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300+ Kids Handprint Crafts For All Festivals

Children enjoy creating handprint crafts and art, it’s delightful while immersing their hands in colorful paint. The versatility of turning a basic handprint into a masterpiece is truly remarkable. With a touch of imagination and some exciting concepts, the possibilities are endless.

Crafts With Handprints For All Kids Of All Ages

handprint crafts

Today, our collection of handprint art ideas has expanded significantly, originally starting with 7o and continually growing. We’re now offering over 140 creative handprint projects suitable for kids of all ages, adults also enjoy these mind-soothing activities!

Handprint Craft Ideas at Home and in The Classroom

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Many of our handprint crafts ideas evolve around holidays. Hand print craft is a simple and enjoyable project for classrooms or at home Art captures a moment when little hands were that size, making it a wonderful keepsake and gift idea. The handprint is beneficial as:

  1. inclusivity
  2. Time Capsule
  3. Collaboration
  4. Imperfection is Art
  5. Messy Fun
  6. Meaningful Gifts

Safe Paints For Craft Ideas With Handprints

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This guide explores safe and non-toxic paint options suitable for children’s handprint art, helping you make informed choices for your creative projects.

  1. Washable Tempera Paints: handprint holiday crafts
  1. Dabble Non-Toxic Finger Paints
handprint art

picture Source: Amazon

Dabble is Safe For hand art used by small kids of 2-3 years of age.

A unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrances from coconut & sweet orange oil, which stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills for kids. Developed by scientists and food technologists in consultation with occupational therapists and early educators.

holiday handprint art

Crayola Acrylic Paint For Kids

This paint is ideal for school art projects, DIY projects at home, and everyday arts and hand printing craft.

handprint craft

About this item:

  • Multi-Surface & Blendable
  • Easy Cleanup
  • School & Art Supplies
  • Safe and Nontoxic

Using Ink vs. Handcraft Paint for Kids’ Handprint Art

Craft ink pads can be used for DIY art crafts, painting, wedding decoration, etc. The ink pad can used on fabric, wood, paper, posters, notepads, journals, etc. You can create what you want!

Here is the link for Craft Ink Pad, a Set of 6 Washable DIY Stamp Ink Pads for Kids

Art With Handprints

crafts handprint

  1. Vibrant Colors
  2. Texture 
  3. Mixing 
  4. Versatility

Holiday Handprint Crafts Ideas For Kids

handprints for christmas

Celebrate the holidays with creativity! This guide presents exciting handprint Christmas crafts ideas tailored for kids, providing a festive way to make memorable holiday keepsakes and decorations.

1. Christmas Crafts With Handprints And Footprints

Christmas hand and footprint art

photo source:

Capture the magic of the holiday season with Christmas Crafts Handprint & footprint! We have explored a world of creativity and festive fun, where kids’ hands become the canvas for crafting cherished memories this Christmas season.

Handprint and footprint Christmas crafts are not only a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday season but also create lasting memories of your child’s growth and creativity. TChristmas hand crafts

Crafts Handprints

  1. Santa Claus Handprint: Turn a handprint into Santa’s face with a red hat, white beard, and black eyes.
  1. Reindeer Handprint Craft: Transform a brown handprint art into a reindeer by adding antlers, googly eyes, and a red nose.
hand print art

Picture Source: Pinterest

  1. Snowman Handprint: Use white paint for the handprint crafts and decorate with a top hat, scarf, and buttons.
hand print crafts

photo source:

  1. Christmas Tree Handprint Craft: Create a forest of handprint Christmas trees, decorating each one uniquely.
  1. Wreath of Hands: Arrange multiple green handprints in a circular shape to make a handprint wreath.

Photo Source: Pinterest

  1. Handprint Nativity Scene: Craft the nativity scene using handprints for characters like Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.
hand print crafts

Photo Source: Pinterest

  1. Handprint Elves: Turn handprints into playful Christmas elves with pointed hats and colorful clothing.

  1. Handprint Angel: Create angels with white handprints for wings and a circle handprint for the head.
  1. Grinch Handprint: Craft the Grinch’s face using a green handprint and add facial features.

handprint Christmas

  1. Handprint Candy Canes: Make candy canes using red and white handprints and then add a bow.
  2. Giraffe Handprint Craft: Take a walk on the wild side with our Giraffe Handprint Craft! In just a few simple steps, transform your child’s handprint into a charming giraffe, complete with a long neck and spotted coat. 

Handprints Crafts To Celebrate Christmas

handprint Christmas crafts


  1. Handprint Gingerbread Men: Paint handprints brown and decorate with gingerbread man features.

DIY fingerprint Gingerbread

  1. Handprint Snowflakes: Stamp white handprints on blue paper to make unique snowflake patterns.
  2. Handprint Penguins: Craft penguins by turning black handprints into bodies and adding white and orange features.
hand print pictures

Photo: Facebook

  1. Handprint Christmas Lights: Create a string of Christmas lights using colorful handprints and black string lines.
  3. Handprint Mittens: Paint handprints in pairs to resemble cozy mittens.
  4. Handprint Christmas Ornaments: Make ornaments with round handprints and decorate them.
  5. Christmas handprint
  7. Handprint Snow Globes: Add a handprint inside a snow globe with glitter and snowflake details.
handprint gifts

Item Source: Etsy

  1. Handprint Christmas Village: Create a handprint village with houses and snowy landscapes.
  2. Handprint Holly Leaves: Paint green handprints and add red berry fingerprints for holly leaves.
  3. Handprint Santa Sleigh: Make Santa’s sleigh with handprint reindeer pulling it across the sky.
creative hand print art


  1. Campfire Handprint Craft: paint your child’s hand with red, orange, and yellow paints, then press their painted hand onto a piece of paper to form the flames. 

