me give you some sort of clarity on where to kiss a capricorn man. Where a capricorn man likes to be kissed? 

  • Lips—Capricorn men love romance, and what’s more romantic than a sensual smooch? 
  • Neck—If you find a way to get on top of him, the best place to kiss is his neck. While capricorn guys prefer being dominant most of the time, they can enjoy a bit of control by their partner. 


  • Thighs—Legs are the most sensitive parts for this zodiac sign. If you massage the back of his knees, caress his thighs with your fingers and kiss them when getting down on him, he’ll probably surprise you with an intense arousal! 
  • Hands—One of the most secretive sensitive spots in a Capricorn man. Simply grabbing or holding your capricorn man’s hand will stop his mind from running around, and get it focused on you. 

    Holding his hand when he’s stressed out can calm and greatly comfort him. It’s even better if you kiss his hand; you’ll easily switch his regular tension to sexual tension! 

  • Kisses Your Forehead and Cheek—Kiss him on his forehead, and you’ll have a cute baby in your arms awaiting pampering! You can also land soft pecks on his cheek; he’ll love a romantic woman! He kisses your forehead and finishes where you want!

How do capricorn men act when in love? 

Since capricorn men are not very expressive about their feelings, it is usually difficult to identify capricorn in love signs! If you want to learn how do capricorn men act in love, here are some key points to observe in your partner: 

  • He starts spending more and more time with you 

    A capricorn man usually prioritizes his work and professional goals over anything else. Nonetheless, if he has started making time for the first time, it is sign capricorn man loves you! He wants to make sure that you know he will take things towards a relationship.

  • He reveals his emotional side

    Being the sea goat, a capricorn man is strong on the outside and really emotional on the inside. He keeps his vulnerable side reserved, and reveals himself slowly in the moment. If he has started disclosing his secret emotional personality, he wants to date you, woman!

  • He starts having deep and meaningful conversations with you

    A capricorn man is a serious man towards duties, goals, and other meaningful aspects of life. If he has started sharing his ideologies and beliefs with you, he wants to analyze how you think about everything.

    This is his way of seeing if the woman he loves is a compatible match. He wants to make sure his precious affection is going to the right woman!

  • He gets flirty with you

    For a zodiac signs that is too much focused towards building a successful life for himself, it is unusual for him to flirt around. But when a capricorn man loves you, he transforms into a cool, flirty guy who wants to win you over and keep you by his side! 

    He will come out of his reserved shell, and get goofy around you to show his affection.


  • He gets jealous easily but won’t show

    When a capricorn man loves you, his possessive personality trait will automatically activate! He will easily get jealous when you talk about some other guy or complement anyone else in front of him.

    The bad side about this is that he won’t ever let you know he is jealous.  Instead, he’ll feel sad about it and let the jealousy get onto his head. Only a capricorn man knows what happens next! 

  • He shows interest in your career goals 

    Since a Capricorn man is very serious about his own life goals, he’ll also get interested in your professional goals. He will want to know why and how you’re pursuing your dream life, and would do everything to support you! 

    He’ll help you get clarity on certain decisions and do his research when advising you. This is one of the most clear signs a capricorn man loves you! He will take your career and capability to the next level!

Bottom Line 

When a capricorn man kisses you, you can consider yourself lucky because there’s no other better zodiac to date than a capricorn. A Capricorn is a sensitive, smart, loving, and goal-oriented man who’ll do anything to build a happy, healthy, and successful life! 

Capricorn men are loyal, hardworking, and highly driven by nature. They can be trusted and expected from because they love to provide. If a capricorn man is in love with you, make sure you reciprocate their feelings if you don’t want to push him away.

He doesn’t like mind games and rarely gets attached to someone. But when he does fill his heart with someone, that person becomes equally important as his goals are for him. So try to love him the same, and he’ll bring the world down to your feet! 

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