12 Unique Baby Shower Gifts 2020

by manthananam.erem

How these 12 unique baby shower gifts 2020 make soon-to-be-mom smile and happy.

I know you’re super excited about your first baby shower! But a little bit confused also what to buy? Do they needful for a new mom? Are these costly? These are affordable or not? If I’m making the right choice? What I’m buying, are unique baby shower gifts ever!

All-day you are thinking about the unique baby shower gifts but in the budget. Your stress is worthy because buying costly ones that are no use will make you unsatisfied even as new-be-mom also.

Nothing to worry, I have made a quick list with brand and prices to make it easy for you to choose unique baby shower gifts for the expecting mom but in the budget.

Read the topic for 12 unique baby shower gifts 2020 that will make you took a sigh of comfort, an idea for making a list. The preparation will make you enjoy your shopping as you know what to purchase and from where to purchase?

30 Unique Baby Shower Gifts 2020- Any Expecting Mom Must Like

1# Recovery Essentials Via Amazon

unique baby shower gifts

Mothers often forget themselves in this motherhood journey. This baby shower, in the midst of all the gifts for the baby, get something for the mother! Recovery Essentials kit from Earth Mama will bring a great deal of comfort to her in the times of postpartum recovery.

  • It has not just the remedy of sore nipples but also for perineal, stretch marks, lot more.
  • Recovery Essentials also has a bottle of herbal Sitz bath. 
  • It does not just relieve discomfort but also lessens the pain. 


It’s a complete package stuffed with many useful items–a peri bottle for the mother, a snot sucker relieving the baby from the snotty nose, a gasser passer freeing your baby from uneasy gas, & a baby nail clipper!

Why buy one when you can gift many useful products at once.

  • Is multi-functioning
  • All-natural parent-favorite & pediatrician recommended.
  • It comes in a cute bag that’s reusable! 


Newborn holders will allow mothers to give their arms a little rest and still keep the baby close. They can carry the baby easily outside or do work while keeping the baby safe & close to you. 

Dads can use this Newborn Holder, too! 

  • It is made of super soft fabric specially designed to keep your baby warm.
  • Easy to use & adjust 
  • It comes with a headrest for the baby and can be used for babies up to 12 months old.


unique baby shower gifts

This one comes from the sweet version of this parenting journey. A memorable and unique baby shower gifts that can store memories of their parenting journey. 

  • This photo album also allows parents to write notes alongside the picture.
  • It can be used as a frame as well. Firm frame Album!


Swaddling allows babies to sleep without being disturbed through their own startling reflexes. This gift will be a blessing to all the parents-to-be. We all know just how important sleep is to the baby & to the parents.

  • It’s cotton, soft & breathable
  • This swaddle blanket is easy to adjust.
  • Hook & loop fastener is secure & safe.


unique baby shower gifts

The perfect gift for the baby as well for the mom, This multipurpose cover can be used for a cover baby carrier, car seat. This can be used while feeding your baby. The best and unique baby shower gifts ever.

  • Multipurpose cover can be cover ever your body during breastfeeding
  • Its lightweight, stretchable cloth provide comfort while nursing
  • hand wash
  • It has three colors

Shop at: anthropologie

7# Maternity Body Pillow via Amazone

unique baby shower gifts

Nothing is better than a Maternity pillow! the best and unique baby shower gifts- mom must appreciate your choice. Your blessing with these gifts makes her pregnancy journey easy & comfortable.

  • High density with soft cotton
  • Relieve body pain
  • This one provides you great comfort while sleeping, keep your neck, shoulder, back and hip aligned during the night.
  • the pillow can be foldable in any position as you want
  • the outer and lining case has an independent zipper
  • Easy to wash

8# Beaded Pacifier Clip via anthropologie

A small one but the most important shower gift. Mom mostly likes this pacifier clip that is a great teether also. But keep a few of these to replace frequently. It is an adorable, simple and sweet gift. when the baby will start throwing everything new parents will understand the importance o this tiny gift.

  • Most important gift with cute baby pink color
  • Its work well while teething
  • hand wash
  • free of BPA, PVC, and calcium


unique baby shower gifts

You are sleeping sound and your baby wakes up in the middle of the night for milk as the baby doesn’t know that mom is sleeping. What to do now? Here the baby-bottle warmer ease your problem of a heating milk bottle. 

  • Small and convenient size can be kept nearby you
  • Designed only for baby bottles and jars
  • Safe way to warm baby food



New parents are not aware of how short sleep they are going to face? New Parenting will begin with many challenges as your little monster not allow you to take even a nap. But this one of the unique baby shower gifts can make your naughty sleep better at night you also.

A soothing sound machine is going to work wonderfully for mom-to-be. New parents must appreciate your choice. Nothing is better than a sound sleep machine. The soothing machine is a blessing for exhausted new parents. This one is unique BABY shower gifts ever.


unique baby shower gifts

Most essential and unique baby shower gifts ever for the new babies! Its the fastest, easier and safer crib sheet set solution for every new parent.

It has two parts, a base, and a top part. In the case, if the baby is sick, simply unzip around the edges in seconds and can be removed without the mattress. No battle with your mattress. It isn’t easy!


This portable changing station super helpful for new parents. Its rubberized feet and a handle making it easy for carrying. New parents move this easily from room to room.

With a multi-compartment home its the must item. As new parents easily carry it where they want to carry. 

End Point

These will make a great unique baby shower gifts list. These all gifts are blessings for a new mom and baby. What is your favorite list please write in the comment box to help one to choose the best.



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