Footprints Crafts For Celebrating Christmas

It’s a delightful way to celebrate the holiday season while capturing precious memories of your child’s growth.

Below are some Christmas footprint craft ideas with brief descriptions:

1. Reindeer Footprint Art:

  • Transform your child’s footprint into a reindeer by adding antlers, eyes, a red nose, and hooves. It’s a cute keepsake that can be framed or used as a holiday decoration.

2. Mistletoe Footprint:

Christmas footprint

source Etsy

  • Craft a kissing ball by painting your child’s footprints and arranging them in the shape of mistletoe. Add a ribbon for hanging and encourage holiday smooches underneath.

3. Santa Footprint Keepsake:

Christmas footprint art

Item source: Amazon

  •  Create a Santa Claus footprint by painting the foot red and adding white fur trim, a black boot, and a belt. This charming keepsake can be framed or turned into a Christmas ornament.

4. Snowman Footprint Art:

  •  Craft snowmen using your child’s footprints as the snowman’s body. Add eyes, a carrot nose, buttons, and a scarf. Frame the artwork or use it as a holiday card.

5. Baby’s First Christmas Footprint Ornament:

  •  Make a memorable ornament by imprinting your baby’s footprint onto clay or salt dough, and then decorate it with their name and the year.

6. Christmas Tree Footprint Art:

footprint Christmas craft

Picture source: salerisksm

  •  Create a forest of Christmas trees using your child’s green-painted footprints as the tree and decorating them with ornaments and a star on top. Frame or use it as a holiday card.

7. Footprint Penguin Art:

  • Transform your child’s footprint into an adorable penguin by adding a white belly, eyes, a beak, and flipper feet. This craft can be framed or used as a holiday card.

8. Footprint Wreath:

foot print art

Photo Source: Pinterest

  • Craft a wreath by arranging multiple green-painted footprints in a circle. Add a bow or ornaments for decoration and hang it as festive wall art.

Thanksgiving Handprint Craft Projects For Kids

These crafts not only capture the essence of the holiday but also serve as heartwarming keepsakes that celebrate the spirit of togetherness and thankfulness. J

  1. Thanksgiving to Christmas Transition: Consider creating handprint turkeys as part of your Thanksgiving decorations, and then repurpose them as festive Christmas decor. 
  1. Christmas Table Setting: Use handprint turkey place cards at your Christmas dinner table. You can make the turkeys with your children before Thanksgiving and then have them serve a dual purpose by adding name cards for your Christmas guests.


  1. Christmas Thank You Cards: Create thank you cards for Christmas presents with handprint turkeys on the front. Write messages of gratitude inside to thank friends and family for their Christmas gifts.

Turkey handprint craft

photo source:

Get ready to celebrate the season with a fun and creative project that’s perfect for all ages of kids– the Turkey Crafts handprint! 

This delightful handprint crafts combines the warmth of Thanksgiving with the charm of handmade art. 

  1. Handprint Turkey Gift Tags: Attach handprint turkey gift tags to your Christmas presents. This adds a unique and personal touch to your gift wrapping.

handprint art for toddlers

  1. Framed Handprint Turkey Art: Frame handprint turkeys as festive wall art for your home during the Christmas season. You can add Christmas-themed frames or accents to tie them into your holiday decor.
  2. Felt Handprint Turkey: Create a colorful turkey by tracing your child’s hand onto different colored felt sheets, cutting them out, and assembling the handprint turkey with googly eyes, a beak, and a wattle.
  1. Handprint Turkey Napkin Rings: Craft turkey-themed napkin rings by making handprint turkeys and attaching them to cardboard rings. These make a charming addition to your Thanksgiving table setting.
  2. Handprint Turkey Apron: Personalize an apron with your child’s handprint turkey as a wonderful keepsake for Thanksgiving cooking and baking.
  3. Handprint Turkey T-Shirts: Transform plain t-shirts into festive attire by stamping handprint turkeys on them. Fabric paint works great for this project.

Some Silly Thanksgiving Handprint Craft Ideas

These projects are not only delightful to create but also serve as playful reminders of the joy and togetherness that define 

  1. Handprint Turkey Wooden Frame: Create a festive wooden picture frame adorned with handprint turkeys. Insert a cherished Thanksgiving photo for a personalized keepsake.
Handprint Turkey Wooden Frame

Photo Source: Etsy

  1. Handprint Acorns: Craft adorable acorn shapes with handprints. Decorate them with paint or markers to resemble autumn acorns.
  2. Fall Handprint Tree: Make a fall-themed handprint tree by using handprints as leaves in various fall colors, creating a vibrant autumn masterpiece.
  3. Handprint Pilgrims and Native Americans: Design handprint characters of Pilgrims and Native Americans for a historical and educational Thanksgiving craft.
Handprint Pilgrims and Native Americans:

Picture Source: Pinterest

  1. Thanksgiving Wreath: Craft a Thanksgiving wreath using handprints as colorful leaves, and add a thankful message at the center.
  2.  Cornucopia: Create a handprint cornucopia filled with handprint fruits and vegetables, symbolizing abundance and gratitude.
  3. Thankful Tree: Decorate a tree shape with handprint leaves, where each leaf displays something a child is thankful for.
  4. Turkey Apron: Personalize an apron with handprint turkeys and other Thanksgiving-themed decorations for a festive cooking or baking experience.
  5. Pumpkin Patch: Craft a pumpkin patch scene with handprint pumpkins in various sizes and shapes.
  6. Turkey Thankful Banner: Make a banner with handprint turkeys and thankful messages, a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving decor.

