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40 Easy Chicken Drawing Ideas: How To Draw A Chicken

Are you searching for something exciting like chicken drawings and chicks to keep your little ones entertained and creative? Look no further, because we have just the thing you need! As we all know that kids love animals and here is how to draw a chicken with these 40 easy chicken drawings ideas with a step-by-step tutorial.

Your kids must enjoy these chicken sketches, outlines, coloring pages, and printables. These DIY chicken drawing easy can keep your kids happy and engaged. Choose any 4o how to draw a chicken easy for your kid.

Chicken drawing and chick drawing can be fun and entertaining activities for kids. Get ready to explore the world of drawings with our easy How to Draw a Chicken for Kids with a step-by-step tutorial.

We’ll create cute little chicks and silly cartoon chicken characters that will make your kid giggle. Get ready to have a blast as you and your little ones showcase your amazing artistic talents and bring these adorable chickens to life on paper!

Materials Needed For Chicken Drawing Easy

Before we begin, gather the following materials that help to draw a chicken easy:

  • Paper/Sheet
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black pen or markers (optional)
  • Crayons to fill in chicken outlines

How to Draw a Chicken Easy?

Follow these steps to draw a cute chicken:

Step 1: How to draw a chicken body easy?

chicken drawing


Start by drawing a bean shape in the center of your paper. This will be the chicken’s body.

Step 2: How to draw a chicken head and an eye easy?

how to draw a chicken

At the top of the bean, draw three semicircles for the head. Connect the head to the body with curved lines and add one small circle inside the head for the eyes.

Step 3: Chicken wings drawing easy with a beak.

how to draw a chicken

At the front of the head, draw a triangle shape for the beak. Draw the Beak Details, draw a small curved line to represent the mouth. Extend curved lines from the body to create the wings.

Step 4: Drawing easy chicken Tail and Legs

how to draw a chick

At the back of the body, draw three curved lines for the tail. Draw two straight lines extending down from the bottom of the chicken’s body. 

To complete your chicken, add small curved lines on the wings and tail to represent feathers. Erase any unnecessary lines, and your chicken drawing is ready!

How to Chick Easy Drawing?

draw a chick

Chicks, with their fluffy feathers and endearing nature, are the epitome of cuteness. Drawing these adorable creatures can bring joy to both children and adults alike. 

We will explore the art of easy drawing chick by creating cute easy to draw chick drawings. So, grab your art supplies, unleash your kid’s creativity, and let’s dive into the world of charming chick illustrations!

Easy Chick Drawing

Draw Chick: Who can resist the cuteness of a fluffy chick? And what could be more delightful than a chick indulging in a bowl of tasty ramen? Drawing a cute chick enjoying a delicious bowl of noodles can spark your child’s imagination and creativity.

Easy Chick Drawing: Chick Enjoying Rain

cute chick drawing


Cute Chick Drawing: Chick hiding in a popcorn bucket

drawing chick


Chick Drawing: Chick and its ice cream Adventure

cute chick drawings

Cute Chick Drawing: A cute chick clutching a delicious cake

Cute Chick Drawing: Cute chef chick- Spreading Joy in the Kitchen

easy chick drawing

Baby Chick Drawings: Sweet Dreams of a Cute Chick

In the land of dreams, the cute chick’s imagination takes flight.

chick outline drawing

Cute Chick Drawings: A Cute Chick Standing on a Hand

Baby Chick Drawing- Gravity-Defying Cuteness

chick drawing

Easy Chick Drawings:

The Irresistible Charm of a Cute Chick in the Pool

Chick Drawing- Poolside Bliss, Splish Splash!

10 Easy Chick Drawings:

A Cute Chick’s Pizza Experience with Hot Sauce

Chick Drawing: The Fiery Kick of Hot Sauce

Easy Chick Drawings: When a Cute Chick’s Crush Sends a “Hi”

Blushing Feathers- As the chick reads the text, its feathers tingle with excitement.


