17 Things Dads Can Do During Labor OF Their Pregnant Wives

by manthananam.erem

You might looking here and there and feel helpless when it comes to the labor and the birth process. But you can play an important role during labor. How? I’ll tell you with this shortt and sweet list of things dads can do during the labor of their wives.

17 Things Dads Can Do During Labor OF Their Pregnant Wives

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

Things Dads Can Do During Labor
Things Dads Can Do During Labor
Things Dads Can Do During Labor
Things Dads Can Do During Labor
Things Dads Can Do During Labor

1. First, take care of yourself

This one is the most important things dads can do. You’re the only person who needs to be there for your pregnant wife. It’s best to prepare yourself how to spend time in the delivery room camly.

First of all eat and drink (as often as she does) regularly to maintain  energy level  that you can help your partner during labor. Labor could last for several hours.

You have to wake for the long haul so, find a comfortable spot that avoids any pains or strains your body muscles. You can use a chair, pillow, or wall to support yourself whenever possible.

Before and after birth process many changes take place in a pregnant body. What are these? Interesting post about –POSTPARTUM BODY AFTER BIRTH PROCESS!

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2. Don’t Rush to the Hospital too early

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

If your partner is in the starting phase of labor, then nothing to worry. Calm down as well as her. If you show up too early to rush to the hospital during the first phase, you might live a bitter time in the hospital. This one is the important things dads can do.

However home is the best place where your pregnant partner can eat, drink, take rest and walk around without being hooked up to a monitor. Even she can grab a nap and you also be relaxed with her to collect more energy.

You can download free apps on your cell phone that easily note down the time of contractions start and get to the end. You keep inform caretaker the current scanerio. So, they can decide when to come to the hospital.

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3. Stay calm-one of the best things dads can do

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

You’re the only person on whom your partner is entirely relying during her labor. By staying calm during labor means alreadyyou’re  taking good care of your partner’s mental health. Because giving birth is a challenging task, and she can be a little upset during labor.

Your priority is to stay calm and share your strength and love positively with her. Make her assure you’re there for her.

4. Know Well About Stuff

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

You must have already attended childbirth education classes. So just revise all about the phases of labor. MAke sure you learn well what’s happening to your pregnant partner’s body.

Knowing what to expect will make you less terrifying. Your knowledge will help your partner better.

5. Get ready for a walk

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

Your partner will have several hours before the increasingly painful contractions start up. Walk and talk with her as much as you can to make things move continuously.

Accompany her with your gentle support of walking around the halls. Since you know you have to be geared up for the big event, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You can keep a deck of cards, an iPod which can distract her mind off her increasing discomfort.

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6. Don’t worry at all

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

There are a lot of things that happen in the delivery room which you don’t know, don’t worry or afraid to ask the questions. If you’re tired then don’t worry to step out of the delivery room.

7. Help in Monitoring Contractions

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

This one is a great help to your partner. As she can’t see the contraction monitor herself, but you can. You can talk to her through contractions, by telling her the progress she’s making.

Keep narrating or telling her what’s going on so that she’s always aware.

8. Show your love and positivity

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

Make her realize that she’s doing a great job. Any kind of positive information that you can give her will be helpful. Keep reminding her for how she’s getting closer to the end or how bravely she handling her contractions.

Make sure to do all the stuff which make her feel energetic to cope up with her hard task of labor. try to be funny and crack jokes to make this time a little easier for her.

9. Go with the Flow

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

Don’t rush things as you’re already aware of the breathing exercises and massage techniques you have learned in a childbirth education class. Use all these learned techniques when your partner is in the intensity of labor.

Some women don’t like any type of touching during labor. But many others like their partner to rub her back or gently massage on the pressure points.

10. Take a break

Labor time takes much longer than you expect. So, if you get exhausted then take a break. Go outside for fresh air and grab some food to keep yourself energetic. And again get available to support your partner.

11. Know her preferences

If your partner has a birth plan before, then make sure you have at least two copies with you. It makes you know which are the most critical things and which ones are not a big deal.

Discuss it all care provider as your partner is in the throes of contraction. You find out what kind of assistance she’d like from you. So, advance discussion of birth plan helps you know better about how she feels about episiotomies.

When your partner is in throes of labor, she is unable to talk.  Maybe the pain of labor makes her mind change. Doctor and nurse may also try to pressure her for an intervention. But still, if she doesn’t want or need an intervention, don’t force her.

You’re the only person in the room who knows her better than anyone else. And since she is not in a condition to even communicate. Your job is to cover her and ask her if she’d like to push a little longer or if she wants a C-section.

12. Keep a watch for tense muscles

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

Tensing of muscles is common during labor pain. But it is vital for impending labor but increases labor pain. Your gentle touch and slow stroking of hand on her muscles can make her relax.

Talk to her about what method of touching she’d like. Some prefer soft or light and some women prefer only tap on muscles during labor pain. Your loving and gentle massage will make her feel relaxed.  But also make sure that you too are in a comfortable position.

13. Complications during labor

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

Things never move the way we want them to. Sometimes medical procedures are also suggested. It becomes complicated if the water breaks more than 24 hours before labor starts. The baby may become distressed during labor. At this stage, it is suggested that your partner get some assistance to help her give birth.

Of course, you can understand the critical condition during labor. You can make your partner ready to give her consent for any medical option if it is necessary.

14. Remind her to drink and urinate

Drinking and urinating will help the pregnant body during the intensity of labor. Women can’t always notice small changes in their body. Naturally, you can do this job correctly to encourage her. Offer her to drink fluid after every contraction. Accompany her to the bathroom to urinate every hour.

You can watch the signs of dehydration when she has dried lip. So, make her stay hydrated all the time which can make contractions feel less painful.

15. About her body temperature

Pregnancy and labor is not an easy task. It’s physically and emotionally demanding, it’s more like a hard mount climbing. To bring a living one in this world is a miracle which only mothers can do.

She might be sweating a lot during labor, so offer her a drink to keep hydrated and wipe her sweat with a soft cloth. If she feels cold, get her a blanket or extra clothes to make her comfortable. Offer her a gentle massage to make her warm. Mostly, support her with your arms. Timely, give her small hugs and kisses. Always be there with her side.

16. Be ready for the Big event

Things Dads Can Do During Labor

You’re on the edge of the most life-changing experience. Now, you almost are on your way to become a dad. Amazing feelings! Appreciate your lady who’s in front of you giving you a bundle of joys. You might be asked to cut the cord.

Once you think about whether you’ll want to do so. Maybe you can change your mind at the moment. But giving a thought in advance is a perfect idea.

17. Be the most significant supporter

Your loving support to your partner during labor reduces the level of pain. And the time duration of labor as interventions needed. So, even if you don’t know what to do at the time of labor, be her support. Know that your presence alone is incredibly essential for your partner.

You both are going to do a great job so go ahead… Finally, your baby is in your arms. How do you feel? If mom is tired make skin-to-skin contact with your newborn and let the great mom take a nap. Congrats!

Take care.

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