Handprint Crafts Turkey

  1. Scarecrow: Create a scarecrow using handprints for the straw hair and clothing, complete with a friendly face.
scarecrow handprint craft

Source: Pinterest

  1.  Thanksgiving Platter: Decorate a ceramic platter with handprint turkeys and your child’s name for a personalized Thanksgiving serving dish.
  2.  Harvest Quilt: Design a harvest-themed quilt by arranging handprint fabric squares in autumn colors and patterns.
  3. Pilgrim Hat: Make a Pilgrim hat with a handprint buckle for a fun and wearable Thanksgiving craft.
  4. Gratitude Journal: Craft a gratitude journal with handprint art covers, encouraging kids to write down things they’re thankful for.

Halloween Handprint Crafts 

Craft ideas with handprints for Halloween is a super cool enjoyable activity for kids and adults. explore below many joyful crafts for the amazing festival.

  1. Handprint and Footprint Frankenstein: Create a spooky Frankenstein monster using green handprints for the face and black footprints for the hair. Add details like bolts and a stitched mouth for a fun twist on the classic monster.
  2. Handprint Witch: Make a wicked witch by using a handprint for the witch’s face and hat. Add a pointy nose, warts, and a broomstick for extra flair.
  3. Footprint Ghosts: Create friendly ghostsby using white footprints on black paper. Add googly eyes and mouths for a cute and spooky effect.
  4.  Bat Handprint Craft: Craft adorable bats by using black handprints for the bat’s wings and body. Attach googly eyes and fangs for a charming Halloween touch.
  5. Handprint Mummies: Transform handprints into mummies by painting them white and adding black stripes to resemble bandages. Glue on googly eyes for a humorous twist.
  6. Footprint Monsters: Make goofy monsters using colorful footprints for the body and handprints for the arms. Let kids get creative by adding eyes, mouths, and horns.

Handprint Crafts Halloween

  1. Pumpkin Handprint Craft: Create a pumpkin patch with orange handprints as pumpkins. Add green handprints for the pumpkin stems and black features to make them smile or spook.
  2. Spider handprint Craft: Not-so-scary spider using a handprint as the spider’s body and fingerpaint for its legs. Add googly eyes for a playful touch.
  3. Footprint Zombies: Create quirky zombies using green or gray footprints for their bodies and handprints for their arms. Customize with zombie features like stitches and scars.
  4. Handprint Black Cats: Make black cats with handprints on the cat’s body and head. Add ears, eyes, and a tail for a cute feline Halloween decoration.
  5. Cactus Handprint Craft: Discover the beauty of the desert with our Cactus Handprint Craft! Using your child’s handprint as the foundation, we’ll create a prickly and charming cactus that’s perfect for adding a touch of the Southwest to your crafting adventure.


  1. Leprechaun Handprint: Turn your child’s handprint into a leprechaun’s by adding a green hat, orange beard, and a mischievous smile.
  2. Shamrock Handprint Wreath: Create a St. Patrick’s Day wreath by making multiple green handprints on a circular piece of paper to form a shamrock shape. Add a ribbon for hanging.
  3. Rainbow Handprint Art: Paint your child’s hand in various colors to create a rainbow shape. Add cotton balls for clouds to complete the rainbow.
  4. Pot of Gold Handprint: Make a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by turning your child’s handprint into a black pot and adding yellow handprint coins.
  5. Leprechaun Hat Handprint: Paint your child’s hand black and press it onto paper. Then, add a green leprechaun hat with a black buckle.

St.Patrivks Handcrafts Ideas

  1. Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Handprint: Create a four-leaf clover shape using handprints with green paint. Add a stem and decorate with glitter or stickers.
  2. Leprechaun Beard Handprint: Turn your child’s handprint into a leprechaun’s beard by painting it orange and adding eyes, a nose, and a hat.
  3. Irish Flag Handprint: Paint your child’s hand with green, white, and orange stripes to resemble the Irish flag.
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Cards: Have your child make handprint art on folded cards to create personalized St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards for friends and family.
  5. Rainbow Handprint Banner: Make a colorful St. Patrick’s Day banner by creating handprint rainbows on individual pieces of paper and stringing them together.
  6. Shamrock Garland: Create a garland by cutting out shamrock shapes from green handprints and attaching them to a string.
  7. Leprechaun Handprint Puppet: Craft a handprint leprechaun puppet by decorating the handprint with leprechaun features and attaching it to a craft stick for play.

Easter Handprint Crafts

Welcome to the world of Easter Handprint Crafts! With a few simple materials and a touch of creativity, you can turn little handprints into delightful Easter-themed artworks that are sure to brighten your holiday celebrations.