Draw a Chick: Drawing a Happy Chick Spreading Happiness with its Cheerful Spirit

Chick Drawing: Drawing a happy chick allows you to capture the pure joy and infectious spirit of these adorable creatures.

chicken scratching drawing

Baby Chick Drawing: Sweet Cravings

Drawing an Irresistibly Cute Chick Asking for Cake

14. How to Draw a Chick: Drawing a Cute Angry Chick

Baby Chick Drawing: Adorably Fierce!

chicken little drawing

Chick Drawing:

The Cute Chick with a Name Board: Adding Personalized Charm to Your Drawing

Hi, Kevin!

Draw a Chick

Drawing Three Adorable Chicks Hatching from Eggs

Baby Chick Drawing

Chick Drawing:

Easy and Adorable Chick with a Personal Introduction

Easy Chicken Drawing: Meet the cutest little chick named Max Wilson as we embark on an artistic adventure!

Baby Chick Drawing:

Three Fluffy Chicks in a Basket – A Heartwarming Drawing Adventure!

Easy and Cute Chicken Drawing

Drawing a cute chicken can be a fun and enjoyable activity, even if you’re a beginner. Chickens are adorable creatures, and with a few simple steps, you can learn how to capture their cuteness on paper. In this easy guide, we will take you through the process of creating your own charming chicken drawing. 

Chicken Drawing

Feathered Friends: Drawing Two Chickens Greeting Each Other with Joy!

Chicken Drawing Easy: R

Ready for Takeoff, Drawing a Confident Chicken Striking a Flight Pose

Draw a Chicken:

Drawing a Cute Chicken Taking Flight

Cute Chicken Drawing

Drawing a Chicken Delighting in an Earthworm Meal

Easy Chicken Drawing:

Drawing a Chicken Holding Chicken Wings

Chicken Wing Drawing

How to draw a chicken easy?

Drawing a Bike-Riding Chicken Delivering Delicious Pizza

Easy draw Chicken:

Drawing Happy and Smiling Chicken Faces

Simple Chicken Drawing

Chicken Drawing Easy

Drawing a Chicken Mom with Her Adorable Chicks

Easy Chicken Drawing:

Peek-a-Cluck- Drawing a Cute Chicken Peeking!

Cute Chicken Drawing:

Drawing a Cute Chicken Shedding Tears of Emotion

Draw Simple Chicken

Melody in Feathers: Drawing a Cute Chicken Enjoying Music in Headphones


Simple and Fun Chicken-themed Cartoon Movie Drawings

Prepare for a delightful and easy movie cartoon drawing that showcases the charm of chickens! Enter a world where adorable animated chickens take center stage, bringing you on an enjoyable adventure. With their cute expressions and humorous actions, these feathered characters are sure to make you burst with laughter and cheer. Watch as they embark on exciting escapades and find themselves in amusing predicaments.

 This simple movie cartoon drawing perfectly captures the joy and excitement that these lovable chickens bring. Get ready to be entertained as their unique personalities shine through, leaving you with a wide grin and a heart filled with warmth.

Cartoon Chicken Drawing Pigeon

Today in an Adorable and Playful Light

Cartoon Chicken Drawing: Say hello to cute  Pigeon today, Movie- Storks!

Cheerful Chicken Little

Bringing the Beloved Character to Life in a Delightful Drawing

draw easter chick

Chicken Drawing Easy

Rocky’s Daring Slide- Drawing the Adventurous Rooster’s Thrilling Rope Stunt

Chicken Cartoon Drawing Hei Hei’s Feathered Antics 


Great job! Drawing chicks, chickens, and cartoon chickens is a fantastic way to nurture your child’s creativity and imagination. Encourage them to have fun while drawing and let their imagination soar. Remind them that each drawing is special and unique, and they can use different colors and patterns to make it their own.

Now that your child has learned some drawing skills, encourage them to keep practicing and exploring the art world. Display their artwork proudly and share it with family and friends to bring joy and happiness to everyone around. Their drawings have the power to make people smile!

So, keep those pencils ready, support your child’s imagination, and continue on this artistic journey together. With each stroke of the pencil, your child is unlocking endless possibilities and discovering the joy of self-expression. Happy drawing, dear parents and little artists! May your creative adventures be filled with laughter and wonderful memories!


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