14 Things Husband Must Know About Pregnancy

by manthananam.erem
Pregnancy is all-natural but a strict process. So many weird and wonderful symptoms come with the beauty of growing a life inside you. In spite of all the fears, almost every woman wants to be a mother. But how can you, as a father, help your wife? Learn about these 14 things a husband must know about pregnancy! God has created women for the purpose to create and nourish the world with the help of men. Only men can support their ladies to cope up with the strains and stresses of pregnancy. But it is a tough task for men. Why? Because the majority of men don’t understand what their partner feels like when she is pregnant or what she wants during pregnancy? A woman goes through many changes during pregnancy. She gains weight, undergoes hormonal changes, fatigue, and morning sickness.

14 Things Husbands Must Know About Pregnancy.

If your wife is pregnant and you feel like you’re walking on an eggshell around her and are confused about what to do? Are you just scratching your head? If you really are, here are 14 things husbands must know about pregnancy. It is time you arm yourself – with some knowledge about pregnancy and tips you should follow in order to help your wife through this difficult time. For men and women, it is a fantastic journey of nine months. And just know, after months of ups and downs, you would get your reward (of course your gorgeous baby).
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1. Show your excitement

Even if you had not planned anything and your wife surprises you by her pregnancy news, be excited. She is super pumped up about delivering this news, make sure that you’re also super excited. Because she wants to be a mother. You’re her better half and it doesn’t matter that you are unaware of pregnancy before. Maybe she planned to surprise you with her pregnancy news. Nonetheless, being a father, what one wants more? Sooner or later, you are going to be a dad, SLAY IT!. Respect her feelings and add joy by making her confident that you’re always there for her. Celebrate this moment, hug her and shower your love on her. 14 Things Husband Must Know About Pregnancy is the best men’s guide to having a baby.

2. Pain and only pain

things husband must know about pregnancy
The very first thing a man should know about pregnancy is that pregnancy involves a lot of pain. Your wife now will spend nine months growing your baby inside her and you’ll be left out only to watch her, you’ve made your deposit for a miracle but your role is yet not completed. You’ll also be part of the pregnancy. These 14 Things Husband Must Know About Pregnancy help to find father pregnancy symptoms. You’ve to take care of your better half in accomplishing her tough task. Only you can give her all possible support to face this critical condition. You’re the person who makes her happy and makes her feel secure that you’re there for her all the time. Related Posts you must like:-

3. Read books on pregnancy to know more

</figure‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ is a classy men’s guide on how to make a man understand pregnancy through every step of pregnancy. How your wife is feeling or what this pregnancy is going to bring to you? This book has a section that is dedicated solely to the dads explaining pregnancy cravings to a man.You will get a lot of information. The more you know what she’s going through, the better you empathize with how to help her.

4. The husband should know to Always accompany her to visit the doctor

</figureIt makes your wife feel that you are always there for her. Your visit to the doctor with your wife and knowing precisely what’s going on with her pregnancy. This keeps you updated and your wife secure.Pay attention to what the doctor advises your wife. Women a little bit confused, excited, and lost during their pregnancy. They may fail to follow the doctor’s advice. But you are there to note down it all and ‘play reminder’ about what cheese she’s not supposed to eat.The visits of sonography and all human-baby screen touch, hearing the baby’s heartbeats, and gazing the indistinguishable lump with your wife gives you bonding with both, your wife and your baby.

5. Help her to take a sound sleep

things husband must know about pregnancy
Sound sleep during pregnancy is just impossible. If your wife tries to sleep on her back your baby’s weight puts pressure on the side, back muscles, and significant on blood vessels. It becomes uncomfortable for her to sleep. Your baby treats his mother’s uterus as a punching bag and almost all babies are active right about the night time. When she tries to fall asleep, your baby starts punching and kicking from inside. You can help your pregnant wife to get some sleep by doing these small efforts. Get your wife a FULL BODY PILLOW. Pregnant women always like to sleep on their sides instead of their back or the stomach. A full-body pillow helps them to sleep on their sides and make sleeping more comfortable. Gently rub her back right or give her a slight massage before bed. Include scalp massage, this act can distract her mind and she can take a nap. If she feels uncomfortable make an herbal tea for her and try to pull some good conversation about your baby. You can read her a good storybook. These joyful moments can help her to relax and she can take a good nap. These are the things the husband should know about her pregnant wife.

6. Always try to reduce her stress

Your wife feels stressed to do household chores. Pregnancy is physically and emotionally demanding. So, don’t put any burden on her with useless pressure. Arrange a maid to help her or you should take on more household chores this makes your wife feel relaxed.

7. How to help her to handle frequent pee

Your wife drinks a ton of water every day to keep herself hydrated. So, she pees in every few minutes. This is disturbing when you are traveling or are trying to sleep at night. It is so uncomfortable, frequent runs for the bathroom every hour through the night. It’s not fun at all. Just put yourself in your wife’s shoes and you’ll realize how much inconvenience it is! Help your wife to keep her path to the bathroom clear because she uses the toilet so many times at night. It is tough for her to get up again and again in her sleep, with her watermelon size big baby bump. Give her gentle support of your arms, accompany her at the door of the bathroom, don’t lock the bathroom door, keep it open, and stay beside the bathroom until she comes back. Always keep your corridor and bathroom’s light ON.