Bunny Handprint Craft Ideas

  1. Bunny Handprint Cards: Make Easter greeting cards with your child’s handprint as the bunny’s face. Add ears, eyes, and a nose for an adorable touch.
  2. Basket: Craft Easter baskets by using your child’s handprints for the bunny’s ears. Add a cotton ball tail for extra cuteness.
  3. Placemats: Create Easter-themed placemats with handprint bunnies. Laminate them for durability.
  4. Handprint Wreath: Design a wreath using handprint bunnies in various pastel colors, and add a ribbon for hanging.
  5. Puppets: Craft handprint bunny puppets using colorful paper and craft sticks for interactive Easter play.
  6. Egg Holders: Make egg holders with your child’s handprints forming bunny ears. These are perfect for displaying decorated Easter eggs.
  7.  Handprint Tote Bags: Decorate plain tote bags with handprint bunnies for carrying Easter goodies.
  8.  Garden Flags: Create garden flags with handprint bunnies to bring Easter spirit to your outdoor decor.
  9.  Handprint Napkin Rings: Craft napkin rings using handprint bunnies to adorn your Easter dinner table.
  10.  Wall Decals: Make removable wall decals with handprint bunny designs for easy Easter-themed home decor.

Easter handprint art ideas for kids:

  1. Ornaments: Create Easter bunny ornaments using handprints on salt dough or air-dry clay. Decorate with paint and ribbon.
  2. Puzzles: Make handprint puzzles by painting the handprint, letting it dry, and then cutting it into puzzle pieces for kids to assemble.
  3. Masks: Craft Easter bunny masks with your child’s handprints as the bunny’s ears. Attach a craft stick for holding.
  4. T-Shirts: Decorate plain T-shirts with handprint bunnies for a fun Easter outfit.
  5. Bunting: Create an Easter bunny bunting by making handprint bunnies on individual flags and stringing them together.
  6. Keychains: Design Easter Bunny keychains with handprint bunnies and add a keyring for a practical craft.
  7. Greeting Banner: Craft a banner with handprint bunnies and “Happy Easter” messages for cheerful home decor.
  8. Magnets: Make handprint bunny magnets for the refrigerator or as Easter gifts for friends and family.
  9. Rock Art: Paint rocks with handprint bunny faces for cute Easter-themed garden decorations.
  10. Stamps: Turn handprints into bunny stamps for creating Easter-themed artwork and cards.

Fall Handprint Crafts

Get ready to embark on a creative journey with Craft Ideas With Handprints! Handprints are more than just an impression of your hands; they’re a canvas for your imagination.

  1. Finger Puppets: Craft finger puppets with handprint bunny faces for storytelling and playtime.
  2. Easter Eggs: Decorate Easter eggs with handprint bunny faces using washable paint.
  3. Easter Crafts: Transform paper plates into bunny masks with handprint ears and whiskers.
  4. Fingerpainting: Let kids fingerpaint with pastel colors and turn the handprints into bunnies by adding features.
  5. Suncatchers: Create suncatchers with handprint bunny designs using tissue paper and contact paper.
  6. Tissue Box Covers: Decorate tissue box covers with handprint bunny designs for Easter-themed tissue dispensers.
  7. Chick and Bunny Friends: Make handprint chicks and bunnies on separate paper and have them interact in a scene.
  8. Earrings: Craft Easter bunny earrings with miniature handprint bunny faces and earring hooks.
  9. Mobile: Design a mobile with hanging handprint bunny ornaments for Easter decoration.
  10. Stickers: Create handprint bunny stickers by making handprints on adhesive paper and cutting them out.

Bunny Handprint Craft

  1. Bunny Wall Art: Craft wall art by making multiple handprint bunnies in different colors and arranging them in a design.
  2. Scratch Art: Make scratch art paper with handprint bunny designs hidden beneath a black layer to scratch and reveal.
  3. Clay Figurines: Sculpt Easter bunny figurines from clay with handprints as the body and face.
  4. Handprint Gift Tags: Create handprint bunny gift tags to add a special touch to Easter presents.
  5. Paperweights: Craft handprint bunny paperweights with painted rocks for a practical and decorative gift.
  6. Puzzles: Create handprint bunny puzzles by making handprints on cardboard and cutting them into puzzle pieces.
  7. Coasters: Design Easter bunny coasters with handprint bunnies on cork or ceramic tiles.
  8. Sock Puppets: Transform socks into Easter bunny puppets with handprint bunny faces on the sock’s toe
  9. Tissue Paper Collages: Create textured Easter bunny collages with handprint bunnies using colorful tissue paper squares.
  10. Potholders: Craft handprint bunny potholders using fabric paint for functional and festive kitchen decor.
  11. Stained Glass: Make stained glass window decorations with handprint bunny designs using colored cellophane paper.
  12. Handprint Flag Craft: Create an Easter garden flag handprint craft with bunny designs to bring a festive touch to your outdoor decor
  13. Ribbon Headbands: Personalize headbands with handprint bunny ribbons for a delightful Easter accessory.
  14. Clay Tiles: Design clay tiles with handprint bunny artwork for a decorative Easter wall display.
  15. Bookmarks: Make handprint bunny bookmarks for Easter-themed reading enjoyment. 

Animals Handprint Art Crafts for Kids 

  1. Handprint Butterfly Craft: Create colorful butterflies by using handprints as the wings and adding details like antennae and patterns.
  2. Handprint Penguin: Craft adorable penguins by painting handprints in black and white and adding beaks and eyes.
  3. Handprint Fish: Make a school of fish by using handprints as fish bodies and decorating them with scales and fins.
  4. Handprint Owl: Create wise owls by painting handprints in various earthy tones and adding large, round eyes.
  5. Handprint Elephant: Craft elephants using gray handprints for the body and adding trunks and big floppy ears.
  6. Handprint Octopus: Make friendly octopuses by using handprints for the tentacles and adding eyes and a smile.
  7. Handprint Lion: Create roaring lions by painting handprints in shades of brown and adding manes and faces.
  8. Handprint Crab Craft: Craft cheerful crabs using handprints for the crab’s body and adding claws and legs.
  9. Handprint Turtle: Make slow-moving turtles by using handprints for the shell and adding a head and legs.
  10. Handprint Bird Craft: Vibrant birds with colorful handprints as the feathers and add a regal head and body.

