20 Baby Girl Names And Boy Names 2020

by manthananam.erem

Having a problem finding badass names for your baby girl/boy? I feel you. Been there, did that. With the researches done, I came to some of the most elegant yet badass  Baby girl names.

No doubt, names give you the first-impression personality. Ever met someone with a name so unique and sounds so holy that you are dazed off just by hearing it, for instance, “Lilith!” heard of it?

No, I know right? Want to know what it means “storm Goddess!” Sounds beautiful, means a storm Goddess and is unique, what else do we want!

But just like that, it can be hard finding names that have all that you want in a name. Obviously, we are all different and by all means, have different personalities and choices.

You might happen to stumble on names that do not go with your wants for your baby names. You came looking for one of an edgy persona and Bam! There you stumbled on one with a polite texture to it or vice versa.

That is why we have bought you all sorts of names, from edgy to polite, from Badass to humble, from loud to soft, you have got it all here, both for she-babies and he-babies.

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She-Flawsome-Badass Baby Girl Names!

baby names Let’s go with ladies first, shall we? She-babies, the perfect example of a soft storm, P.P.- peaceful and mighty, fierce yet tender. Girls, the perfect epitome of flawsome perfection. I’m not even exaggerating, that is true!So, here we go.

1. Bellatrix!

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I’m sure you have heard of this one particular name and yet you must be known to the fact that it is no common name.

Bellatrix is one of the most powerful, fierce and a Badass witch in the history of Hogwarts, (from Harry Potter series).

Keeping this thought at bay, do you know what Bellatrix means? No, it doesn’t mean something evil or scary or for a fact, it is nowhere close to something scary.

The name’s meaning is something beautiful, it means “a star, a blue variable (color-changing) star and this star is the THIRD BRIGHTEST STAR in the constellation Orion!

2. Amaya

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Amaya decodes for “Night Rain“. Now, now, Night Rain can be beautiful… when it is soft, blessing the earth or when fierce, a Stormy Strong Rain. The name speaks of a person who is just like rain, can be soft but can drown the world if evoked!

3. Leo

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Leo, we already know its meaning, like a lion or in this case, a lioness! Bow to the lady, for she is the queen of the jungle, wild, fierce and dominating. The one who rules, the one with power, the one who is wild and the one who cannot be tamed!

4. Eva

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Eva, as its peaceful name suggests “Life”. Call her the creator, call her the survivor, call her nature, call her the universe, all simplifies to one; Eva.

But let’s not confuse, nature/ life profoundly are beautiful but also not forget, they are the most powerful thing ever existed, no one can hold a needle against them and if did, destruction will be the prophecy!

5. Vada

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Vada, a German name meaning “Famous ruler“. There you go, you have got one more ruler and one famous.

Though the name is German, in Hindi dictionary, there lies a word “Vada” too and it means “Promise”. Go with whatever meaning for both stands upright, one ruling, the other promising!

6. Laila

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Laila’s pronunciation is what amazes people the most, some go with “Layla” and the others with “Lai-la”(my personal favorite) But the beauty doesn’t stop here, the name has many different origins.

In Arabic, it means “the night beauty or the dark beauty” (I mean, WOW!) In Persian, it means “dark-haired!” On some land, Laila also means someone with enchanting beauty and body!

7. Lilith

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Undoubtedly, the name is unique, neither have I ever heard it in movies nor in real life. Lilith just like Laila has so many meaning but this doesn’t go with beauty but with something fierce.

Lilith is a Hebrew name meaning “Storm Goddess or a wild night!” In Jewish, Lilith means “A She-devil-demon!” (I say, WHOA!) Lilith also goes with the meaning as the first wife of Adam.

8. Rebel

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Anybody in the house who doesn’t know its meaning, let’s screech it together “Someone who is not scared of the society or the rules or the norms.”

The word stands with what is right and can call out a war for justice against the world even if is standing alone!  Sounds fierce, is actually fierce and shoots thunder direct in the spine!

9. Fleur

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Fleur sounds like fire, does it not? The sound sure is fierce but its meaning is a paradox to what it sounds. Fleur means “Flower” speaking of tenderness, softness, and beauty, nonetheless, it sounds does all the fierce part already!

10. Kayla

Kyla, a Hebrew name means “Victorious” so is the meaning of the American name. In Gaelic, is the feminine for Kyle. Its meaning speaks, someone who wants to be a leader and their inner desire, desires nothing but victory. Harmony.

He-Babies-Badass Names!

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And here we finally are for our young heroes! Don’t worry, just as we did it for our she-babies, we won’t do injustice to our little heroes. If girls are fierce, our boys are no less. With masculinity, our protectors. If girls are the Queen, our boys are the warrior.

Without wasting no more time, let’s get started, shall we not?

1. Damon

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We all know, the sarcastic, the coolest, too hottest, the lead-star of the very famous fantasy T.V. Series “The Vampire Diaries’ Damon! If you know the guy, you are blessed, if you don’t know, I say… go and watch him!

But to our surprise, Damon’s meaning is nothing like the one in the T.V. series but it means something close to Tenderness. Ain’t it beautiful?

2. Elias

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Elias means “Yahweh of God” It also means “Lord is my God!” Both related to GOD! What else do we want? A name empowered by God himself!

3. Jonah

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As sexy as its name means, Jonah’s meaning routes off from that of sexy and lands to “Peace”. If you are son is one innocent, Jonah is the name made for him.

4. Theo

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Theo sounds something divine, no? Sounds just correct… its meaning to means, “A gift of the divine”Nature’s, almighty’ gift is what you are blessed with. Plus, Theo sounds divine sexy, am I right or am I, right?

5. Sage

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Sage, a name with wisdom fondling. Power can destroy others, beauty mesmerizes the eyes, but Wisdom, wisdom liberates, not just the one who has it but everyone around him. An aura that attracts all that has been and ever will be here on the earth until the unfolds.

6. Ace

Ace, as the cards suggest, stands high and topmost. Once the card unfolds, the one is fortuned to win. Ace, in other definitions, also means, one, UNITY! A winner and a leader, and that sound of the name! Definitely Badass!

7. Isidore

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This name is sassy and unique. Isidore means “A kind person” or one who gives and gives, a nobleman. The name that reflects some of the most excellent qualities. It is a green.

8. Eden

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What! I Look Like Eden.

Eden, in the Biblical account, is the garden where Adam and Eve used to live. t is also said, the name means “a place of pleasure” We sure can connect the dots here,

9. Noor

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Noor is an Arabic word meaning “light” or in simpler words meaning “Glow”. In terms, Noor also means beautiful.

Though, Noor suits both girls and boys it gives an enchanting and unique personality to the boys. So, if you are celebrating your boy’s flaw some beauty, Noor is what you are looking for.

10. Mashallah!

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Mashallah too is an Arabic word, it is more of an expression, expressing divine delight. Its meaning also goes with “Too good to be real but still is real for it is a gift from the divine. But know, it holds the deeper meaning, for it is not just a name but an expression.

End Point

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