8. Try to ease her pregnancy difficulties

ladies (myself, too) love to know that you love her in her pregnancy also! Showing her extra love, makes her relax and goofy all at once. These emotional moments ease her difficult way. Show her your love in tiny things that you may also enjoy. Like, slow dancing in the living room, a bouquet which she likes, a happy slide show. My my! Sometimes book movie tickets or book a spa treatment for her. Surprise her by doing these small efforts. Uhh, pregnancy causes a lot of pains, body aches, cramps, and stress. You’ll have to help her to reduce the pain. So, always try to make her happy by doing some good efforts like a book for her manicure, pedicure massage which relieves her during her pregnancy aches and pain.

9. She can’t control her Cravings

things husband must know about pregnancy
During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through some incredible changes in a very short span of time. Cravings during pregnancy are one of them. Sometimes she wants to eat chocolates, cake, and fruit. But sometimes she demands food combinations or types of food we usually don’t like. Isn’t it weird! But what can we preferably do with these hormonal changes! She would ask for breakfast cereal in dinner with cold milk, dinner for breakfast, twisted, I know right. The best thing a husband can do when his wife is pregnant and having a craving is to find a way to be accommodating. Keep patience and understand your pregnant wife. You can provide all strange foodstuffs like cream cheese and pickles or hot sauce on vanilla ice cream or non-edible things like ice, chalk, or dirt. Make sure she gets what she wants because sometimes nausea could be so severe, that NO in the middle of the night is NO option at that time! She appreciates your attempt at ‘pre-empting’ her cravings by buying a whole heap of food items that she likes.

10. Help Your Pregnant wife through morning sickness

things husband must know about pregnancy
Morning sickness is the worst part of the pregnancy. Symptoms are so scary and annoying for any pregnant lady, it includes headaches, excessive sleepiness, a feeling of nausea, and sometimes feeling of vomiting even when she has not consumed anything. It is a challenging job for you, how to deal with morning sickness of your wife. You can try to introduce new treatments each day to see the results in which one is working better for her.

11. Try these to ease her troubles

Provide her Seasickness bracelets which are elastic bands with plastic bumps that apply pressure to the point on her wrist. This pressure helps to reduce the feeling of nausea. Ginger ale or any other clear soda can help her with nausea. Ginger ale also reduces the symptoms of morning sickness. In pregnancy, women feel hungry almost all the time. An empty stomach may be a reason she feels nausea or wants to puke in the morning. Make her eat something the very time she opens her eyes. Peppermint tea also helps in reducing the feeling of nausea early in the morning. Try to provide her all the sort of food which keeps her stomach down. Be willing to run out even if it is late at night and buy whatever she craves.

12. Never criticize her Appearance

things husband must know about pregnancy
During pregnancy, women start gaining weight and start having stretch marks on their body parts like on their breasts, hips, and belly. Many women start to think that they are no longer sexy like before with all these pregnancy changes. They think their men will not find them sexy anymore. So, dear husbands, make sure you remind her, how gorgeous and sexy she is and how lucky you are to have her. This honestly does help her to gain confidence. 14 Things Husband Must Know About Pregnancy are the best way how to explain pregnancy hormones to a man in a better way. Some women get hypersexual while pregnancy. So, do consider your wife’s sexual needs. Sometimes she is scary. The changes in her body appearance, labor pain, giving birth, these are the things which can make your wife angry. Make her confident by saying ‘everything is going to be okay’. Hold her hands and make her confident that you’re there with her all the time. Always learn to make her laugh and happy. Good humor will help your pregnant wife’s journey easy and comfortable.

13. Manage messages for her

things husband must know about pregnancy
In the third trimester, your wife’s pregnant body has joint pain, aching muscles, her baby punching from inside, her skin stretching… all these hard things make her nights sleepless, stressful, and irritating. As a loving husband that you are, you can offer her a gentle massage. A gentle foot massage makes her relaxed and can help her with swelling and discomfort. A lower back and leg massage help her to get the blood moving and lymph system draining. If she doesn’t want the message then offer her a heat pack for her back or draw her a foot bath with some antiseptic herbs and Epsom salt. Your loving touch and gentle massage calms her and reduce her pain. Things Husband Must Know About Pregnancy help how do guys deal with pregnancy?

14. Be positive

things husband must know about pregnancy
The best thing you can ever do for your pregnant wife is to always be positive about pregnancy, labor pain, postpartum, and childbirth. Always praise her choices, encourage her that she can do it. Stop all relatives and friends who deliver negative comments about pregnancy. Turn off the TV and program with scary movies or images of childhood and parenting. Always load your TV with quality programs and funny movies (NETFLIX) is the best choice which makes your wife laugh and sets a happy, joyous environment around. These 14 Things Husband Must Know About Pregnancy is the best husband pregnancy gift.

15. Be Affectionate

things husband must know about pregnancy
Many women want to feel that they are looking sexy even with their baby bumps. So, dear dads, it is your duty to make her feel confident that she is pretty sexy even with all the changes. Always try to shower your love with hugs and kisses as she is going to become the mother of your child. Your sensitive feelings make her confident to face any type of pregnancy problems. Help her to eat nutritious food, routine exercise, get her to take plenty of sleep. Just give up all your habits of smoking and drinking alcohol in front of her. This “14 Things Husband Must Know About Pregnancy” helps to reduce expectant father anxiety also. Try to give all the possible support and time to her. You must go with her wherever she wants to go, even to buy groceries and vegetables. Go on a walk with her. As a man, you’re a powerful creature who can take on all the difficulties of your gorgeous lady. I noted down all the tips that I felt are needed during pregnancy and what a lady expects from her husband. Now it is your turn. With your support, make one easy path for your wife’s difficult, pregnant journey. I hope you are a pregnant wife caring husband now! this helped you how to make a pregnant woman feel beautiful and happy. take good care of your pregnant wife. So stay healthy and happy, until then TAKE CARE.

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