Winter Handprint Crafts

These crafts offer older kids a chance to express their creativity and create unique Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations.

  1. Handprint Koala: Craft cuddly koalas using gray handprints for the body and adding big round ears and a cute nose.
  2. Giraffe Handprint: Make long-necked giraffes by painting handprints with spots for the giraffe’s body and adding a head and ossicones (horns).
  3. Handprint Snail: Create snails using handprints as the shell and add swirls and a face on top.
  4. Handprint Frog: Craft hopping frogs by painting handprints in green for the body and adding big eyes and legs.
  5. Handprint Ladybug: Make ladybugs by using red handprints for the body and adding black spots and a head.
  6. Handprint Rooster: Create crowing roosters by painting handprints in vibrant colors for the feathers and adding a beak and comb.
  7. Handprint Dinosaur: Craft-friendly dinosaurs using handprints as the body and adding details like spikes and tails.
  8. Handprint Horse: Make galloping horses by painting brown or white handprints for the body and adding a mane and hooves.
  9. Polar Bear Handprint Craft: Create huggable bears by using brown handprints for the body and adding ears, eyes, and a snout.
  10. Handprint Dolphin: Craft playful dolphins using blue handprints for the body and adding a dorsal fin and flippers.

Handprint Crafts For Preschoolers

  1. Duck handprint Craft: paint your child’s hand with yellow paint and press it onto white paper, with fingers pointing upward. Add an orange thumbprint for the beak and use black paint or a marker to create the eyes and other details. 
  2. Fish: Create colorful fish by using handprints as the body and adding fins, scales, and googly eyes.
  3. Turtle: Make adorable turtles by painting handprints for the shell and adding a head, legs, and tail.
  4. Octopus: Create friendly octopuses by using handprints for the tentacles and adding googly eyes.
  5.  Shark: Craft a handprint shark with gray paint for the body and add sharp teeth and fins.
  6. Seahorse: Make whimsical seahorses by using handprints for the body and adding a curly tail and a snout.
  7. Jellyfish: Create floating jellyfish by using handprints for the body and hanging colorful ribbons as tentacles.
  8. Handprint Crab Craft: Cheerful crabs use handprints for the body and add claws, legs, and googly eyes.
  9. Peacock: Design a vibrant peacock by using handprints as the feathers and adding a regal head and body.
  10. Ladybug: Craft ladybugs by using red handprints for the body and adding black spots and a head.

Creative Family Handprint Crafts

Handprint craft ideas with:

  1. Ladybug: Craft ladybugs by using red handprints for the body and adding black spots and a head.
  2. Owl: Create wise owls by painting handprints in various earthy tones and adding large, round eyes.
  3. Bumblebee: Make buzzing bumblebees by using handprints as the body and adding black stripes and wings.
  4.  Butterfly: Craft fluttering butterflies by using handprints as the wings and adding colorful patterns and antennae.
  5. Elephant handprint craft: Create gentle elephants using gray handprints for the body and adding a trunk and big ears.
  6. Lion Handprint Craft: Craft roaring lions by painting handprints in shades of brown and adding a fluffy mane and face.
  7. Panda: Make pandas using black and white handprints for the body and add round eyes and ears.
  8. Tiger: Design tigers using orange and black handprints for stripes and adding a face with eyes and whiskers.
  9. Kangaroo: Craft kangaroos by using brown handprints for the body and adding a long tail and pouch.
  10. Giraffe: Create tall giraffes by using handprints with spots for the body and adding a long neck and ossicones (horns).
  11. Zebra: Make zebras with black and white handprints for stripes and add a head and mane.
  12. Monkey: Craft playful monkeys by using brown handprints for the body and adding a tail and a smiling face.
  13.  Koala: Create cuddly koalas using gray handprints for the body and adding big round ears and a cute nose.
  14. Duck handprint craft: Design crowing roosters by painting handprints in vibrant colors for the feathers and adding a beak and comb.

Handprint Crafts And Arts That Celebrate Family 

Here are 20 handprint art ideas that celebrate family and create wonderful keepsakes to cherish memories of loved ones for years to come:

  1. Family Handprint Wall Art: Create a beautiful embroidery hoop art piece featuring the handprints of family members, frozen in time.
  2. Baking Soda Clay Handprint Keepsakes: Craft adorable handprint keepsakes using baking soda clay, perfect for gifting or displaying at home.
  3. Pear Head Handprint Canvas Set: Design a canvas set that showcases the handprints of the entire family, capturing a moment in time.
  4. Photo Frame Handprint Craft: Make a heartwarming gift for mom by framing a picture alongside craft paper handprints from the kids.
  5. Yearly Tradition Handprint Art Piece: Commemorate each year with a yearly handprint art piece, creating a collection to hang on the wall.
  6. Handprint Hearts Family Art: Craft a beautiful heart-shaped collage using family members’ handprints to symbolize love and togetherness.
  7. Family Tree Handprint Art: Create a family tree artwork with handprints as leaves, representing each family member.
  8. Handprint Unity Candle Holder: Design a candle holder with handprints that symbolize the unity and strength of the family.
  9. Handprint Flower Bouquet: Make a colorful bouquet using handprints as flowers, each representing a family member.
  10. Family Handprint Puzzle: Create a personalized puzzle with each family member’s handprint, offering an interactive keepsake.

