SOBRIETY-Stop Romanticizing Alcohol

by manthananam.erem
self care

Congratulation! You have finally decided to quit and it is an achievement. Whatever the reason it might be, you are up for some healthy life decisions and health comes before all. Here are 5 ways you can stop Romanticizing alcohol! 

Sure! you must be a blunder of ‘I should’ or ‘or let it be’… Well for starters, ‘I should’ has got many merits- No hangovers, no broken promises, no embarrassing moments(yes! this one will be missed, haha!) and of course, the journey to a healthy life.

Ending here with appreciations and merits, let’s get a little real here, you and me, we all know it is no easy-peasy thing.

Talking about the very first day of “no alcohol”, we feel like we can start a war to conquer the world and win it out in a blink and sure the feeling stays for a couple of days, in cases, even months but the real problem starts when this feeling and energy rubs off and you feel the plunge to taste the alcohol… just a drop. It never stays to just a drop, tho, a glass turns to a bottle, a bottle into two and next minute…you are in the bar emptying all your past day’s efforts, I know right?

And there you start romanticizing alcohol again!

What ruins our plan in the early days of sobriety are ever-changing and never-being constant thoughts and feeling. One second, you are flying and dancing with your life-changing decision and the other, there you are, in the corner, sulking over the decision.

And that is why, here I am, to help you out. 

5 Ways to stop Romanticizing alcohol

stop Romanticizing alcohol
stop Romanticizing alcohol

stop Romanticizing alcohol

stop Romanticizing alcohol
stop Romanticizing alcohol

1. Appreciate Life

This time, without alcohol in your system messing around, you can appreciate life for what it is and how one it is not two or three or even four. Alcohol does that to the world, I know right. Where do you think multiverse theory came from. haha, kidding!

Get drunk on the Cosmos, the best of intoxication you can have. Wake up, appreciate the sunrise and the coffee or the tea that comes along. Start your day by inhaling the warm fresh air.

The day is young and so are you, get involved with things that you love to do except for romanticizing alcohol. Paint, dance, sing, make, creative and what not.

And evenings! The best part of the day when the dark descends illuminating the whole earth up. Look up at the sky, gaze the moon and these stars admiring you from above and doze off with the roof as your sky and earth as your bed.

But if sleeping ain’t your thing, then I suggest hit the road when dawn hits, nothing is more mesmerizing than it, I guarantee! (Don’t sue me, please!)

You got my point, yea?

2. Busy yourself

you are not satisfied with your job, this is the best opportunity to get rid of it and get yourself into something that you are passionate about. This, of course, will be a new start which will require your time, hard work and lots of dedication.

I’m sure you must be having doubts while thinking about it. But give it a try this way, you won’t be spending on alcohol which will quite support you financially to set up something that you are looking forward to. Plus, it would distract you wholly or will keep you at bay from any ideas that concern alcohol.

3. Travel

 stop Romanticizing alcohol

Got breakup problems? Travel. Family issues? Travel. Feeling low? Travel. On run? Travel (kidding!) Wanna go cold turkey, TRAVEL!! Drum rolls!!

Travelling, no doubt, has been a magic solution to all the problems that have ever existed or ever will. So, my cold turkeys, get your seat belt on, we are going Bora Bora.

The money already has been saved since you have stopped dissolving it in the alcohol, I say pack your bags and start on the journey.

Traveling brings a change, you meet new people, get to know about new cultures, know about different cities or countries, you come closer to the nature and the thought of romanticising alcohol? Till the time, trust me, my friend, it is GO GOA GONE!

4. Meet up with your people

 stop Romanticizing alcohol

Spending time with your loved ones is, undoubtedly, a magic way to make sure you stand with what you decided. They are your people, they know you and they will help you no matter what to keep up.

Constantly being the “no alcohol reminder”, boosting you up when you lose it, appreciating and encouraging you almost all the time(yes! I agree, it gets annoying but that is family, and if your family ain’t annoying, is your family actually a family? haha! Kidding, again)

5. Romance

 stop Romanticizing alcohol

No, I am not talking about your cuddles with alcohol. Nope, nowhere near alcohol. I’m talking about REAL life romance with your other significant half, cheesy! Share your decision with them and genuinely ask them to have your back.

Spending time with your love is an automatic stress reliever, you forget the world when you are with them, every other thing including your alcohol. Make plans with them and go out, share a candlelight dinner, get cozy with them and when time sets, get down to the business(if you know what I mean… Cuddles! I mean cuddles, Gosh!)

Oh yes, and if you do not have a girlfriend/boyfriend, why, on this earth, are you sitting here, go get them!


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