Handprint Crafts For Grandma

  1. Portrait: Craft a family portrait using handprints, capturing the uniqueness of each family member.
  2. Wreath: Design a wreath with handprints as leaves, symbolizing the unity and warmth of the family.
  3. Planter: Decorate a planter with family handprints, adding a personal touch to your home or garden.
  4. Handprint Family Tree Sketch: Sketch a family tree with handprints as branches, illustrating the family’s growth and connections.
  5. Album Cover: Personalize a family photo album cover with handprints, creating a special keepsake for treasured memories.
  6. Memory Jar: Decorate a memory jar with handprints and use it to store notes, photos, and mementos from special family moments.
  7. Family Quilt: Craft a family quilt using handprints as quilt squares, each telling a unique story.
  8. Plaque: Make a wooden plaque featuring family handprints, perfect for hanging in a prominent place at home.
  9.  Collage Frame: Create a collage frame with individual family member handprints, showcasing shared memories.
  10.  Hand in Hand: Craft a heartwarming art piece with family members’ handprints joined together, symbolizing unity and love.

Perfect Handprint Gifts

creating handprint gifts is a heartwarming way to capture a moment in time and create memorable keepsakes. Here are more ideas for perfect handprint gifts:

  1. Handprint Canvas Art: Have your child create handprint art on a canvas. You can turn this into a family tree or a colorful abstract piece.
  2. Handprint Keychains: Make handprint keychains using clay or shrink plastic. These are practical and sentimental gifts.
  3. Handprint Ornaments: Create handprint ornaments for special occasions like Christmas. You can use salt dough, clay, or even paper.
  4. Handprint Jewelry: Turn your child’s handprint into a pendant or charm for a necklace or bracelet. There are many jewelry-making kits available for this purpose.
  5. Handprint Plaques: Make a wooden or ceramic handprint plaque that can be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf.
  6. Handprint Photo Frame: Decorate a photo frame with handprints and insert a picture of your child. This makes for a beautiful gift for grandparents.
  7. Handprint T-Shirts: Design custom T-shirts with handprints. You can create patterns, animals, or even family handprint trees.
  8. Handprint Stepping Stones: Decorate garden stepping stones with your child’s handprints. These can be placed in the garden as a lasting memory.
  9. Handprint Dishware: Personalize dishware like mugs or plates with handprints. Use dishwasher-safe paints for a practical and memorable gift.
  10. Handprint Bookmarks: Craft handprint bookmarks with your child’s artwork. These make thoughtful gifts for book lovers.
  11. Handprint Card: Design a special greeting card with a handprint on the cover. Write a heartfelt message inside.

Crafts Ideas With handprints 

  1. Handprint Puzzle: Turn your child’s handprint into a custom puzzle. This is a fun and interactive gift.
  2. Handprint Apron: Decorate an apron with handprints for the family chef or baker.
  3. Handprint Candle Holders: Create candle holders with handprints. These can be used to add warmth and ambiance to any room.
  4. Handprint Pillow: Transfer your child’s handprint onto a pillowcase. This adds a personal touch to home decor.
  5. Handprint Quilt: Sew a quilt with handprint patches. This can be a collaborative project involving the whole family.
  6. Handprint Growth Chart: Design a growth chart with your child’s handprints marking their growth milestones.
  7. Handprint Coasters: Make coasters with handprints. These are both functional and decorative.
  8. Handprint Mobile: Craft a hanging mobile with handprints. It can be a delightful addition to a nursery.
  9. Handprint Magnet: Create handprint magnets that can be used to display artwork or notes on the refrigerator.
  10. Handprint Calendar: Design a custom calendar featuring your child’s handprints for each month.

Handprint Crafts For Toddlers

Here are some more handprint craft ideas that toddlers must enjoy!

  1. Handprint Apron: Create a personalized apron by adding handprints. It’s perfect for the little chef in your family.
  2. Handprint Family Tree: Craft a family tree using handprints as the branches. Each family member’s handprint can represent a different branch of the tree.
  3. Handprint Tote Bag: Decorate a plain tote bag with colorful handprints. This makes for a unique and practical gift.
  4. Handprint Sun Catcher: Use clear contact paper and tissue paper to create a handprint sun catcher that can be hung in the window to catch the light.
  5. Handprint Wreath: Make a handprint wreath by tracing and cutting out handprints on colored paper, then arranging them in a circular pattern.
  6. Handprint Coasters: Create coasters by decorating plain tiles with handprints and sealing them with Mod Podge.
  7. Handprint Placemats: Design custom placemats by adding handprints and personal messages with fabric markers.
  8. Handprint Photo Book: Compile a photo book with pictures of your child’s handprint crafts over the years. Include captions and memories.
  9. Handprint Canvas Bag: Jazz up a canvas bag by painting or printing your child’s handprint on it. This can be used for grocery shopping or as a stylish tote.
  10. Handprint Rock Garden: Paint handprints on rocks and arrange them in your garden or flower beds. It adds a personal touch to your outdoor space.
  11. Handprint Puppets: Turn your child’s handprints into puppets by adding features like googly eyes and felt mouths. These can be used for imaginative play.

Hand Print Crafts

  1. Handprint Wind Chimes: Create a wind chime by attaching handprint cutouts to a stick or a piece of driftwood. Hang bells or other noise-making items from the handprints.
  2. Handprint Mosaic: Use small pieces of colored paper to create a mosaic of your child’s handprint. It’s a great way to introduce them to art and colors.
  3. Handprint Bookmark: Craft bookmarks with handprints, and add a tassel or ribbon for an extra touch.
  4. Handprint T-Shirts: Design custom T-shirts with handprints. You can create animals, superheroes, or any fun design your child loves.
  5. Handprint Mobile: Make a mobile by hanging handprint cutouts from a wooden or wire frame. It can be a lovely addition to a nursery or playroom.
  6. Handprint Garden Flags: Decorate garden flags with handprints and cheerful messages. These can be displayed in your yard.
  7. Handprint Wall Art: Create a gallery wall of framed handprint art. Each frame can represent a different year or occasion.
  8. Handprint Party Decorations: Use handprints to create custom party decorations like banners, tablecloths, and place cards.

2023 Handprint Crafts

Creating handprint art with little fingers is not only fun but also a great way to capture memories. Here are more handprint art techniques that are perfect for little ones:

  1. Handprint Butterfly Craft: Make colorful butterflies by using handprints as the wings. Add details like antennas and googly eyes for a whimsical touch.
  2. Handprint Flower Garden: Create a garden scene using handprints as flowers. Each finger can be a different flower petal, and the palm can be the center.
  3. Handprint Animals: Turn handprints into animals by adding features like ears, tails, and faces. You can make handprint lions, dogs, cats, and more.
  4. Handprint Rainbow: Paint handprints in the colors of the rainbow and arrange them in an arch shape to make a cheerful rainbow wall art.
  5. Handprint Fish: Craft colorful fish by using handprints as the fish’s body and fingers as the fins. Add googly eyes for a playful effect.
  6. Handprint Bumblebees: Create adorable bumblebees by using a handprint for the body and thumbprints for the wings. Draw on stripes and antennae.
  7. Handprint Peacock: Make a handprint peacock by using fingers as the feathers. Extend the fingers with colorful patterns to resemble peacock feathers.
  8. Handprint Snails: Craft cute snails by using a handprint for the shell and adding a head, eyes, and antennae. The fingers can be the snail’s body.

Christmas Crafts Handprint

  1.  Ladybugs: Create ladybugs by using a handprint as the body and adding spots, legs, and a face.
  2.  Fireworks: Make fireworks using handprints as bursts of color. This is a great activity for celebrating special occasions like the Fourth of July.
  3. Sun: Craft a sunny scene using a handprint as the sun. Extend the fingers outward to create rays of sunshine.
  4. Handprint Hot Air Balloons: Create hot air balloons using handprints as the balloons and adding baskets and strings.
  5. Handprint Footprint Animals: Combine handprints and footprints to create animals like elephants, birds, and penguins.
  6. Handprint Outer Space: Craft an outer space scene using handprints of planets, stars, and rockets. Add glitter for a cosmic touch.
  7. Handprint Trees with Seasons: Make a set of handprint trees to represent each season. Spring can be in bloom, summer with green leaves, fall with colorful leaves, and winter with snow.
  8. Handprint Superheroes: Transform handprints into superheroes by adding capes, masks, and emblems.
  9. Handprint Vehicles: Create vehicles like cars, trucks, and airplanes using handprints as the bodies.
  10. Handprint Ocean Scene: Craft an ocean scene with handprint fish, seaweed, and other underwater creatures.

Handprint Valentine’s Crafts For Older Kids

Here are the great ideas for Valentine’s Day handprint crafts ideas to express the love and concern they feel for their loved one:

  1. Handprint Heart Craft: Craft heart-shaped soap bars by melting soap base, adding color and fragrance, pouring it into molds, and wrapping for gifting.
  2. Customized Valentine’s Day Cards: Description: Design personalized Valentine’s Day cards using markers, colored pencils, stickers, and heartfelt messages for loved ones.
  3. Handprint Silhouette Portraits: Create portraits using handprints as the outline of the head and shoulders. Add details for a personalized touch.
  4. Handprint Pop Art: Produce vibrant and bold artwork inspired by the pop art movement, using handprints and bright colors.
  5. Handprint Mandalas: Craft intricate and symmetrical mandala designs using handprints, providing a meditative artistic experience.

Handprint Crafts For Valentine’s Day 

  1. Heart String Art: Description: Create a striking heart-shaped string art piece by hammering nails around a heart template and weaving colorful strings between them.
  2. Handprint Graffiti Wall: Create urban-style artwork on a large canvas using handprints and spray paint, reminiscent of street graffiti (with proper safety precautions).
  3. Handprint T-Shirt Design: Design custom T-shirts with handprint patterns, abstract designs, or imaginative creatures.
  4. Beaded Heart Ornaments: Description: Make elegant beaded heart ornaments by threading beads onto the wire and attaching a ribbon for hanging.
  5. Love-themed Collage: Description: Create a love-themed collage by cutting out images and words from magazines to make a visually appealing artwork.
  6. Cardinal Handprint Craft: This craft not only sparks creativity but also offers a fun way to learn about these beautiful birds and their unique features.

Mother’s Day Handprint Craft

Celebrate the love and warmth of mothers with heartfelt Handprint Mother’s Day Crafts! These creative and thoughtful projects allow children of all ages to express their appreciation and create lasting keepsakes.

From handprint flowers to personalized cards, these ideas provide a personal touch that will melt mom’s heart on her special day.

Let’s dive into some charming Mother’s Day handprint crafts that will make Mother’s Day truly unforgettable.


1. Handprint Flower Craft: Help your child create a beautiful bouquet of handprint flowers. Paint their hands in various colors and press them onto paper to form petals. Add stems and leaves, and voila, you have a vibrant and everlasting bouquet for mom.

2. Handprint Heart Card:  Craft a heartfelt Mother’s Day card by having your child make handprints in the shape of a heart. Write a sweet message inside, and you’ll have a personalized card that Mom will treasure forever.

3. Handprint Butterfly Art: Description: Transform your child’s handprints into colorful butterflies by painting them and adding antennae and decorations. Arrange them on a canvas or paper for a beautiful piece of art that symbolizes the transformation and growth inspired by Mom’s love.

4. Handprint Jewelry Dish: Description: Make a practical and sentimental gift by pressing your child’s handprint onto a clay dish. Paint and decorate it, then bake to create a lovely keepsake where mom can store her jewelry or trinkets.

5. Handprint Family Tree: Description: Create a family tree with handprints as leaves. Each family member can contribute a handprint, with mom’s handprint at the center. This visual representation of your family’s love and connection will be a cherished keepsake.

Father’s Day Handprint Craft

fathers day handprint craft

source: Amazon

Celebrate the love and admiration you have for your dad with meaningful Father’s Day Handprint Crafts!

These creative DIY Father’s Day handprint crafts offer a personal touch and a chance for children of all ages to express their appreciation. 

diy father's day handprint craft

photo source: Etsy

1. Handprint “High-Five” Card: Description: Craft a fun and interactive Father’s Day card by painting your child’s hand and printing it on the cardstock. When the dad opens the card, he can “high-five” your child’s handprint for a playful surprise.

2. Handprint Baseball Glove: Description: Turn your child’s handprint into a baseball glove by painting it and adding stitching details. Attach a small foam or paper baseball, and you have a sporty keepsake that’s perfect for a baseball-loving dad.

3. Handprint BBQ Apron: Description: Decorate an apron with your child’s handprints, creating a design that resembles flames on a grill. This personalized apron is a fantastic gift for dads who enjoy cooking or grilling.

4. Handprint Superhero Cape: Description: Transform your child’s handprints into a superhero cape by painting them with vibrant colors and attaching them to a cardstock or fabric cape. Let your child choose a superhero name for dad and watch him become a family hero.

5. Handprint Keychain: Craft a memorable keychain by using a shrink-plastic sheet. Have your child paint their handprint on it, cut it out, and then bake it to shrink it down. Attach a keyring, and Dad will have a unique keepsake he can carry with him.

Fourth Of July Handprint Crafts

Get ready to celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave with the 4th of July Handprint craft! T

his Independence Day, engage in a fun and patriotic crafting adventure that combines the joy of creativity with the spirit of freedom.

Enjoy your holidays with these amazing summer handprint crafts activities with your little kids.

“Stars and Stripes Forever” Handprint Card:

  • Create a card with red and white stripes formed by handprints, and add blue handprint stars for a flag-inspired design. It’s a true salute to the USA.

2. “Fireworks Extravaganza” Handprint Card:

  • \Craft a card featuring colorful handprint fireworks bursting in the night sky. Sparkling with glitter, this card will light up anyone’s Fourth of July.

3. “Land of Liberty” Handprint Card:

  •  Make a card with handprints shaped into the letters “USA” or “LIBERTY.” Decorate with patriotic symbols and messages to celebrate American freedom.

4. “Patriotic Parade” Handprint Card:

  • Create a card with handprints transformed into a parade of patriotic characters like Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, and more. March your way into the hearts of your loved ones.

5. “American Flag Salute” Handprint Card:

  • Craft a card that showcases a handprint as the American flag, complete with stars and stripes. It’s a beautiful symbol of unity and patriotism.

Alphabets Handprint Craft

Here are some ideas for alphabet letter handprint crafts for kids:

1. “A is for Apple” Handprint Craft:

  •  Write the letter “A” and the word “Apple” on the craft.

2. “B is for Butterfly” Handprint Craft:

  • Craft handprint butterflies by painting the handprint as the wings and adding antennae. Write the letter “B” and “Butterfly” on the craft.

3. “Letter C Handprint Crafts:

  • Make a colorful caterpillar by arranging multiple handprints in a row. Add a smiling face and write “C is for Caterpillar” on the craft.

4. “D is for Dinosaur” Handprint Craft:

  • Transform handprints into dinosaur shapes by adding legs, tails, and spikes. Write “D is for Dinosaur” on the craft.

5. “E is for Elephant” Handprint Craft:

  • Paint the handprint gray and turn it into an elephant by adding a trunk and big floppy ears. Write “E is for Elephant” on the craft.

6. “F is for Fish” Handprint Craft:

  • Create a handprint fish by painting the handprint and adding fins, a tail, and an eye. Write “F is for Fish” on the craft.

7. “G is for Grapes” Handprint Craft:

  •  Craft grapes by using purple handprints for the grapes and green handprints for the stems. Write “G is for Grapes” on the craft.

8. Letter H Handprint Craft:

  •  Make handprint hearts by painting the handprint and shaping it into a heart. Write “H is for Heart” on the craft.

9. “I is for Ice Cream” Handprint Craft:






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